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Lines with tested participants:

WIGHTs of Dedham/Medfield, MA (J M WIGHT)

Thomas Wight **, b. circa 1605 ENG m Alice
└──Samuel Wight, b. 1639 Dedham, MA, USA m Hannah Albee
   └── Jonathan Wight, b. 1682 Medfield, MA, USA m Margaret Fairbanks
       └── William Wight, b. 1725 Medfield, MA, USA m Susanna Bullard
           └── Abner Wight, b. 1756 Medfield, MA, USA m Huldah Perrin
               └── William Walker Wight, b. 1790 Lenox, MA, USA m Delight Lewis
                   └──William Walker Wight, b. 1817 Perinton, NY, USA m Henrieta Johnson
                       └── George Minor Wight, b. 1839 Wayne Co, MI, USA m Marion Olevia Crosby
                           └── Avery Brink Wight, b. 1878 Kechi, KS, USA m Mary Eleanor Woodworth
                               └── George Clenard Wight, b. 1908 Kechi, KS, USA m Lucille Haas
                                   └── J M Wight (W-1)

W-2 (No pedigree information available)

WIGHTs of East Lothian Researcher RT (W-3)

Andrew WIGHT (Wright) (Weight), b. circa 1750
└── Andrew WIGHT, b. 1788 Saltoun, East Lothian, Scotland m. Barbara/Barbary/Barbra Dickson
      └── Andrew WIGHT, b. 1811 Bolton, East Lothian, Scotland m. Grace Turnbull
            └── William WIGHT, b. 1842 Leith South, Midlothian, Scotland m. Margaret Cleary
                  └── Andrew WIGHT, b. 1866 Adelaide, South Australia, Australia m. Nanney Hodge
                        └── William Andrew WIGHT, b. 1889 Adelaide, South Australia, Australia m. Amy Royle Bennett
                              └── Robert James WIGHT, b. 1914 Torrensville, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia m. Chloris Melba Joyce Gehan
                                    └── RT WIGHT (W-3)

WIGHTs  of Longformacus, Berwickshire, SCT  

Researcher David RICHARDSON
James Wight, b. abt 1696  Longformacus, BEW, SCT m Barbara NEIL
└── John Wight, b. 1728 Caldra, Longformacus, Berwickshire, SCT m .Mary Henderson
     └── James Wight, b. 1763 Longformacus, Berwickshire, SCT m Janet Johnston
          ├── John  Wight, b. 1804 m Alison Fleming
          │   ├── James  Wight, b. 1850 Ayton, Berwickshire, SCT m Annie Trotter
          │   ├── Robert  Wight, b. 1852 Ayton, Berwickshire, SCT m Jessie Rodgers
          │   └── John Wight, b. 1855 Coldingham, Berwickshire, SCT m Ann Waite
          │         └── John Wight, b. 1893 Chirnside, Berwickshire, SCT
          └── James  Wight, b. 1810 Longformacus, Berwickshire, SCT m Mary Linnen
                └── James Wight, b. 1852 Ford, Northumberland, ENG m Margaret Brown
                     ├── Margaret Wight, b. 1879 Ford, Northumberland, ENG m James Fairbairn
                     │    └── Margaret Wight  Fairbairn, b. 1906 Wooler, Northumberland, ENG
                     │          +Isaac Richardson, b. 1909 Gateshead, Co Durham, ENG
                     │           └── David Richardson
                     └── James  Wight, b. 1885 Duddo, Northumberland, ENG m Armenia (Elliott) Stockdale
                           └── Matthew Brown Wight to Alberta, CAN
                                └── (W-4)

Scotland to PEI, but from where in Scotland?

Researcher marian dot wight [at] telus dot net

Archibald Wight, b. circa 1790 +Catherine McKenzie, m. 1816 Prince Edward Island, Canada
└── Archibald Wight, b. circa 1819 Prince Edward Island, Canada m. Sarah Bishop
     ├── John Harvey Wight, b. 1859 Murray Harbour, Kings, Prince Edward Island, Canada m. Anna Bell McIver
     │    └── Robert Stanley Stuart Wight, b. 1888 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada m. Elizabeth Gemmmell McArthur
     │         └── Stanley Stuart Wight, b. 1914 Brooks, Alberta, Canada m. Frances Edith Cunning
     │              └── (W-5)
     └── David Wight
          └── Thomas Henry Wight
               └── Earl Henry Wight
                    └── (W-6)

Another East Lothian WIGHT

Researcher bkwight "at"

William WIGHT b c 1740 East Lothian, Scotland m Catherine (Katherine) LYALL  	
	George WIGHT b 1784 Gifford, East Lothian, Scotland m Agnes WATT  		
		George WIGHT b 1831 Gifford, East Lothian Scotland m Mary  Ann Gray MARSHALL  			
			Edwin Arthur WIGHT b 1887 Tandarra, Victoria, AUS m  Mary BOYD  				
				Oswald Harold WIGHT b 1929 Bendigo,  Victoria, AUS m Valerie JONES  					

Lines in progress:

Lines requiring a representative:

WIGHTs of Bowden & Maxton, Scotland Researcher Lorna (Web pages)

  • James Wight **, b. say 1685 ?Midlem, Bowden, ROX, SCT m Margaret Houd
    • George Wight, chr. 1715 Bowden, ROX, SCT
    • John Wight, chr. 1717 Bowden, ROX, SCT
    • James Wight, b. circa 1721 Bowden, ROX, SCT m Isobel Wood
      • James Wight, b. circa 1743 Bowden, ROX, SCT m Issobel Thomson
        • William Wight, b. 1767 Maxton, ROX, SCT m Elizabeth Richardson
          • James Wight, b. 1796 Maxton, ROX, SCT
          • Walter Wight, b. 1816 Maxton, ROX, SCT m Helen Sinton
            • Peter Sinton Wight, b. 1850 Maxton, ROX, SCT m Jessie Ellen Davidson
              • George Davidson Wight, b. Maxton, 1895 ROX, SCT m Alison Christina Cairns
                • Peter Sinton Wight, b. Denholm, ROX, SCT
        • Robert Wight, b. 1800 Maxton ROX, SCT m Janet Scott
          • William Wight, b. circa 1833 Linton, ROX, SCT d. 1855, not the one marr. Mary SIMINS and moved to Iowa via Ohio
          • James Wight, b. circa 1838 Linton, ROX, SCT d. 1855
          • George Wight, b. circa 1848 Coldstream, BEW, SCT m Helen Ann Robertson
            • Robert William Wight, b. 1874 Nth Sunderland, Dist of Belford, NBL, ENG m. Annie Cecilia O'Donnell
              • George Richard Wight b. 1900 Southampton
              • Harrold Leslie Wight b. 1908 St Pancras, London
          • Robert Wight, b. circa 1853 Coldstream, BEW, SCT m Mary Boyd
            • Robert Wight, b. 1876 Birmingham, Dist of Kings Norton, WAR, ENG
        • John Wight, b. 1808 Maxton, ROX, SCT m Helen Thomson
          • John Wight, chr. 1838 Maxton, ROX, SCT m Janet Elliot Hobkirk
            • John Adam Thomas Wight, b. 1875 Morebattle, ROX, SCT m Elizabeth Percival
              • John George Wight
  • Robert Wight, chr 1723 Bowden, ROX, SCT
  • William Wight, chr. 1728 Bowden, ROX, SCT

WIGHTs  of Jedburgh

(Still looking for a representative)
  • John Wight **, b. circa 1761 ?ROX, SCT m Janet Buckholm
    • Andrew Wight, b. circa 1803 ROX, SCT m Mary  Douglas
      • John Wight, b. 1842 Jedburgh, ROX, SCT m Mary Ann Wight
        • Andrew Wight, b. circa 1877 Jedburgh, ROX, SCT
    • John  Wight, b. circa 1809 Gilliestongues, ROX, SCT m Jessie Turnbull
      • Thomas Turnbull  Wight, b. 1837 Edgerston, Jedburgh, ROX, SCT
    • Thomas Wight, b. 1813 Gilliestongues, Jedburgh, ROX, SCT m Elizabeth  Thomson
      • John Wight, b. 1839 Jedburgh, ROX, SCT m Eliza  Hogarth
      • Thomas  Wight, chr. 1844 Jedburgh, ROX, SCT m Annie Dewar
      • William Daniel Kenward Wight, b. 1851 Jedburgh, ROX, SCT m Sarah Jane Head
        • John Mossop Wight, b. 1877 Jedburgh, ROX, SCT m Helen McDonald
          • William Daniel Kenward Wight
        • William Daniel Kenward Wight, b. 1883 Hawick, ROX, SCT + Frances Young
          • Robert John  Wight,b. 1906 ?SCT m Mina Smith  Young
      • James Thomson Wight, b. 1860 Jedburgh, ROX, SCT m Jessie Habick Clark
        • Frederick York Clark  Wight, b. circa 1891 Jedburgh, ROX, SCT m Winifred Dalgleish  Ovens
      • Andrew Wight, b. 1862 Jedburgh, ROX, SCT m Elizabeth  Cowan
        • Robert Cowan  Wight, b. circa 1896 Ancrum, ROX, SCT m Charlotte Middlemass  Mallen
        • Thomas Dodd  Wight, b. 1890 Dalry, Edinburgh, MLN, SCT m Alison  Nisbet

WIGHTs  of Carfrae & Lauder

(Still looking for a representative)
George Wight **, b. abt 1774 ?Lauder, BEW, SCT m Margaret Lauder
  • William Wight b. abt 1809 Lauder, BEW, SCT m. Janet Watts
    • George Wight b. abt 1848 Channelkirk, BEW, SCT m. Isabella Thomson
      • William W Wight b. abt 1884 Channelkirk, BEW, SCT
      • John T Wight b. abt 1885 Channelkirk, BEW, SCT
      • George B Wight b. abt 1887 Channelkirk, BEW, SCT
      • Herbert Cromarty B Wight b. abt 1890 Channelkirk, BEW, SCT
    • Thomas Wight b. 1849 Channelkirk, BEW, SCT to California
    • James Wight b. 1852 Channelkirk, BEW, SCT to California

WIGHTs  of Ormiston & Murrays

  • Robert WIGHT b 1796 Milton, East Lothian, SCT, Surgeon and Botanist Edinburgh to Madras to England

WIGHTs  of Crailing ++

(Still looking for a representative)
  • John Wight **, b. abt 1790 ?Ancrum, ROX, SCT m Janet Hislop
    • John Wight, b. circa 1814 Denholm, ROX, SCT m. Ann Middlemas
      • John Wight, b. circa 1842 Merton, BEW, SCT m. Euphemia Richardson
        • John Wight, b. 1866 Crailing, ROX, SCT
        • Andrew Wight, b. 1868 Eckford, ROX, SCT
        • James Wight, b. 1872 Crailing, ROX, SCT m. Christina Miller Wight
          • John Wight, b. 1899 Crookhouse, Par. of Linton, ROX, SCT m. Jessie Thomson
            • Russell Wight
              • George Wight
        • Alexander Wight, b. 1873 Crailing, ROX, SCT m. Mary Fairbairn
          • William Fairbairn Wight, b. 1908 ?SCT
        • Thomas A Wight, b. circa 1883 Crailing, ROX, SCT
      • Andrew Wight, b. 1844 Mertoun, BEW, SCT
      • Alexander Wight, b. circa 1847 Mertown, BEW, SCT m. Isabella Cairns
        • Christina Miller Wight (see James WIGHT above)
      • Thomas Wight, b. circa 1849 Mertoun, BEW, SCT m. Jessie Small
        • John Wight, b. 1874 Kelso, ROX, SCT
        • Alexander Wight, b. circa 1877 Coldstream, BEW, SCT
        • Andrew Wight, b. circa 1878 Coldstream, BEW, SCT
        • Thomas Wight, b. circa 1881 Coldstream, BEW, SCT
      • Robert Wight, b. circa 1852 Mertoun, BEW, SCT m. Margaret Pringle Sanderson
        • Willam Wight, b. circa 1875 Kelso, ROX, SCT
        • John Sanderson Wight, b. circa 1880 Kelso, ROX, SCT
      • James Wight, b. 1854 Mertoun, BEW, SCT
    • Robert Wight, b. circa 1831 Roxburgh, ROX, SCT m. Margaret Fletcher
      • John Wight, b. 1862 Roxburgh, ROX, SCT
      • Robert G Wight, b. circa 1869 ENG
      • James Wight, b. circa 1878 Galashiels, SEL, SCT

WIGHTs  of Inveresk, (MLN) Tranent & Elphinstone (ELN)++

(Still looking for a representative)
David WIGHT, b. say 1775 ?Inveresk, SCT m. Elizabeth RENTON
└── Thomas WIGHT, b. abt 1799 Inveresk, SCT m. Helen DICKSON
      ├── Robert WIGHT, abt 1824 Inveresk?, SCT
      ├── William WIGHT, abt 1825 Inveresk, SCT m. Mary KIRKWOOD
      │    ├── Thomas WIGHT, b. 1857 Tranent, Haddington, SCT
      │    ├── James WIGHT, b. 1859 Tranent, SCT
      │    ├── William WIGHT, b. 1861 Tranent, SCT
      │    └── John Kirkwood WIGHT, b. 1870 Tranent, Haddington, SCT m. Catherine Smith MCINTOSH
      │          └── Francis Herbert WIGHT, abt 1897 Tranent, SCT m. Agnes Stevenson BURLEY
      │          │    ├── Mathew Burley WIGHT
      │          │    ├── William Wallace WIGHT
      │          │    ├── John MacIntosh WIGHT
      │          │    └── Francis Herbert WIGHT
                         └── Innes Scot WIGHT
                └── John WIGHT, b. circa 1900 Tranent, SCT
      ├── John WIGHT, b. abt 1830 SCT
      ├── Thomas WIGHT, b. abt 1840 Tranent, SCT
      └── James WIGHT, b. abt 1845 Tranent, SCT

WIGHT - Scotland to Iowa via Ohio

  • William WIGHT b. abt 1820 SCT m. Mary SIMINS William died Luton, Woodbury Co. Iowa Mar 1895
    • Robert WIGHT b. abt 1857 Ohio, USA m. Kate
    • Alexander J WIGHT b. abt 1863 Ohio, USA m. Jane
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