Sometimes you need to upgrade...
Once your results are available, you may decide you need to upgrade to have your DNA sample tested for more markers. 
When you upgrade, you simply order the lab to do further testing on the sample you submitted with your first test kit. 
They will test the sample at a higher resolution so the results will show more markers.  The higher numbers of markers you can match with another participant, the greater the likelihood that you share a common ancestor.
The sample is in storage at FTDNA for 25 years, so you can order an upgrade at any time. 
You can upgrade in small increments or do it at one time. 
When and How to Upgrade
When to Upgrade 
  • Who you match and what you know about them also affects the number of markers needed.  
    • For example, if you have a paper trail connecting you and another person and you match 24/25 or 25/25 - you can be relatively confident that you share that paper trail common ancestor.  This is true whether the man you match has your surname or not - as long as you can connect paper trails.  However, if your match is 23/35, you are in a gray zone and should consider upgrading to 37. 
    • If you have a match to a person of a different surname, you'll need to compare at 37 markers - using the 25 marker matches only as an indication of who is of potential interest. If you match at least 34/37, you can be reasonably confident that you share a common ancestor.  With a lesser match, you'll then want to compare at 67 markers.  That doesn't happen too often, but it can happen - particularly when comparing across surnames.
    • If you are in a project and are in a group that matches and shares a common ancestor (we call this a “Lineage”), you’ll want to upgrade to the same number of markers as the other men in the group, as you’ll be looking to see if you can find closer kin within your Lineage. 
    • It is nice to test at 67 markers, and you can go straight there (saves a few dollars and some time over getting there in steps) and you’ll be ready to do any comparison that comes along.  But it’s ok to reach 67 in steps.  
  • You may want to order a SNP test to be sure of your haplogroup (SNP). FTDNA makes every effort to estimate your haplogroup, but the only way to be sure of your haplogroup is through this specific test.
How to Upgrade   
You can order an upgrade by: 
1.      Going to your FTDNA Personal page (You'll need your kit number and password.)
2.      Click on  “Order An Upgrade” in the upper right corner.
3.      Click on "Go to Standard Orders".
4.      Click on the down arrow next to the box to see the range of upgrade choices
5.      Select the one you want by clicking on it., then click "Next"
6.      Confirm your personal info and select method of payment
6.      Click “Continue” and complete your order
The Deep SNP test can be ordered by:

   1.     Going to your FTDNA Personal page
   2.     Click on  “Order An Upgrade” in the upper right corner.
   3.     Click on "Order Advanced SNP Test"