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The Towne Family Project was started to:

1. Establish a baseline for William Towne’s Y-DNA markers (see the Patriarch Page)

2. Identify the Y-DNA markers of the descendent branches and compile them into distinct genetic lineages through DNA matches

3. Identify branches of Townes that may descend from other patriarchs, including variant spellings Town/Tune etc.

4. Explore William Towne's deep roots through SNP testing of his descendants

4. Future objectives may include exploring Johanna Blessing's mtDNA through maternal lines, linking to Nurse/Estey Y-DNA projects, etc.


Click on y-Results in black menu bar above to see our test results. NEWLY updated - July 18, 2016


Who was William Towne?

William Towne was born in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England around 1598. He came to America with his wife Joanna (Blessing) Towne in 1635, and settled in Salem, MA. They later moved to Topsfield, MA where he died in 1673. They had 4 sons and 4 daughters.

In 1692 three of his daughters were accused of witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts. Two – Rebecca Nurse and Mary Estey – were executed.


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