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Anyone wishing to be put on our email distribution list please email the administrators Ray Vick or Larry Vick.  The list currently has about 320 VICK and related contacts.  These emails are the way we keep project participants informed on the status of the project and the way we try and recruit more participants.

We regularly post on the Yahoo Vick_DNA_Genealogy group, the Rootsweb Vick list, the Rootsweb Vick/Wick and other message boards, the Vick/Wick message boards, and the Vick Family and web site and at

We are actively seeking African-American VICKs and English VICKs.  Of course we would also like some European, Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand VICKs.

Feel free to discuss this project on the Vick Family Forum too.  Note - there is no back button on the forum page so use the back button on the upper left to get back here.





Group admins