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Willett / Willette / Houallet / Ouellette / Ouellet

  • Edward Willett, b c1620, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England, m Bridgett Clutterbuck -- Willett [JWill32005 AT]
    • Edward Willett, b 7 Oct 1656, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England, m Tabitha Mills
      • William W. Willett, b 1715, Prince Georges Co. MD, m Mary Griffith
        • Capt. Samuel Willett, b 1754, Prince Georges Co. MD, m. Anne Nancy Lee
          • John Willett, b 1787, Nelson Co. KY, m Matilda Summers
            • Samuel Willett, b 30 May 1808, Washington Co. KY, m Elizabeth Hobbs
              • Charles Constantine Willett, b 19 Apr 1850, Graves Co. KY, m Anna Isabelle Cash
                • William Irie Willett, b 1887, Graves Co. KY, m. Ida Mary Stahr W-1
            • John Wm. "Jack" b. 1821 KY d 1909 m. Florida Carrico -- Willett1544 leo.willett AT]
              • Thomas Jefferson b. 1846 Graves Co., KY d 1908 m. Emma (Wilson) Carrico
                • James Alton Willett b. 1904 Graves Co., KY d 1970 m. Teresa Toon 97519
        • George E. Willett, b. 1756, Prince George's Co MD, m. Elizabeth Sanders - cleotaylor [cleotaylor AT]
          • Samuel Willett, b. 8 Sep 1796, Nelson Co KY, m. Mary Dant
            • George W.F. Willett, b. 9 Mar 1819, Union Co KY, m. Ann Ellen Mills
              • Samuel Lewis Willett, b. 12 Sep 1842, Union Co KY, Julia Ann Clements
                • Charles Louis Willett, b. 3 Nov 1884, Union Co KY, Agnes Geneva Fitzpatrick
                  • Joseph Edward Willett, b. 21 Jun 1922, Vanderburgh Co IN, Joann Marie Stone
  • James Willett Rev. b 24 Nov 1649 England m Elizabeth Hunt - whiteint [whiteint AT]
    • Thomas Willett b c1670 m Mary Burgis
      • William John Willett b 1730 Acomac Co., VA m Polly Wait
        • William John Willett Jr. b c1758 Philadelphia, PA m Mary Gilker
          • Peter Benjamin Willett b 13 Oct 1800 New Richmond, Quebec, Canada m Mary Sarah Hamilton
            • Catherine Lydia Willett b 8 May 1820 m William "Willie" White
          • William Thomas Willett b. 1812 New Richmond, Quebec d. of cholera at sea m. Julia Ann Pritchard -- osmarm [osmar4a AT]
            • Thomas Andrew Willett b. 1842 New Richmond, Quebec d. 1923 Flint, MI m. Emily Wheat Jones
              • Fred Stewart Willett b. 1873 Ionia, MI d. 1958 Genesee County, MI m. Mary Ellen Townsend
                • Harold Townsend Willett b. 1903 Oxford, MI d. 1966 Goodrich Twp., MI m. Marguerite McDonough  124518
  • William Willett b. 12 Dec 1726, Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA m. Hannah Foster Skinner-- willetude []
    • Cornelius S. Willett b. 15 Jan 1756, Tewksbury, Hunterdon, New Jersey, m. Nancy Whallon
      • James Whallon Willett b. 16 Feb 1786, Argyle, Washington, New York, m. 2) Rachel Maria Lytle
        • Ruben Whallon Willett b. 5 Oct 1840, New York, m. Sarah Frances Marble
          • William Marble Willett b. 22 Feb 1875, Bristol, Kendall County, Illinois m. Margaret Ethel Godard
  • Francois Auclair Houallet/Ouellette, b abt 1615, St-Jacques-du-Hautpas de Paris, France d. 1665 Paris, Ile de France, France m Isabelle Barrer
    • Réné Houallet/Ouellette, b 20 Apr 1635, Paris, Ile de France, France d. 15 Jan 1722, St. Anne de la Pocatiere, Kamouraska, Quebec m. 2) Marie-Therese Mignault-- []
      • Sebastien Bastien Houallet/Ouellet b. 16 Apr 1685, Riviere Ouelle, Kamouraska, Quebec d. 14 Jan 1756, St Roch des Aulnaies, L'Islet, Quebec m. Marie-Madeleine Lizotte
        • Francois-Thomas Ouellet b. 21 Dec 1721, St Roch des Aulnaies, L'islet, Quebec d. 29 Oct 1807, St Roch des Aulnaies, L'Islet, Quebec m. Marie-Madeleine Pelletier
          • Timothee Auguste Ouellet- b. 16 Jan 1764, St Roch des Aulnaies, L'Islet, Quebec d. Jan 1836, St Roch des Aulnaies, L'Islet, Quebec m. Marie-Claire Morin
            • Simon Ouellet/Ouellette b. 1801, probably St Roch des Aulnaies, Quebec d. 3 Oct 1886, Malone, Franklin Co, NY m. 2) Marie-Felicite Ouellet
              • Louis Octave Ouellette b. 10 Jul 1837, St Pascal, Kamouraska, Quebec d. 1895 , Malone, Franklin Co, NY m. Louise Modeste Richer/Richard
                • Charles E. Ouellette b. 18 Aug 1871, Malone, Franklin Co, NY d. 14 May 1909, Malone, Franklin Co, NY m. 2) Marie-Olivine Gamelin/Garner
                  • Charles William J. Ouellette/Willett Sr. b. 22 Mar 1902, Malone, Franklin Co, NY d. 2 Jun 1974, Youngstown, OH m. Hildegarde Schefter
                    • Charles William J. Willett Jr. b. 4 May,1940, Rochester, NY. m. Marie (Jeannie) Sorce  182055
                • Fred W. Willette, b. 27 Feb 1879 Malone, Franklin County, NY, d. 4 Sep 1956 Malone, Franklin County, NY m. Mary McDermott-- []
                  • Mildred Willette, b. 18 Nov 1918 Malone, Franklin County, NY d. 28 Feb 2002, Potsdam, NY 182192
    • m 3) Anne Rivet -- pathoschild [pathoschild+worldfamilies AT]
      • Francois Ouellette, b 1693, Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière (QC, Canada), m Marie-Anne Bouchard
        • Michel Ouellette, b 1743, Sault-aux-Récollets at Montréal (QC, Canada), m Thérèse Rheume
          • Gabriel Ouellette, b 1768, ???, m Marie Morin
            • Gabriel Ouellette, b 1801, Saint-Benoît parish at Deux Montagnes (QC, Canada), m Catherine Laselle
              • Francis Lévi Xavier Ouellette, b 1842, m Rose McDougald
                • George Daniel Ouellette, b 1892, Moose Creek (ON, Canada), m Emma-Louise Montroy (Recent ancestors: b. 1914, 1935, and 1955.)



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