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The ultimate purpose of this page is to discuss our Tompkins DNA results.

·                     An example of what this page will look like over time is the Terry DNA Project Discussion Page at

·                     Feel free to discuss this project on the The Tompkins DNA Project Family Forum (link in menu bar across top of project page).

·                     It is extremely important to provide at least basic lineage or pedigree, otherwise the DNA results and attempts to trace our ancestral roots is rendered somewhat meaningless.  Therefore we ask each participant to provide a basic pedigree including names, dates of birth, and place of birth from the participant to the earliest known ancestor.   The dates and places of death would also be helpful. The names, dates of birth, place of birth, etc. of the spouses of the ancestors would also be helpful to researchers.  If you want to protect your privacy, then for living generations you could use initials or just put living.

·                     As most of you are aware there exists the "Clan of Tomkyns" series of books by Robert Angus Tompkins.   Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, the Los Angeles Public Library has been able to digitize ten typescript volumes of "The Clan of Tomkyns" by Robert Angus Tompkins as well as four additional volumes by him which are called "The Clan of Tomkyns, Descendants of Girls", all published by him in 1957. All are in pdf format and are large files. The link is  The Clan of Tomkyns is a good place to start looking for your lineage, but additional documentary sources for confirmation are needed as there are many provable errors in the series of books and the books do not cite any documentary evidence for the claims as does a book like "Adventurers of Purse and Person," published by First Families of Virginia, which books also unfortunately contain errors and judgments based on the documentary evidence, the difference being that the evidence is cited.   Your evidence should be such that you could gain admission to a hereditary society such as e.g. the DAR or SAR, or at least close.  I know sometimes applications are rejected by the hereditary societies for reasons that may seem unjust.  In such cases, your administrators will examine your evidence for any necessary disclaimers or other explanations.  If you need a lineage form, please contact me at and I will email you a form.

·                     Thank you.

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