Y-Haplogroup Reference Materials

                 General Y-Haplogroup resource information is provided in this table.  Haplogroup information which applies to both Y-Haplogroup and mt-Haplogroup is available at our Reference Page.

  1. mtDNA Reference Material is available at the mt-Haplogroup page
  2. General Reference Material has been moved to the Reference Page

General Reference Materials

Discussion Pages at WFNForum Provided byWorld Families Network
Summary List of Y STR NIST list, including available fact sheets
Extracting Data from SMGF Bob Stafford
Using Y-STR Databases & Searches Georgia Kinney Bopp

Reference Materials: for Y-Haplogroups

Understanding Haplogroups Family Tree DNA
Whit's Haplogroup Predictor Whit Athey
John's analysis of Whit's Predicter John McEwan
Y-DNA Haplogroup Summary Charles Kerchner
Simplified Haplogroup Locale Chart Georgia Kinney Bopp

FTDNA's Y-Chromosome Browser

Thomas Krahn

recLOH ISOGG - International Society of Genetic Genealogy
RecLOH Wikipedia
recLOH Berry DNA Project info
Recombinational Loss of Heterozygosity (recLOH) Thomas Krahn
Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree 2006 ISOGG - International Society of Genetic Genealogy
Y-DNA Human Migration (haplogroups) Charles Kerchner
Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree Trunk 2006 ISOGG - International Society of Genetic Genealogy
Y-Haplogroup Haplotypes John McEwan
DNA Analysis Updated Tools Dean McGee - the newest version
DNA Analysis Software Tools Dean McGee - excel macros
SNP Test, basis for Haplogroups Genealogy-DNA-L posting by Ann Turner
Butler on Y-str & SNP copyright 2003
YHRD (previously called Y-STR) Y Chromosome Haplotype Reference Database
Haplogroup Chart - U. of Arizona Doug McDonald
Y-Chromosome STRs John Butler
YCC Tree 2003 2003 tree in Jobling's "Y Chromosome Comes of Age"
YCC NRY Tree 2002 YCC chart of haplogroups shows SNPs ...
Markers for 2002 Tree Goes with above YCC NRY Tree 2002

Reference Materials: Y-Haplogroup Migrations & Geographic Analyses

Early Man Migration Journey of Man, from the National Geographic Channel
YDNA in Ireland A Y-Chromosome Signature of Hegemony in Gaelic Ireland ...
TerraChart Dean McGee

Reference Materials: Y-Haplogroup Mutations & MRCAs

MRCA Calculator Table User-Friendly table from the Moses Walker web site
Mutation Rate Discussion Charles Kerchner's discussion
Y-HRD's Mutation Rates James Elliot - from YHRD information
STR MUTATION RATES AGAIN John Chandler - April 12, 2005 - Analysis of SMGF Marker rates
Marker and Mutation Comparison Terry Barton - includes Doug McDonald's mutation rates (2004)