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Updated: 15 Dec 2010

Please send any queries or pedigrees for this project to: dvelten AT

The purpose of the Velten/Felten Surname DNA Project is to:

1.     Document the various lines of Velten/Felten families (including all other spelling variations) and determine their earliest known ancestor (EKA, the “Patriarch”) and location.

2.     Locate descendants of each family willing to participate in the DNA project, so we can determine any genetic relationships between the lines.

Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page. Those lineages with a participant will have a FTDNA kit number shown in red and may also list a Line Leader (the researcher actively researching the line).

Read the notes below before submitting your pedigree. You may submit a pedigree either through the Forum, or via gedcom to the contact email below

Jacob Veldin/Velten of Nanzweiler, Germany

Jacob Veldin, b circa 1640 Germany, m Anna (Line Leader: David Velten, dvelten AT

·         Nikolaus Velden, b c12 Jul 1673 Nanzweiler, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany m Anna Francisca Nofeller

o    Johann Caspar Velten, b c1 Mar 1701 Dietschweiler, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, m Maria Margaretha Geimer

§  Johann Stephan Velten b 23 Oct 1739 Nanzweiler, Germany, m Maria Elisabetha Stemmler

·         Michael Velten b 19 Mar 1771 Nanzweiler, Germany, m Maria Catherina Westrich

o    Johann Peter Velten b 26 Mar 1798 Nanzweiler, Germany, m Anna Maria Müller

§  Michael Velten b 29 Jun 1829 Nanzweiler, Germany, m Katherine Miller

·         Joseph Frank Velten b 27 Oct 1859 Huron, Erie Co OH m Mary Anna Simmons

o    Frank Joseph Velten b 3 Dec 1884 Pierce City, Lawrence Co MO  187940

o    Johann Nikolaus Velten, b 16 Apr 1802 Nanzweiler, Germany m Anna Maria Weidinger

§  Nikolaus Velten b 20 Oct 1829 Nanzweiler, Germany, m Philippina Westrich

·         Jakob Velten b 19 Oct 1866 Nanzdiezweiler, Germany, m Anna Maria Baudi

o    Edward Delbert Velten, b 6 May 1891 Lafayette IN m Blanche Fleener

o    William Nicholas Velten, b 10 Jan 1893 Lafayette IN

o    Michael Velten, b 23 Dec 1803 Nanzweiler, Germany, m Helena Schwegel

o    Daniel Velten, b 7 Jul 1811 Nanzweiler, Germany, m Catherina Backes

§  Louis Michael Velten, b 6 May 1852 Nanzweiler, Germany, m Mary Jane Douglas

§  Daniel Velten, b 30 Apr 1854 Nanzweiler, Germany, m Rose Gamel

·         Peter Velten b c 1775 Nanzweiler, Germany m Maria Catherina Müller

§  Friedrich Velten, b 12 Jul 1750 Nanzweiler, Germany m Anna Katharina Hüther

·         Johann Jakob Velten, b 29 Oct 1774 Reifenberg, Germany m Eva Weissler

·         Friderich Velten, b 4 May 1778 Reifenberg, Germany m Anna Maria Steinbach

·         Johann Adam Velten, b 1 Apr 1781 Reifenberg, Germany m Anna Maria Beilmann

o    Johann Adam Velten, b 3 Dec 1820 Reifenberg, Germany m Maria Eva Leyes

·         Heinrich Velten, b 12 Mar 1785 Reifenberg, m Eva Ziehl

o    Johann Nikolaus Velten, b c5 Jan 1703 Nanzweiler, Germany m Anna Catharina Strasser

§  Johann Michael Velten, b 25 Sep 1735 Sand, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany m Maria Elisabetha Spiegel

§  Johann Jakob Velten, b c30 Aug 1746 Sand, Germany m Anna Maria Ziel

§  Johann Nikolaus Velten, b 17 Apr 1757 Sand, Germany m Maria Eva Hüther


Martin Felten of Wangen, Wasselone, Alsace, France

Martin Felten, b c1753 Wangen, Wasselone, Alsace, France m Barbara Anne Schneider (Line Leader: Steve Felten, stevefelten AT

·         Etienne Felten b Dec 1787 Wangen, Wasselone, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France m Marie Josepthe Marois

o    Antoine Narcisse Felten b 13 Jun 1844 Montreal, Quebec, Canada m Marie Josephine Dubeau

§  Joseph Octave Napoleon Felten b 26 Aug 1876 Montreal, Quebec, Canada m Marie Alice Augert

·         Arthur Joseph Felten b 18 May 1918 Niagara Falls, NY  178249



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