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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
Turnbull / Trumble
  • Paull Turnbull m Marrioun Foster,  Edinburgh Scotland 8 Nov. 1598 - Kees Trommelen [cmt.trommelen AT]
    • Johnne Trumbull, Edinburgh Scotland, b 3 jun.1599 d 1599 130899
  • John Trumble b c1611; d 1657, Rowley, MA m Elinor Chandler - hosomichi [trumbullc AT]
    • Joseph Trumble b 1647; d 1684, Suffield, CT m Hannah Smith
      • Benoni Trumble b 1684; d 1770, Hebron, CT m Sarah Drake
        • Benjamin Trumble/Trumbull b 1712; d 1793, Bolton, CT m Mary Brown
          • Benjamin Trumbull b 1735; d 1820, North Haven, CT m Martha Phelps
            • Benjamin Trumbull b 1769; d 1850, Henrietta, MI m Elizabeth Mather
              • Lyman Trumbull b 1813; d 1896, Chicago, IL m Julia Jayne
                • Perry Trumbull b 1851; d 1902, Chicago, IL m  Mary Peck
                  • Charles P Trumbull b 1884; d 1961, Las Vegas, NM m Artless Browne
                    • Charles P Trumbull b 1913; d  1969, Las Vegas, NM m Mildred Hegman
  • William Turnbull b c1720 d bef 1779 Eccles m Mary Mean - Fiona Turnbull [infogoddess AT]
    • Robert Turnbull b 1760 Kelso d 1837 Bridgton m Agnes Fairbairn
      • James Turnbull b 1798 Stichill d 1858 East Grinstead m Margaret Weddell
        • Edward Turnbull b 1847 Billinghurst d 1897 Basildon m Katherine Cooper
          • Kenneth Turnbull b 1892 North Cheam d 1975 England m Grace Coase 110219
  • John "Bull" Turnbull b 1754 VA m Jane Rutledge - William Turnbull [turnbu11 AT]
    • Richard "Bull" Turnbull b 1775 VA m Fanney Bray
      • William Henry "Bull" Turnbull b 1811 TN m Elizabeth J. Parker
        • Franklin Jefferson ("Benjamin" Franklin) Turnbull b 1842 Clay, KY m Amy Caroline Harris
          • Frank Howard Turnbull b 1876 Saline, MO m Mary Ellen Adams
            • Grant Herrick Turnbull b 1919 Olathe, CO m Mary Estella Impink 285688
  • James Trimble b c 1774, Lexington, Fayette, KY m Sarah Hinton - Linda Fisher [llfisher AT]
    • William James Trimble B 16 Nov 1795 Kentucky M. Amelia Wells
      • Francis Marion TrimbleB 29 May 1829 Fayette County, TX M Lucy Ann Melissa (Thames) Skidmore (her second marriage)
        • Reason Seth Trimble B 12 July 1875 Fayette County, TX M. Alien Mae Mogford 382815
  • James Turnbull b 1788 TN d 1865 Lincoln Co, MO m Jane - kmcmahan [kmcmahan.louisville AT]
    • George Washington Turnbull b 1811 TN m Sarah Jane Smith
      • John Morgan Turnbull b 1834 Lincoln Co., MO m Matilda Elston
        • Richard Lee Turnbull b 1866 Calhoun Co., IL m Mary Lee LaRue
          • Omer Hayden Turnbull b 1899 Lincoln Co., MO m Lucille Lillian Carter T-11 101472
  • Elijah Trumble, m Lucinda Wright  b 1799, Corinth, Saratoga, NY - Scott Ferguson [fergie7777 AT]
    • Samuel (Richard) Trumble, m Louisa (Harriet) Rogers,  b 1838, Corinth, Saratoga, NY 
      • Claudious Artemis Trumble,  m Mable Grace Woodman, b 1869, Bath, MI T-1 59502
  • Lewis Trumble b. 1809 d. 21 August 1853 m. Elizabeth Empie  - Pat [LovPat7 AT] 
    • John Walter Trumble b. 1864 d. 1927 m. Francisd Schmoke
      • Myron Louis Trumble b. 23 March 1905 d. 20 June 1989 m. Julie Loboda T-4 10044
  • James Trimble b 1814 Enniskillen, Ireland - Jim Trimble [watchdog46 AT]
    • James Trimble b 11 Aug 1841 Enniskillen, Ireland
      • Harry Trimble b 23 Aug 1886 c Agenda, KS
        • Paul Trimble b 24 Mar 1913 Agenda, KS TX-1 141257
  • Adam Turnbull b Jan 1835 Scotland d 16 Mar 1910 Mason City, IA m Elizabeth Roberts - Burton W. (Turnbull) Oliver [cboliver AT]
    • Bert Turnbull b 3 Nov 1889 Mason City, IA d 10 Jun 1945 IA m Lula Ella Taylor
      • Clifford W. Turnbull b 10 Mar 1909 IA d 30 Jan 2000 m Phyllis Norene Scott 153170
Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family.  Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him.  

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