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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Andrew Jackson Vess, b 23 July 1826,  VA(?) then Waynesville NC. m1 Sarah Palmer m2 Mary C (Polly) Davis [marilyn AT]
    • William Madison Lafayette Vess, b 5 May 1853, near Asheville NC, m1 Matilda Caroline(Callie) Jones, m2 Sarah Roberts Cottner
      • Ella Vess, b 25 Aug 1877 Rosston TX m Marshall Medley
      • Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) Vess, 13 Nov 1881 Rosston TX,  m Thomas Bewley
      • Bertie Ray Vess, b 31 May 1885 Rosston TX
      • Virgil Harris Vess, b 9 Mar 1889 Rosston TXm n Willie Monroe Wilson
      • Essie Virginia Vess, b 5 July 1894 Rosston TX
    • Jesse Andrew Vess, 22 Nov 1856 near Asheville NC. m Clarinda
  • Nathan Vess, b SC, M Clarinda Ballewm [euleep AT]
    • Andrew Jackson Vess, b 1819 VA
    • James Vess, b c 1835
    • Davis Maley Vess, b 1835 Madison NC
    • Sarh Jane Vess, m Jackson Pressley

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