Test Kit

Testing is actually very easy these days. The test is a cheek swab - not so different from what you see on the crime shows on TV. The test kit comes in the mail, with complete instructions, a return envelope, a release form for you to sign, and all the needed testing materials. You simply follow the directions, put postage on the return envelope and send by regular mail. (Some have reported problems when sending from foreign countries. If you have that worry, put the entire return envelope in a second manila envelope and send it that way.)

The Family Tree DNA test kit consists of two cheek scrapers and two collection tubes---designed for a single persons use. Each tube contains a fluid designed to arrest bacteria growth, so you can scrape your cheek and return your kit in any type of weather (hot or cold). The freshness of your sample will remain intact for months.

You will notice the cotton 'toothed' tip at the end of the scraper. The sensation of using our scraper is like brushing your inside cheek with your toothbrush. Remember, a good scrape produces lots of DNA, which makes the extraction process easier and decreases the chance that one or more of your markers will fail to be readable on the first test of your sample.

Your kit also includes instructions for collecting your DNA sample (available in many languages) and the all important Release Form. The Release Form is your written consent that allows FTDNA to share your name and email address with someone who matches your genetic fingerprint exactly. To see a copy of the Release Form, click here.

Once the kit is returned, be prepared for a 4 - 6 week wait to receive results

If you lose your test kit, you can call FTDNA and have them send a replacement at no cost to you.  If you decide you would like to test a different person from the one for whom the test was ordered, call or email FTDNA and let them know.  Be sure you put the name of the test taker on the kit when you return it to FTDNA

*To order through the project:
  1. Type Your Surname in the search box in the upper corner of any page.
  2. When you click Enter, you'll be given links to the surname project website.
  3. Click the tab "Order Test" in the menu at the top of the project's website.
  4. You will be taken to the project's order page at Family Tree DNA.
  5. If there is no surname project serving your name, ask us to set one up.