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Welcome to the Treece DNA Project


The Treece DNA Surname Project is open to:

  • any family with the Treece surname
  • or any spelling variation (Trease, Treas, Dreese, Treese, Dries, Driess, Drace, Trace, Tree, Trees, Tries, Treace, Treesh)
  • from any location
  • if your surname is not listed above, please contact the Project Administrator



A Surname DNA Project is a group of genealogy researchers who share a surname, or a genetic link to the surname, and who join together to use yDNA testing, paper trails, and research to identify those with whom they share a common ancestor.


Reasons to join

  • It's fun!
  • Meet people who might be relatives and add their stories and data to your family history
  • Solve brick walls in your family tree or help your relatives solve their brick walls
  • Curiosity and science
  • Your yDNA test through the project may be discounted and/or subsidized


You don't have to join to poke around

  • Click on the links in the black bar at the top of this page to view every page of the project's website.
  • Especially check out the PATRIARCH, FORUMS and y-RESULTS pages.
  • Click here to order a DNA test in Treece DNA Project and become a member of this project.
  • Already tested at FTDNA?  Join the Project.


Useful links and information


Use this link to make a donation to the Treece project Sponsorship Fund at FTDNA


FTDNA project home page



About this service

This SURNAME DNA PROJECT WEBSITE is provided by  (About us)
  • We hope to help you identify participants who "match" your test results and help you find the paper trail that leads to more of your family tree.
  • When the DNA information is combined with family pedigrees and other traditional genealogy, the full power of Genetic Genealogy is realized.
  • You will need to log in to post on the forums and to use the "Make this a Favorite Project" link in the left column.
  • Were you yDNA-tested at another company?  Transfer your results to FTDNA to join this project. Learn how:


Group admins