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Surname Summary Data for TYLER

Frequency Comparisons

Great Britain                                              Total            Rank        Frequency %                 Per million people

United Kingdom (current)                            11701          507          0.025                           255

United Kingdom (1881 census)                     8841            477          0.030                           295

Change since 1881                                     +2860          -30           -0.005                          -40

Other Countries

United States                                             62534          477          0.023                           232

Australia                                                    1936            842          0.012                           118


  • Total is the total number of people with that surname.
  • Rank is the position in the list of names ordered by total (eg, a rank of 1 means that it's the most common name, and a rank of 10 means it's the tenth most common, etc).
  • Frequency is the percentage of people with that surname.
  • Per million people is the number of people with that surname per million of the population.

All of these are approximate figures, and the current figures especially so. The 1881 census figures are correct for what was recorded on the census, but we don't really know how accurate it was. At least, though the 1881 figures won't change, as it's a snapshot of a point in time. The current figures, by contrast, are variable according to births, deaths, migration and marriages, so the values shown here are only a best approximation to whatever was the case when the underlying data was collated and will not be the same as whatever the values are right now.

'N/A' indicates that we don't have data for this name in that country or time (usually because it's quite uncommon there and our stats don't go down that far). It doesn't mean that there's no-one there with that name at all!

For less common surnames, the figures get progressively less reliable the fewer holders of that name there are. This data is aggregated from several public lists, and some stats are interpolated from known values. The margin of error is well over 100% at the rarest end of the table!

It's possible for a surname to gain in rank and/or total while being less common per million people (or vice versa) as there are now more surnames in the UK as a result of immigration. In mathematical terms, the tail has got longer, with a far larger number of less common surnames.


Similar Names

The following names have similar spellings or pronunciations as TYLER.

This does not necessarily imply a direct relationship between the names, but may indicate names that could be mistaken for this one when written down or misheard.

The most likely matches are shown first.

TILLER                      TYER                         THALER                    TOLAR                                    TALARO

TAYLER                    TYTLER                     TEYLER                     TOELLER                                    TAYLAR

TOLER                       TOWLER                   TUELLER                  CYLER                                    TEALER

TILLERY                   TYNER                       TULLARTULLER     FYLER                                    TELLERIA

TYLER                       TALYOR                    TUTWILER                HYLER                                    TELLIER

MYLER                      TALOROYLER          TYCER                       KYLER                                    THALLER

TAYLOR                    TYLOR                       TYGER                       STYLER                                    THEILER

TOLLER                     EYLER                       TULLIER                   SYLER                                    TITLER

TYRER                       TELLER                     WYLER                      TAILOR                                    BYLER

Matches are generated automatically by a combination of Soundex, Metaphone and Levenshtein matching.


Common Misspellings and Typos

The following words are slight variants of TYLER that are likely to be possible typos or misspellings in written material.


Classification and Origin of TYLER

Region of origin        British Isles

Country of origin      England

Language of origin    English

Ethnic origin             English

Religious origin         Christian

Surname Derivation Occupational Name

Data for religion and/or language relates to the culture in which the TYLER surname originated. It does not necessarily have any correlation with the language spoken, or religion practised, by the majority of current British residents with that name.

In normal English usage, the word "tyler" is a noun.

Surname Etymology and Meaning of TYLER

Published Information

Source: An Etymological Dictionary of Family and Christian Names With an Essay on their Derivation and Import (1857).

TYLER in the 1881 British Census

Top UK Counties by Total Occurrances

County                                                               Total            Frequency %              Index

London                                                               1619            0.0554                       1.8771

Surrey                                                                846              0.0594                       2.0132

Essex                                                                  737              0.1278                       4.3290

Kent                                                                   626              0.0628                       2.1274

Worcestershire                                                   490              0.1284                       4.3507

Gloucestershire                                                   415              0.0724                       2.4535

Leicestershire                                                     342              0.1056                       3.5766

Warwickshire                                                      287              0.0390                       1.3195

Yorkshire                                                            284              0.0098                       0.3323

Lincolnshire                                                        270              0.0578                       1.9580

Top UK Counties by Frequency/Index

County                                                               Total            Frequency %              Index

Rutland                                                              87                0.4056                       13.7389

Herefordshire                                                     193              0.1611                       5.4576

Hertfordshire                                                      261              0.1296                       4.3905

Worcestershire                                                   490              0.1284                       4.3507

Essex                                                                  737              0.1278                       4.3290

Leicestershire                                                     342              0.1056                       3.5766

Gloucestershire                                                   415              0.0724                       2.4535

Kent                                                                   626              0.0628                       2.1274

Wiltshire                                                             162              0.0627                       2.1240

Surrey                                                                846              0.0594                       2.0132

Top UK Towns by Total Occurrances

Town                                                                 Total             Frequency %            Index

Islington London, London                                    177                0.0625                     2.1174

Lambeth, Surrey                                                  175                0.0687                     2.3271

Bethnal Green London, London                            135                0.1064                     3.6033

Birmingham, Warwickshire                                  128                0.0521                     1.7659

Hackney London, London                                     127                0.0775                     2.6266

West Ham, Essex                                                 119                0.0935                     3.1660

Camberwell, Surrey                                             113                0.0606                     2.0512

St Pancras London, London                                  98                 0.0417                     1.4117

Aston, Warwickshire                                            92                 0.0453                     1.5361

Kensington London, London                                 88                 0.0542                     1.8353

Top UK Towns by Frequency/Index

Town                                                                 Total             Frequency %              Index

Seagry, Wiltshire                                                 24                 15.8940                     538.1166

Pilton, Rutland                                                    7                   13.2075                     448.7179

Letcombe Bassett, Berkshire                                21                 9.5023                       322.0859

Dormington, Herefordshire                                  10                 9.4340                       319.4888

Hampton Charles, Herefordshire                          9                   9.1837                       311.4187

Earl Stoke, Wiltshire                                            22                 8.0882                       273.9726

Skillington, Lincolnshire                                       22                 5.5980                       189.6552

Riddlesworth, Norfolk                                         5                   5.2083                       176.6784

Dinedor, Herefordshire                                        13                 5.0980                       172.6428

Little Addington, Northamptonshire                      17                 5.0000                       169.3227

Top Forenames for TYLER

Male                                                  Female

William TYLER                                             Mary TYLER
John TYLER                                                  Elizabeth TYLER
George TYLER                                             Sarah TYLER
Thomas TYLER                                            Emma TYLER
James TYLER                                                Eliza TYLER
Charles TYLER                                             Ann TYLER
Henry TYLER                                                Alice TYLER
Joseph TYLER                                              Jane TYLER
Alfred TYLER                                                Emily TYLER
Edward TYLER                                             Annie TYLER
Frederick TYLER                                          Ellen TYLER
Arthur TYLER                                               Caroline TYLER
Walter TYLER                                               Florence TYLER
Robert TYLER                                              Charlotte TYLER
Albert TYLER                                                Martha TYLER
Samuel TYLER                                             Louisa TYLER
Richard TYLER                                             Hannah TYLER
Harry TYLER                                                 Ada TYLER
Frank TYLER                                                 Fanny TYLER
Ernest TYLER                                               Harriet TYLER      
Top Occupations for TYLER

Ag Lab
Coal Miner
Domestic Servant


Farm Labourer

General Servant
No Occupation Servant
Agricultural Labourer Housemaid
General Serv

Railway Porter
Boot Maker
Cabinet Maker

Coachman Domestic

Serv Dress Maker
Ag Laborer
Gen Lab
Errand Boy

Shoemaker General Lab

General Dealer
Ag Labourer
Ag Lab Wife
Stone Mason
General Servant Domestic

For more information on these occupations, see Work in 1881


County and town names are as used on the 1881 census, and may not necessarily correlate with modern names and borders. Where a Scottish county is now known by a significantly different name, the modern name is shown in brackets. Welsh counties are shown in both English and Welsh names.

The Total Occurrences tables show which counties and towns contained the highest number of people with the surname TYLER. This is obviously biased towards counties and towns that have more people in them overall, but it does show where the majority of people called TYLER lived at the time of the 1881 census.

The Frequency tables show which counties and towns had the highest proportion of people with the surname TYLER. These are the places where you would be most likely to find someone called TYLER, if you picked people at random from the population.

  • The Total column shows the total number of people in that county or town with this surname. For example, there were 87 people called TYLER in Rutland at the time of the 1881 census.
  • The Frequency column shows the percentage of people in this county or town with this surname. For example, a frequency of 0.4056 in Rutland means that 0.4056% of the people in Rutland on census day were called TYLER.
  • The Index column shows the relative probability of finding someone called TYLER in this county or town, compared with the probability of finding them anywhere in Britain as a whole. An index of 1 means that if you pick someone at random from this county or town, you have exactly the same probability of picking someone called TYLER a if you picked at random from the whole of the UK. If the index is higher than 1, then you are more likely to find someoen called TYLER here than if you picked from the UK as a whole, and if it's lower then you are less likely. The actual figure shows the level of probability - for example, a figure of 2 would indicate that you are twice as likely to find someone called TYLER here than in the UK as a whole, and 10 would make it ten times as likely. The value of 13.7389 in Rutland means that you are 13.7389 times as likely to find someone with the surname of TYLER in Rutland than you would be in the whole of the UK.

The maximum Index values tend to be higher for towns than counties, as a single extended family in a small town can comprise a significant proportion of the total population. For less common surnames, it's quite likely that all the residents of a small town who shared that name were related.

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American Surname Summary Data for TYLER

Frequency Comparisons

United States                                    Total       Rank             Frequency %           Per million people

United States (Current snapshot)        62,534     477               0.023                     232

United States (1880 census)               17,345     316               0.035                     347

Change since 1880                            +45189    -161              -0.012                    -115

Other Countries

Australia                                           1,936       842               0.012                     118

United Kingdom                                11,701     507               0.025                     255


  • Total is the total number of people with that surname.
  • Rank is the position in the list of names ordered by total (eg, a rank of 1 means that it's the most common name, and a rank of 10 means it's the tenth most common, etc).
  • Frequency is the percentage of people with that surname.
  • Per million people is the number of people with that surname per million of the population.

'N/A' indicates that we don't have data for this name (usually because it's quite uncommon and our stats don't go down that far). It doesn't mean that there's no-one with that name at all!

For less common surnames, the figures get progressively less reliable the fewer holders of that name there are. This data is aggregated from several public lists, and some stats are interpolated from known values. The margin of error is well over 100% at the rarest end of the table!

For less common surnames, the frequency and "per million" values may be 0 even though there are people with that name. That's because they represent less than one in a million of the population, which ends up as 0 after rounding.

It's possible for a surname to gain in rank and/or total while being less common per million people (or vice versa) as there are now more surnames in the USA as a result of immigration. In mathematical terms, the tail has got longer, with a far larger number of less common surnames.

Ethnic distribution of TYLER in the USA

Classification                             Total          Percent

White (Hispanic)                        988             1.58

Native American/Alaskan           857             1.37

Asian/Pacific                             269             0.43

White (Caucasian)                      40,072        64.08

Black/African American              19,223        30.74

Mixed Race                               1,126          1.8

Ethnic distribution data shows the number and percentage of people with the TYLER surname who reported their ethnic background as being in these broad categories in the most recent national census.

Meaning of "Tyler"
English name English, the name Tyler means- tile maker. The name Tyler orginated as an English name. The name Tyler is a unisex name and can be used for a boy or girl name (male or female).

English Name Meaning - tile maker

Origin - England


SOURCE: Occupation

USAGE: English

PRONOUNCED: TIE-lər   [key]

Meaning & History

Occupational name meaning "tiler of roofs", from Old English tigele "tile". A famous bearer of this name was American president John Tyler (1790-1862).


Posted on 17 novembre 2010 by HeraldrysInstitute

Etymology may be defined as the history of a word, revealed through the analysis of its parts, and by tracing its roots to past times and even to foreign languages. Such a study is of particular interest when applied to a name.The etymological origin of the surname Tyler can be found either in the Middle English words “tiler” or Old English word “titian, both of unknowing means.

Tyler Coat of Arms


Posted on 17 novembre 2010 by HeraldrysInstitute

The name ‘Tyler’ originates from England. It is derived from the occupational name for a maker or layer of tiles, derived from the agent derivative of the Middle English word ’tile’ (from the Old English word ‘tigele’, from the Latin word ‘tegula’, a derivative of ‘tegere’ meaning to cover). In the Middle Ages tiles were widely used in floors and pavements, and to a lesser extent in roofing, where they did not really come in to their own until the 16th century. Variants: ‘Tylor’, ‘Tiller’, Compiled information from Historical and Private archive’s has confirmed that the name ‘Tyler’ and or it’s variant’s, dates as far back as the 14th century were a ‘Wat Tyler’, (died 1381) , the leader of the English Peasant’s Revolt, is referred to in Thomas Walsingham´s Chronicon Angliae as ‘Walterus Helier’, which suggests that the name was not a hereditary surname but simply a refrence to his occupation. The exact period of settlement in North America has not been definately determined but Information extracted from Public and Civil registry archive’s confirm that one of the first settlers was a certain ‘Job Tyler’, aged 20, believed to have been from Shropshire, England, emigrated to North America in 1638, and settled in 1639 at Andover, Massachsetts. He died in 1700 having fathered eight children. ‘Tyler’ is the ’446th’ most common surname in North America.

Tyack | Tyddar | Tydey | Tyding | Tye, Tighe | Tyerman | Tyer(s) | Tyeth | Tyford | Tyldesley, Tildesley | Tylecot, Tilecott | Tyler | Tyleston, Tilston | Tyllesley, Tildesley, Tilsley | Tylney, Tilney | Tymbe, Timms | Tymeson | Tymewell | Tynck | Tyndale, Tindall | Tynte | Tyrell, Tyrrell | Tyrer | Tyrie, Tirrey | Tyringham | Tyrrell | Tyrwhitt, Territt | Tyser | Tyson, Tyssen | Tyssen | Tyte | Tyther | Tytherleigh | Tytherton | Tyzack     

Surname       Match Score    Surname       Match Score    Surname       Match Score   

Tylere           99                     Tylleare        89                     Tylyier         79

Tylerr           99                     Tyllery         88                     Tilieres         79

Tylier           99                     Tyllore         88                     Tilleres         79

Tyller           99                     Tyllour         88                     Dyler            79

Tylyer           97                     Tyllior          88                     Tilliers         79

Tyllier          96                     Tillier           88                     Tler               79

Tylir             95                     Tilller           88                     Tyelere         79

Tylur            95                     Tylerey         88                     Tyleard         78

Tylor            95                     Tillere          88                     Tlier             78

Tyyler           95                     Tiliere          88                     Ttler             78

Tyleor           95                     Tillyer          87                     Thyler           78

Tylear           95                     Tuylor          86                     Teayler         78

Tyleer           95                     Tylerk           86                     Tillaer          78

Tyleir           95                     Tylerd           86                     Tillaire         78

Tuyler           95                     Tuylar           86                     Tylre             78

Tylers           94                     Tileir            86                     Tylter           77

Ptyler            94                     Tilear            86                     Tylyear         77

Tyllyer         93                     Tileri            86                     Tylyeor         77

Tyllear          92                     Tilero           86                     Tylner           77

Tiler             92                     Tyloer           86                     Tilleray        77

Tylery           92                     Tyllerey        85                     Tillerey        77

Tyleare         92                     Tilar             85                     Tillerye        77

Tylar             92                     Tilierre         85                     Tillerry         77

Tylare           91                     Tilers            85                     Tilierey        77

Tylior           91                     Tilerz            85                     Tilieray        77

Ttylor           91                     Tilir              85                     Tilert            77

Ttiler            91                     Tilur             85                     Tileur           77

Tilere            91                     Tilllier          85                     Tialer            77

Tihler           91                     Tilor             85                     Tilara            77

Tilier            91                     Tilliere         85                     Tilari            77

Tiller            91                     Tillear          84                     Tilaro           77

Tyllar           91                     Tilleri           83                     Tilerrye        77

Tyloor          91                     Tillero          83                     Tileros          77

Tyllor           91                     Tilery           83                     Tilerd           77

Tylore           91                     Tilerie          83                     Tilern           77

Tylour          91                     Tillierre        83                     Tilerg           77

Tilyer           90                     Tyhler           83                     Tileras          77

Tiyler           90                     Tyaler           83                     Toiler           77

                                               Tyeler           83                     Tilliery         77

                                               Tyleour         83                     Tillieres        77

                                               Tillerz          82                     Tilllery         77

                                               Tilore           82                     Tylard           77

                                               Tilour           82                     Tylber           77

                                               Tillir             82                     Tylder           77

                                               Tillor            82                     Tylek            76

                                               Tillur            82                     Tylel             76

                                               Tileres          82                     Tylem           76

                                               Tilare            82                     Tylet             76

                                               Tighler         82                     Tylec            76

                                               Tiliers           82                     Tileary          76

                                               Tiliar            82                     Tileroy         76

                                               Tillers           82                     Tilars            76

                                               Tilior            82                     Tileury         76

                                               Tillar            82                     Tylle             76

                                               Tyllerd         82                     Tyttler         

                                               Tilaer            81                                          

                                               Toyler           81                                          

                                               Twyler          81                                          

                                               Tylaur           81                                          

                                               Tylee            80                                          

                                               Tyleyor         80                                          

                                               Tylez            80                                          

                                               Tlyer             80                                          

                                               Tillior           80                                          

                                               Tilliar           80                                          

                                               Tilaire          80                                          

                                               Tilerey          80                                          

                                               Tileray          80                                          

                                               Tilerry          80                                          

                                               Tillare          80                                          

                                               Tillery          80                                          

                                               Tillerie         80                                          

                                               Tiliery          80                                          

                                               Tilerye          80                                          

                                               Tytler           80                                          


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