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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Patrick Trainer (surname spelling in IE may vary), b. bef. 1780 IE, m. Mary - Peter Christopher Trainer [ptrainer AT]
    • Patrick (Pat) Trainer, b. 1799 IE, m. Margaret
      • Francis (Frank) Peter Trainer, b. 1828 or 1834 IE, m. Mary Ann Owens
        • Pat & Frank Trainer emigrated from Drumdreeny, Co. Monaghan, IE to VT, USA 1848/49
          • Owen Christopher Trainer, b. 1871 Fairfield, Vermont, m. Sarah Alice (Allie) O'Donnell 138853
  • Peter Martin Traynor, b.1798 Co.Cavan, Ireland m. Mary - William Traynor [btraynor AT]
    • Terrence Traynor, b.1818 Co. Cavan, Ireland m.Isabella
      • John Traynor b.1843 Glasgow,Scotland d.Jan.19,1908 m.Bridget
        • Peter Martin Traynor b. May 26, 1869 Glasgow, Scotland m.Minnie
          • Peter Traynor b.Feb.5,1895 Glasgow,Scotland, m.Agnes
            • Josephine b.Dec.22,1899, Glasgow, Scotland
              • John b.May13,1864, m.Elizabeth
                • James b.May6,1893, Glasgow, Scotland
                  • John b.Mar.14,1899
                    • Terrence b.Aug.21,1875 m.Bridget
                      • John b.April 26,1899
                        • Robert b.Jan.10,1892 m.Mary Jane
                          • James b.May21,1884 m.Mary
                            • Robert 132540

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