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1           Rev. John Wier, m. 1653 Scotland Jane Fergusson                                                            Larry Boyd [larry AT]

1.1               James Wier, b. 1683 Co. Antrim, NIR, m. 1706 Margaret Agnes O'mara

1.1.1                   Thomas Wier, b. 1708 Co. Antrim, NIR, m. Elizabeth Faulkner                       James Boyd, b. 1758 Co. Tyrone, NIR, m. Nancy Agnus Wier                            William R. Boyd,  b. 1787 Co. Tyrone, m. Elizabeth Burton                                Samuel Newton Boyd, b. 1818 Hall CO., GA, m. Priscilla Woo   #14551

2           George Weer  b. 1739  d. 1816 

2.1               George Washington Wear  b. 1783  d. 1856 

2.1.1                   John Miller Wear  b. 1835  d. 1918                       John Henry Wear b. 1872 d. 1957                            Jesse James Wear b. 1908 d. 1989    #169542        

3           James Weir (Wier) b. c1780 NC m. Margaret Carrigan

3.1               James Adam Weir b. 5 Sep 1819 Cabarrus Co, NC m. Sarah Elizabeth Sloan

3.1.1                   James William McKnight Weir b. 14 Sep 1842 Iredell Co, NC m. Mary Clarissa Cravens                       James Andrew Weir b. 1 Mar 1875 Black Rock, Lawrence Co, AR m. Mary Delilah Woodson     #169372

4           David Weir, b. bef 1775                                                                                                   Jerry L Wear [jlwear AT]

4.1               William Henry Wear, b. 1805 Monongalia VA,  m1 Sarah Batten

4.1.1                   David Scott Wear, b. 1825 Mononga;ia VA, m. Mary Williams                       George Newman Wear, b. 1876 Portsmouth OH, m. Sallie Warnock   #46512

5           David Weir, b 25 Dec 1730 Antrim Ireland, d 13 Jan 1821 Fish Creek South Carolina        Eugene [CARL AT PLASTICSGENERAL.COM]

5.1               William Weir, b 1752 Antrim Ireland, d 1800 Paradise KY

5.1.1                   John W. Weir, b 1785 Ireland or South Carolina, d 13 Mar 1850 Washington Co. IN                       James (Little Jim) Weir, b 6 May 1823 Washington Co. IN,  d 8 Sep 1889                            Dennis Weir, b 1 Jan 1883 Washington Co. IN,  d 28 July 1970 Washington                                Roger Ellis Weir,  b 12 Mar 1909 Washington Co, IN, d 11 June 1985 Scottsburg IN

6           David Wier, b. Lanark, Scotland, d. at Perth - Ray Isbell [isbell2 AT]

6.1               Duncan Wier b. by 1490 at Perth, Scotland, d. Holland

6.1.1                   Rev. Malcolm b. 1513-15 m. Lady Leslie, niece of George Wishart                       David  b. in Scotland, d. in Holland                            John (Jan Vyer) of Antwerp, 1719 (wealthy ship-owner)                                Dr. John ("whose children returned to Scotland")                                    John m. Janet Ferguson at Edinburgh; d. in Ireland                                        James b. "1683"  m. Margaret Agnes O’Marra                                            Thomas b. "1708" m. Elizabeth Faulkner                                            James b. 1769 Ireland, d.Alabama,  m. Mary Hamilton                                            James b. 1802 N. Ire.d. 1885 MS,m Elizabeth Evans                                            Thomas Hamilton b. 1830 AL, m Martha A Spears                                            Thomas Francis, MS. m. Harriette Angevine





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