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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • John Whittington b-1724, Albemarle, Virginia d-1758  m-Sarah Woodroffe -Mark L. Whittington [mlwhittington AT]
    • Cornelius Whittington b-Apr 24, 1749, Sussex, Virginia d-Mar 27 1837, Zion Hill,  Amite Co., Miss. m-Rebecca Gilliam
      • John Whittington b-1777, Cheraw, Chesterfield Co., SC d-1841, Amite Co., Miss m-Chloe Mercer
        • Ephraim Whittington b-1799, Hancock, Georgia, d-1860, Leake Co., Miss. m-Mary Strange
          • Henry Wise Whittington b-Mar 2, 1830, Amite, Miss.  d-June 9, 1909, Summit, Pike Co., Miss  m-Victoria Jordan
            • John Henry Whittington b-Dec. 12, 1867, Copiah Co., Miss.  d-Jan 21, 1941, Bloomington, Ill.  m-Mary Louise Snider
              • John Harold Whittington, Sr. b-June 12, 1894, Ft. Worth, Tx d-Feb 27, 1971, Dallas, Tx.  m-Marie Costigan  B2854
  • Thomas Whittington b 1740 m Martha - John A. Whittington [J5line AT]
    • William B. Whittington b 4 Apr 1765 Bedford, VA m Rhoda Manning
      • John Whittington b 1792 Bedford, VA m Elizabeth Tillis
        • William Francis Whittington b 1819 Bedford, VA m Elizaa Beasley
          • William Henry Whittington b 1847 Mason Co., VA m Mary Stone
            • James Edward Whittington b 17 Mar 1887 Bancroft, WV m Mina Toler 193268
  • James Whittington, b. 1850?, m Zelphr Elizabeth Byrd - janetky [jan AT]
    • Rufus Walton Whittington, b. 4/2/5/1885
    • James Wade Whittington, b. 7/2/1873 m Laura Eran Robets
    • James Howard Whittington b. 12/25/1898
    • Jesse Earl Whittington, b. 5/14/1897 m Mary Mildred Kittrell W-1 N18699
  • Harry Whittington b c1887? m Lela May Rex

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