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Information Last Updated: 05 July 2009

Basic pedigree information for family Patriarchs is provided on this page. Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife. It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest. It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known for a particular family. Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for a listing on this page. Families participating in the DNA Project will have the associated Kit number listed with the ancestor of the participant. The hope is to eventually list all families on this page. Abbreviations used below include:

b = born
c = circa
c1 = child from the first marriage
c2 = child from the second marriage
chd = childhood death (died before the age of 12 and thus could not have had descendants)
Co = county
d = died
m = married
m1 = first marriage
m2 = second marriage
m3 = third marriage
m4 = fourth marriage
r = resided
Twp = township

This page does not contain family members who are living or were born after 1900. Families are arranged alphabetically by the Patriarch's surname and given name and then by Kit Number.

Project Patriarchs appearing on this page:

Patriarch Branch Birth/Residence Date and Place Spouse Kit Family Group
VINEYARD, Ishmael VINEYARD, John Wesley b 1866 Dickson Co, Tennesse Elizabeth NIX 125042 Lineage 3
VINEYARD, Ishmael VINEYARD, Robert Lee b 1868 Dickson Co, Tennesse Sara Elizabeth (McCOY) ANIA 111138 Lineage 3
VINEYARD, Ishmael VINYARD, John Edgar --- --- 66753 Lineage 3
VINYARD, Christian --- Botecourt County, Virginia --- Y1502 Lineage 2
VINYARD, John Sr. VINEYARD, Philip Porter b 1885 --- 94329 Lineage 1
VINYARD, John Sr. VINYARD, Clyde Alvin b 1899 --- 57646 Lineage 1
VINYARD, John Sr. VINYARD, Willis M. Jr. b 1880 --- 110915 Lineage 1
VINYARD, William VINYARD, Edward Bryson b 1889 Illinois Clara DOBBINS N54722 Lineage 2
WEINGARDEN, Joseph (Josef) --- b c1847 Prussia Oliva (Olive) LINZE/LINTZ 76952 ---
WEINGARTEN, Emanuel --- b 1872 Warsaw, Poland Rebecca GOLDSTEIN need sponsor ---
WEINGARTEN, Johann Jacob --- b 1732 Rüdigershagen, Thuringia, Germany Maria Elisabeth RUPPRECHT 40543 ---
WINEGARDNER, Johannes Harbard (John Herbert) WINEGARDNER, Benjamin Franklin 'Frank' b 1869 Union, Auglaize Co, Ohio Emma Louisa LINE GUESE 48937 Lineage 4
WINEGARDNER, Johannes Harbard (John Herbert) WINEGARNER, Estel Homer b 1848 Ohio Ivah SMITH 129651 Lineage 4
WINGERT, Augustus --- b 1824 Pennslyvania --- 141731 ---

* Note: The DNA results obtained in conjunction with traditional genealogical research support the notion that Joshua VINEYARD is the son of David (and Nancy) Vineyard.

*Note: John VINYARD Sr. born circa 1745 is believed to the son of Amos Vinyard
**Note: This branch of the Vineyard family believes to be descended from a Hessian soldier who came to the USA during the Revolutionary War. The Vineyard surname is believed to be an anglicized version of Weingarten.

Note: Johan Herbert Wingart/Winegardner (1718-1779) came to America in 1752 aboard the ship Two Brothers. Also, aboard this ship was a Conrad Winegarden. There is speculation that Conrad and Johan were related.