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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Andreas Vanyko birthdate unknown birthplace unknown spouse Anna Bela - John C. Vanko, j_vanko AT
    • Andreas Vanyko born 10 June 1784 spouse Susanna Drušbik
      • Andreas Vanyko born 19 March 1811 Klitsén (today Turčianske Kl'ačany) spouse Susanna Stefamides
        • Jano Vaňko (also known as Jan Vaňko, also known as Joannes Vanyko) born 10 June 1838 Klécsény (today Turčianske Kl'ačany) spouse Katharina Krupec (also known as Catharina Krupecz)
          • Jan Vanko (also known as John Vanko, also known as John Vonko) born 17 May 1866 Laskár, spouse Marie Maršálková
  • John Silvester Vanko born 28 December 1901 Baltimore City, Maryland, USA Helen Shanta N57842
    • Rudolph Charles Vanko born 27 December 1899, Baltimore City, Maryland, USA spouse Mary Neubert N67426


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