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Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) created the concept of Genetic Genealogy in 2000 and has been the industry leader since the beginning.  They are the leading DNA testing company for genealogy, conducting over 90% of all tests for genealogy. FTDNA's databases are several times larger than all of the other dna for genealogy databases on the market - combined!   As the pioneers and industry leaders, they have created many concepts and are constantly working on new ideas, techniques and solutions. has chosen to work with FTDNA because they are the best in the business.  Here are some of the reasons: Why we work with Family Tree DNA.

It can be exceedingly challenging, however, for a newcomer to find his/her way through the overwhelming amount of information that FTDNA offers on their website. Here's some help: 


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If you are considering becoming a project administrator, here are a few links we suggest to get started:

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