Explanations of Tabs and Right-Click Options: WFN Results Tool



Merge Data (1st screen)

Merges data from FTDNA and WFN into one entry and moves you to the second screen, the “Merged Page”.

Detect New Lineages

Forces tool to find Lineages—use this to un-do your work after you have reset a Lineage and you want to move the kit back where it was. 

Reset Lineages

Not ready for use yet—Do not use.

Show Deleted Kits

Shows any kits hidden from Results page but still in project data.  Right click on a kit to get assignment choices

Edit Lineages

Shows the Lineages in the Project and how many kits are in each lineage.  Delete any Lineage no longer in use by right clicking on Lineage.  You can also rename the lineages by deleting the title and typing in your own title.  Click “Save” before you leave this screen.

Add New Kit

Lets you add results for a kit not in the project at FTDNA.  Manual entry required until we get copy/paste to work properly.  Be sure to click “Save” after entering the results.


Always click this tab after making any changes to save your changes.

Preview (Does Not Publish)

Shows how the finished table will look on the Results Page


You will be asked “Are you sure…?”  Click OK.  The finished table will appear on the project’s Results Page.


Right-Click on Kit Number --Options


Assign to Lineage

Moves this kit into the Lineage you choose in the options of the lineages listed.

Assign to Possible Lineage

If it is a 12 marker test or is outside the matching guidelines, click this link, then choose the Lineage which it may match.

Auto Assign to a Lineage

Not ready for use yet—Do not use.

Un-Assign Lineage

Moves this kit out of the lineage into the “unassigned” category.

Use as a Lineage

If you find 2 kits that you want to group together as a lineage, right-click on the first kit number and choose this link.  After you have named the Lineage and moved the first kit into it, you can then move the other kit into the lineage by right-clicking and choosing Assign to Lineage, then select the Lineage you just created with the first kit. 


Reset Colors to Default

Not ready for use yet—Do not use.

Delete kit

Hides the kit so that it does not display with published results.

Permanently delete kit

Removes a kit from your data set if the kit has been removed at FTDNA.