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Welcome to the Whittle DNA Project! 
The Whittle DNA Project is open to all with this surname, of all spelling variations, from all locations.
A Surname DNA Project is a group of genealogy researchers who share a surname, or a genetic link to the surname, and who join together to use DNA testing, paper trails, and research to identify those with whom they share a common ancestor.
The aim for many participants is to identify someone who "matches" their test results, and who can help them find the paper trail that leads further back up the family tree. When the DNA information is combined with family pedigrees and other relevant information, the full power of Genetic Genealogy is utilized.  In addition, yDNA tests cost less when you order them through our surname project.
Click on the links in the black bar at the top of this page to view every page of the project's website. 
Of most interest to you initially are the project's PATRIARCH and y-RESULTS pages. 
You do not need to be registered or logged in to view any page of the project’s website, but you will need to log in to post on the forums and to use the "Make this a Favorite Project" link in the left column to create a link to the project's website each time you log in.
After transferring results, email your test to a project administrator so they can input your haplogroup.
Information that can help you: 
Using the Project's website
8 Things You Must Do If You're yDNA Testing
Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree
ISOGG Wiki Genetic Encyclopedia
Whittle Message Board on Ancestry
Answers to many of your questions:
Donate to The Whittle DNA Project
Please take some time to review and update the information in your kit at Family Tree DNA.
Click the LOGIN TAB on the top of the screen and enter your kit number and password to open your MyFTDNA page. 
Click the MANAGE PERSONAL INFORMATION link on the left of the page. Or, use the drop-down menu at top right to open your profile. 
There is a lot you can configure.  Please take some time to click around and setup your profile. 
In particular, please check and consider the following.
Input your current mailing address. This is used in case FTDNA needs to send you a new test kit to upgrade your kit.  It is also useful if a DNA Project Administrator wants to contact you and your email is not working.  
Input multiple email addresses if you can. This is helpful if your email address stops working for any reason. If you have a beneficiary or relative that you might want to take over your kit someday, input their email address too.  If you want, input the email address of your DNA Project Administrators.  Any email that you input here could someday takeover management of the kit if you are no longer able to do so. 
If the contact person is not the person who gave the DNA, then please input the name of the DNA donor and put the contact person as c/o (Care Of) in the address line.  For example, John James Smith, c/o Donna Smith Jones.
Change the Personal Information default from Private to Basic or Full.  This allows others with FTDNA login access to view the information you share in your profile.  This is useful for people who match you and for others in any DNA project groups you join. 
If you have a web site or family tree online, you can show the link in the ABOUT ME box. 
If the DNA donor has passed, or is no longer able to donate additional DNA, then you might want to include a note explaining this in the ABOUT ME box. 
Even if you have not yet created a family tree on FTDNA, please change the default Family Tree privacy settings.  Hopefully, someday you will create or upload a tree.  Or, a project admin might do it for you.  So, it will help if these settings are configured.  In order to use DNA for genealogy, you want people to check your tree.  I set my tree to Public for deceased people and Matches for Living people.  
If you have a gedcom file of your family tree, please upload it by clicking on the FAMILY TREE button on your kit's main page.
If you don't have a gedcom file, and can't make one, then you can manually create a tree by clicking on FAMILY TREE then clicking the profile icon. 
If you have a tree on or elsewhere then you can get a gedcom.  Or, if someone else has you in their tree, they might be able to give you a gedcom. 
If you need help creating a gedcom, contact your DNA Project Administrator for help. 
Input your Most Distant Ancestors. These should be the most distant known ancestors you have in your direct paternal and direct maternal lines.  Only input names that you know with high confidence.  It helps if you include dates and location info with the name.  
If the date is approximate, use the letter "c" as abbreviation for circa in front of the date.  Circa is the standard term meaning around or about.  
For example, John Henry Smith b.c1822 d.1901 SC.
Input all the surnames of your known ancestors on all branches of your lineage.  This is very useful because the matching tools allow people to search matches for surnames.  If you have a surname with variations in spelling, it can help to input each variation.  That way you will show up whichever variation someone uses to search their matches. 
It is very sad that many people pass away without designating a kit beneficiary.  That makes their DNA kit of limited use for future researchers. Input the name and contact information of someone you want to take over the kit should you pass away or become unable to manage it.  If you don't have anyone to make your beneficiary, then ask one of your DNA Project Administrators for their contact information to make them your kit beneficiary.  Or, just put MY DNA PROJECT ADMINISTRATOR. Replace "MY DNA" with the name of the project you want to take over your kit. 
Change most of the default settings here. FTDNA has made the defaults extremely limiting.  That makes it harder to use the DNA results for genealogy.  
Change "Who can view my Most Distant Ancestor" so that project members can see it. Otherwise, it is hidden. 
Change "Who can see me in project member lists" so that others can see you. It helps if people can see you and contact you to share their research. 
Change "Who can view my ethnic breakdown" to allow matches to view it. 
Change "Who can view my mtDNA Coding Region" to allow project admins to view them if you want their help in researching your direct female lineage. 
You can give project administrators full access to your account. This allows the administrator to view all of your DNA results and keep your account information up to date. This makes it easier to manage the DNA project. To give a project administrator full access to your account, you must tell them your kit number and password.  Giving administrators full access can also ensure that your kit remains useful for future researchers should you pass away.  And, administrators can help your relatives or beneficiaries take over the kit someday if they need help.  If you give an admin full access, then you can ask them to make changes for you. 
If you need help with any of this, feel free to contact the Project Administrators.

Group admins