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Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are at the end of each pedigree as follows:

Red = Lineage 1

Blue = Lineage 2

Green, orange, purple = Other

To contact provider of the pedigree, change the AT to @ and remove space

  • Andreas Driess b c 1680 Leistadt, Germany m Anna Maria Spengler - Mary Lou Treece Clegg [marylouclegg AT]
    • Cornelius Driess b  bef. 1720 Germany m Catherine ? 
      • Michael Trees b c May 1749 Berks Co., PA  m Rachel ? 
        • Peter Treece b 1772 Berks Co., PA  m Elizabeth ?
          • Samuel F. Treece b 10 Jun 1806 Beaver Twp., Snyder Co., PA  m Mariah Cherry
            • Peter Treece b 14 Jul 1833 Hancock Co., OH  m Sarah French
              • Franklin Entrican Treece b 11 Oct 1861 Hancock Co., OH  m Anna Elizabeth Place
                • Peter Wixon Treece b 19 Mar 1895 Ottawa Twp., Putnam Co., OH m Ruth Phoebe Hicks 
                  • Franklin Lud Treece b 19 Aug 1918 Continental, Putnam Co., OH  m Lucille V. Riggenbach  92432
        • Jacob Triese b 1780-1790 in PA m. ?
          • Jacob Treece b. 1807 in PA m. Mary Martha Bales
            • George Emmett Treece b.1833 in Ross Co, OH m. Sarah Jane Hamilton
              • Ellis George Treece b. 1863 in Crawford Co, MO m. Emma Hickman
                • Clyde Upton Treece b. 1893 in Crawford Co, MO m. Ida Pearl Bunton
                  • Edward Elwood Treece b. 1929 in Egypt, AR m. Betty Lou Jones 372226
      • John Dreese b. 21 Aug 1752 in Berks Co, PA  m Anna Maria ?  153280, 160190
    • Peter Driess b. bef 1720 Germany m. Catherine Volck - Mary Lou Clegg [marylouclegg AT]
      • George Dries b abt 1755 in PA  m. Barbara ?
        • Samuel Dries b 22 Sep 1776 in Berks Co, PA  m Catherine Kramer 197192
      • Jacob Treece b abt 1743 PA  m. Margaret ?
        • John Treece born abt 1778 Rowan Co., NC  m. Hannah Lowrence
          • Moses Treece b. 4 Apr 1817 Rowan Co., NC m. Barbara Roberts
            • Thomas Jefferson Treece b. 18 Apr 1846 Union Co., IL m. Louisa Robinson
              • James Ozias Treece b. 26 Sep 1870 Plumfield, IL m. Izora Parrish
                • Lee Oren Treece b. 8 Apr 1896 Johnson City, IL m. Ruth Ida Smith 92632
          • Aaron Treese b. 17 Apr 1812 Rowan Co., NC m. Leah Clutts - Carole Scaggs [Cscaggs AT]
            • Isaac Treese b. 1839 Union Co., IL m. Eliza Emeline Dillow
              • Lafayette Treece b. 26 Feb 1862 Union Co., IL m. Mary Sammons
                • Roy Williams Treece b. 25 Jul 1897 Cassville, Barry Co., MO m. Helen Westbrook
                  • Ray William Treece b. 24 Dec 1918 Union Co., IL m.  Margaret Ann Treece 113520
            • Jacob Treece b. 1842 in Union Co, IL m. Eliza E Givens 384749
        • Johann Peter Treece baptized 1774 at age of 8wks in PA m. Anna Catherine ?   - Jef Treece [treece AT]
          • Jonathan Treece b. abt 1815 in NC m. Susannah ?
            • Thomas Jefferson Treece b. abt 1857 in AL m. Sarah C Miller
              • Douglas Lewis Treece b. 7/4/1886 in Shelby Co, TX m. Bertha Walton 131606
        • Henry Treas b.1781 in Rowan Co, NC m. Elizabeth Kaylor  - Jef Treece [treece AT]
          • Green L Treas b. 1819 in IN m. Mahala Shelly
            • George Washington Treece b. 4 Jul 1855 in MS m. Mary I Dunn
              • John Lewis Treece b. 25 Oct 1879 in MS m. Trummie G New
                • Daniel M Treece b. 10 Oct 1909  104779
      • Michael Treece b. abt 1759 in Northampton Co, PA m. Malinda - Jef Treece [treece AT]
        • John Jackson Trease b.1824 in Grainger Co, TN m. Phoebe Celia Lynch
          • James Michael Trease b.30 Oct 1847 in Claiborne Co, TN m. Eliza Adaline Salisberry
            • John Wesley Trease b. 04 Oct 1870 in Cross Timbers, MO m. Jessie Myrtle Showalter
              • Frank Edward Trease b. 1904 in Idaho m. Ivy D Murdock
                • John Kent Trease b. 27 Jan 1937 in Tremonton, UT  347705
        • William Simpson Treece b.1829 in Grainger Co, TN m. Jane Cox
          • John Wesley Treece b.1854 in TN m. Elizabeth Chaney
            • James Thomas Treece b. 1894 in Hamblen Co, TN m. Matilda Emeline Harvelle
              • Jesse Franklin Treece b. 1916 in Hamblen Co, TN m. Beulah Sue Bailey 365148
    • Michael Treece b. abt 1759 NPE - Jef Treece [treece AT]
      • George Treece b. btwn 1787 and 1790 in NC m. Hannah Crutchfield
        • John Treece b. abt 1812 in Surry Co, NC m. Charity Drummonds
          • Jefferson Treece b. 1856 in Claiborne Co, TN m. Narcissus Day
            • James Zachariah Treece b. 1892 in Speedwell, TN m. Hettie Lee Burchfield 153361, N4826
          • Esquire (Squire) Treece b. 1835 in Claiborne Co, TN m. Nancy Robertson - Jef Treece [treece AT]
            • Robert Treece b. 1872 in Claiborne Co, TN m. Lula Ann Billingsley
              • Walter Victor Treece b. 1894 in Claiborne Co, TN m. Gertrude (Gertie) Dixon
                • William Glenn Treece b. 1916 in OK, m. Arlene Hester Chittim  217145
              • Ralph Jefferson Treece b. 1906 in Claiborne Co, TN m. Iva Josephine Stout 376494
        • Joshua Madison Trease b. 1810 in Surry Co, NC m. Nancy Jane Mayes
          • Joseph Smith Trease b. 1855 in Jasper Co, IA m. Carrie Edna Rice
            • Joshua Austin Trease b. 1902 in Jasper Co, IA m. Dorothy Thelma DePeel 393136
        • Lewis Jefferson Treece b. 1814 in Surry Co, NC d. 1892
          • Jesse McCrary Treece b. 18 Jun 1842  in Claiborne Co, TN m. Elizabeth Love Bruce
            • Thomas Jesse Treece b. 1891 in Claiborne Co, TN m. Erma Allen Ward Rubottom
              • Thomas Jesse Treece b. 1928 in Woods Co, OK m. Opal Irene Bergen 393131
      • Adam Treece b. 28 Feb 1827 in Tenneseee, m. Mary Elizabeth Holloway
        • Charles Benford Treece b. 12 Sep 1891 in Hamblen Co, TN m. Etta Frances Jones
          • Paul Eugene Treece b. 17 Jun 1918 in Cass Co, IL m. Bess Six
            • Ted Treece 343480
      • Jacob Treece b. 14 Feb 1784 in PA m. Francis Alberty
        • William Martin Treece b. 6 Jun 1835 in NC m. Gilli Ann Divers
          • Joseph Silas Treece b. 25 Jan 1862 in MO m. Laura Ottila Akeman
            • Leroy Joseph Treece b. 15 Apr 1886 in MO m. Nellie Lee Gregg
              • John Henry Treece b. 4 Jun 1912 in MO m. Ellen Margaret Barger  341282

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