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The NEWS so far

We have reached 8 members at FTDNA and another 5 tested elsewhere plus a few others with DNA records posted publicly. For a grand total of 18 data sets on the way. Thank you all! I have looked at all the available Wheaton/Wheadon DNA results and have tentatively clustered them into three groups but this is only preliminary. Some data is posted but subject to verification. Current posting is tentative and only.

Of the 12 data sets four appear to be descendants of Robert Wheaton or of his clan. Of those 4, two are identical perfect matches and the other 2 are close matches. I'm still calling these of Robert (suspected) of Devon for want of a better term.

Of the remaining 7,  four are close matches and are of the Thomas Wheadon of Devon line.

The last three fall in between and are suspected to be of the Huntingdonshire and Cambridgeshire.

At first glance I saw too many differences between the Robert and Thomas data (of Devon) for them to be related. However, at this point I feel the jury is out. The fact that the two fall in between is intriguing so perhaps, just maybe there is a connection back there somewhere.

The other tentative finding of interest is that the marker most prone to mutating among the results I've looked at is DYS-458. This may be something of a clue as we move forward.

Special thank yous to our First Members who got the ball rolling.These are extremely important base lines in several ways:

Glenn's line is a direct match with another not yet posted and should give him important clues to his connections to the (assumed) Devon Wheaton Line. Ralph and Jerrold's lines are similar but slightly different. These begin to suggest signatures for 2 of Robert's sons. And finally Jerrold's lineage takes fewer generations to reach him and is perhaps slightly less likely to have mutated along the way. Dave's lineage provides a match with another Thomas Wheadon line so we have the ability to geneticly speaking separate Thomas Wheadon descendants from those of Robert. I hope this isn't too complicated to follow.

Confirmed Lineages (Contributor: Known patriarch, moving forward in time):

Glenn: Joel 1 (bc 1794 NY), James Perry 2, Thomas Jefferson 3, George 4, Adolf 5, Glenn 6 (This line is currently clustered with Robert but may turn out to be a closely related, as yet unknown line)

Ralph (Bonnie): Robert 1 (bc 1606 England-->Rehoboth, MA), Ephraim 2, James 3, James 4, James 5, James 6, Jesse 7, Franklin 8, Ralph 9, Ralph 10, Ralph 11, Ralph 12

Jerrold: Robert 1 (bc 1606 England-->Rehoboth, MA), John 2, Samuel 3, Levi 4, Earl Pierce 5, Levi 6, Earl 7, Jerrold Levi 8, Jerrold Levi Jr 9

David A.: Thomas 1 Wheadon (b 1635 Axminster, Devon, England-->New Haven CT) Thomas 2,Thomas 3 Jehiel 4, Roswell 5, Calvin 6, Nathan Phillips 7, James Calvin 8, Arthur James 9, Arthur 10, Thomas 11, David 12

G. Dennis: William 1 (b 1716 Devon, England), William 2, Phillip 3, George 4 , George 5(-->Australia), George William 6, George Sydney 7, George Dennis 8

Not Confirmed Lineages (Awaiting DNA results)

David J: Robert 1, Benjamin 2, David Sr. 3, Daniel Sr. 4, Levi 5, Daniel Samuel 6, Alfred David 7, Charles Alfred 8, Junius Aiden 9, Joseph Charles 10 , David Joe 11

Michael F: William 1 (bc 1771 NY), Thomas Ladd 2, Silas Reuben 3, Thomas Hobart 4, Francis Eugene 5, Michael F. 6  (William thought to be of Joseph of NJ, perhaps of Robert 1, Samuel 2, Jonathan 3)

Bill: William Wheten 1 (1740-1779 Norwalk, CT), Ephraim Wheten 2 (1760-1831 Norwalk, Kings County, NB) , John Wheten 3 (1784-1858), William Thomas Pagan Wheten  4 (1808-1881), William Marshall Wheaton 5 (1844-1916), William Henry Wheaton 6 (1868-1941 Salisbury, NB-Boston, MA in 1895), Carl Leonard Wheaton 7,  Bill Wheaton 8

Lori: Reuben (b 1800 NY) 1, Charles O. 2, George 3, Arno Anson 4, Lawrence Arnold 5, Lori 6

John James: (Peter? Wheadon?)1, Uriah (bc 1710? d1746 Cape May Co., NJ) 2, Joseph 2, John 3, James 4, James Watson 5,

Michael Joseph: Thomas 1 Wheadon, John( I )2, Abraham 3, Capt. William 4, Edward 5, George 6, George Andrew 7, Walcott O. 8, Thomas Edward 9, James Thomas 10, Michael Joseph 11

Dennis Ian: Thomas WHEATON (c1700-1754 married Hilton, Huntingdonshire, England)1, William 2, William 3, Thomas 4, William 5, Phillip 6, Ernest 1893 Fulham, London 7, Eric William 8,  Dennis Ian 9

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