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Thorn William abt 1690 Prince William Co Va   E3b 

Thorn William , b c1700, m1 Mary Peck/O'Rear, m2 Sarah Muse/Carter/Thorn Wilson - Jacob Thorn [jthorn7376  AT] T-1   
 Thorn John, b-c1748, Prince William Co., VA. m Mary Sanford         
Thorn William Sanford  b c1772,PWC, VA.         
Thorn William, b-c1800, PWC, VA, m Elizabeth Bachus           
Thorn Sanford, b- 4/14/1825 Jackson Co, OH, m Abigail Barber           
Thorn Stephen Eddie, b-5/6/1863 Warren Co., IA, m Francis J. Lake         
Thorn Ila Eddie, b-5/14/1893, Warren Co., IA, m Rosemary Ann Gillett         
Thorn William  b c1700 d 1761 m Mary Peck/Orear c1718 Stafford Co VA - Elmer Thorn[eandmthorn AT T-2   
 First marriage Thorn Susannah b 1719  m.John Reno  
Thorn William,b c 1700 d 1761 m Sarah Muse/ Carter c 1747 Prince William Co VA     
Thorn John,  b c1748 Prince William Co VA, m Mary Sanford c 1770 Prince William Co VA       
Thorn William Sanford,  b c1772 Prince William Co VA d c1739 Jackson Co OH m unknown       
Thorn Isaac Watts, b Jul 26 1826 Jackson Co OH, d Nov 1897 Barry Co MO m Nancy Moore       
Thorn David Franklin, b Mar 29 1874 Jasper Co MO, d Jun 16 1960 Carthage MO m Jessie F Patton      
Thorn Elmer Ervin, b May 13 1909 Carthage Jasper Co MO d Feb 19 1998 Carthage MO m. Josephine Sloniker  
Thorn William abt 1617 England  Rb1  
Thorn Edward b c1735 Nine Partners N Y  d 1805 m Hanna Tripp - G C Thorn  T-4     
Thorn William b c 1755-1775 Greene Co N Y m Mary Parks         
Thorn William Jr b Jun 20 1797 Greene Co N Y d Mar 31 1890 Greenville N Y m Betsey Finch b Aug 9 1801   
Thorn George b 1820 Greene Co N Y d ? m Elizabeth Caroline Roe       
Thorn William b 1845       
Thorn Lansing Stephen  b 1849       
Thorn Jane b 1857       
Thorn George Edward b 1865  m Lilly Corrine McBride       
Thorne Lawrence b Ft Worth Tx 1894 d 1952 Port Aurther Tx m Marie Logan       
Thorne Lansing b 1896 Ft Worth Tx d 1961 m Esther Speer       
Thorne Clifford b 1921 d 1996 Austin Tx       
Thorne Lansing b 1921       
Thorne Milner b 1924 d 1983 Austin Tx      
Thorn Jonathan, 1780,Burlington Co.NJ,m.Elizabeth Furman - Harvey Thorn (burmashave1 AT T-8   
Thorn William, Sr.b.Mar.1812,d.Jan.1882,Burlington Co.NJ,m.Ann Seery   
Thorn William Jr.b.1835,Middlesex Co NJ,d.1897,Union Co.NJ,m.Mary Ann Jackson   
Thorn Ernest F,b.1864,Middlesex Co NJ,d.ca1912,Union Co.NJ,m.Annie Denman   
Thorn Harvey A Sr.,b.1897,Union Co.NJ,d.1954,Union Co.NJ,m.Margaret Werner   
Thorn Harvey A  Jr.b.1929,Union Co.NJ,m. Constance Tomko Union Co N J   
Thorne William b befor 1617 Eng m Susannah Boothe - Anthony Savage Thorn submitted by Pat Jones Jag1 AT T-10   
Thorne John b abt 1639 in Lynn, MA m Mary PEARSALL   
Thorne John  b abt 1665 Flushing, NY m Katherine   
Thorne Joseph  b 1701 in Chesterfield, NJ m Sarah FOULKE b 25 Apr 1702 Crosswicks, NJ   
Thorn Thomas  b 21 Jul 1733 Crosswickes, NJ m Susan Biles b abt 1737   
Thorn Enoch b  3 Jan 1775 NJ m Catherine NAGLE  b 18 Apr 1780   
Thorn Thomas b 28 Jul 1806 Bordentown N J  m Mary Fisher SHERMAN  (Shurmon, Shearman ETC.) b 13 Mar 1814 N C   
Thorn Thomas James b 2 Aug 1839 LittleRock, AR m Mary Esther Rucker b 6 Jul 1843 Rutherford County, Tx   
Thorn David Dancy  b 25 Dec 1865 Leona, TX m Ida Susan BLEDSOE b 21 Non 1869 McKinney, Tx   
Thorn Joseph b 20 Dec 1892 Eureka Springs, AR m Maude Aleene SAVAGE b 27 Jul 2894 Whitewright, Tx   
 Thorn Joseph William b 9 May 1917 Sherman, TX m Edith Jewell DICK b 21 Oct 1920 Denison, TX  
Thorne William b befor 1617 Eng m  Susannah Booth - Chriss Moore  chrissc AT   
Thorne John b abt 1639 in Lynn, MA m  Mary PEARSALL   
Thorne John b abt 1665 Flushing, NY m  Katherine   
Thorne Joseph  b 1701 in Chesterfield, NJ m Sarah FOULKE b 25 Apr 1702 Crosswicks, NJ   
Thorn Thomas b 21 Jul 1733 Crosswickes, NJ m  Susan Biles b abt 1737   
Thorn Enoch b  3 Jan 1775 NJ m Catherine NAGLE  b 18 Apr 1780   
Thorn Thomas b 28 Jul 1806 Bordentown N J  m  Mary Fisher SHERMAN  (Shurmon, Shearman ETC.) b 13 Mar 1814 N C   
Thorn Joseph Franklin b 6 Apr 1853 Mariposa, Ca m Mary Elizabeth COLLINS b 6 May 1857 Redruth Cornwall England   
Thorn Bessie Collins b 13 Jul 1883 Quartzburg, Ca m James Patrick MC ELLIGOTT b 24 Apr 1882   
McElliott Mildred May  b 22 Sep 1910 Mariposa, Ca m  Daniel KLEIMAN b 24 Jun 1908 Brussels Belgium  
Thorn Thomas abt 1622 England      
Thorn William b c1747 NC d c1811 NC m Leah King b c1738 d 1828 NC- Bob Thorn - (bobthorn At T-9   
Thorn William  Jr b bef 1775 d bef 1843    
Thorn William b bef 1810 d 1857 TN m Penny   
Thorn Thomas Jefferson  b 1837 d 1898 AR m Rebecca Jane Holt b 1848 d 1879 AR   
Thorn Charles Alonzo b 1877 d 1920 AR m Sarah "Belle" Pulliam   
Thorn Harold Charles b 1913  
Thorne Thomas b c1622 , arrived Gloucester VA from England 1635 m unknown Martin - William Lee Thorne(pamreid At   
Thorn Martin b 1685, m Martha Martin   
Thorn Thomas b 1707, Bath, Northampton, NC, USA, m Mary Lee   
Thorn Martin b 1737, Northampton County, NC, d 1803 m unknown   
Thorn William b c1775, d c1800 Edgecombe County, NC, m Mary Taylor   
Thorn Theophilus  b 1744-1784, NC, d 1847 Spartanburg District, SC m Jennie Pope   
Thorne Edward b. 1799, Spartanburg District, SC d 1868 m Ann Garner Moreland   
Thorne William Taylor b 1829 Spartanburg District, SC d 1916 m Mary Berry Turner   
Thorne Durham Lee b 1868 Spartanburg District SC d 1943 m Annie Caldwell Foster   
Thorne Ruby Edward b 1901 Spartanburg County SC d 1976 m Charity Atkins  
Thorn(e) Unnassigned    
Thorn Peter, b Germany - to Ky in 1795 with other Germans from York County, PA -came to America on the ship Crawford landing in Philadelphia OCt 24 1769  Conrad Irvin Thorne [boletused AT] T-14   
Thorne Henry, d 1844 Jefferson County, KY       
Thorne William D,  b 1809 Jefferson County, KY    
 Thorne William Wesley, b 1839 Jefferson County, KY   
Thorne Marcus Marion, b 1874 Jefferson County, KY   
Thorne Irvin Ireland, b 1903 Jefferson County, KY  
Thorn Martin b c1790, m Mary (Polly) Williams  - John K Thorne [jsthorne AT] T-5   
Thorn David, b 2 Apr 1811 Marietta, Washington Co, OH, m1 Delilah Kennison m2 Rebecca A. (Rollison) Gotwood   
Thorn Francis Martin, b 6 Aug 1833 Stockport, Morgan Co, OH, m  Sarah Helen McKibben   
Thorne Cyrus Lincoln, b 15 Sep 1866 Zaleski, Vinton Co, OH, m  Philena Alvena Chute   
Thorne Samuel George, b 3 Aug 1909 Carbon Hill, Hocking Co, OH, d 11 Feb 1986 Detriot, Mi  
Thorne William b. Abt. 1662, and died November 1737 in Charles Co. Md - Clyde Thorn (c_thorn At T-7   
Thorne James  b. Bet. 1700 - 1710, and died January 22, 1767 in Prince George's MD.   
Thorne Thomas  b. March 27, 1735 in Somerset, Stepney Parish, Md, and died Abt 1780 in Piscataway, MD   
Thorn Hezekiah  b. July 3, 1763 in Piscataway, MD, and died September 21, 1845:  buried in Flint Hill Baptist  Church Cemetery, Fort Mill, SC.  He married (1) MARY       ELIZABETH CROWLEY.  She was born 1770, and died 1821.He married (2) ELLENOR (NELLY) WADDELL Abt. 1790.     
Thorn Jesse b. 1808 in York Co.( District) S.C., and died Aft. June 1880 in Jonesboro, Ar.    
Thorn Harvey Jones  b October 25, 1837 in S.C., and died December 8, 1876 Harrisburg,Ar   
Thorn Jesse Andrew J.  b. October 28, 1862, Harrisburg, Ar; d. February 28, 1919, Harrisburg. Ar   
Thorn Clyde Redden  b. May 13, 1910 in Harrisburg, Ar, and died March 6, 1992 in Batesville, Ar  
Thorn George b ? M Marie Jane B. ?  - mlthorn  
Thorn John B Sr b Aug 12 1874 d. Dec 8 1933 1st wife Ida Onderedonk m Jun 21 1899 2nd wife Mary Butler b.Mar 6 1892 d Sept 4 1969  
Thorn John B Jr Jun 27 1919 d Oct 5 2002 m. May 31 1941 Patricia Shaw b Jan 2 1921   
Thorn Walter Wallace b Sept 2 1900 in N J (possibly PA) d Jan 5 1961 in West Creek,Ocean City N J Served in US Army Jun 29 1925 -Feb 29 1928 -  bethorn  
Thorn Charles Walter b Apr 11 1930 in West Creek, Ocean City N J d. Apr 28 1971 Naval Station Agana, Guam Seerved in US Air Force 1948-1968   
Both buried in Beverly National Cemetery, Beverly N J   
Thorn Joseph b circa 1745 d 1797 m. Jane "Jennet"Walker raised 8 children in Westmoreland Co Pa - Melvin V Thorne T-26  
Thorn Robert b 1782 d Jan 5 1872 Butler Co Pa. m. Prudence Matthews  
Thorn James b 1822 Butler Co Pa d Mar 1 1851 Butler Co Pam. Elizabeth Johnson  
Thorne Edward Purden Nov 22 1853 Mahoning Co Ohio d Mar 31 1921 Butler Co Pa  m. Margaret Ellen Phillips  
Thorne James Oliver b Oct 13 1879 Butler Co Pa d. Jul 27 1952 Pittsburgh , Allegheny Co Pa m. Wilhelmina Suchovsky  
Thorne Melvin V. Jun 16 1923 Tarentum,Allegheny Co Pa   
Thorns - Germany    
Thorns Franz Ludewig , b c1750 est H�melschenburg, Germany, m Sophie Magdalena Benten - Ann Kathrin Turn[try_me_alekseev AT ) T-3  
Johann Jaust Ludwig Thorns, b 26 Jan 1780 est H�melschenburg   
Johann Heinrich Georg "Christian" Thorns, b 21 Jul 1783 est H�melschenburg, m Luise Caroline Henriette Frevert   
Johann Heinrich Georg Thorns, b 5 Mar 1813 H�melschenburg, m Dorothee Caroline Philippine Griese  
Anton Adolph Friedrich Ludwig Thorns, b 23 Jun 1838 Germany, m1 Friederike Winter m2 Hanne Caroline C Pr�sse   
Heinrich Georg Karl Turn, 10 Sep 1876 D�rpe, Coppenbr�gge, Germany, m Karoline Louise Marie Wedde   
Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Karl Turn, b 5 Jul 1905 Baddeckenstedt, Germany   
Wilhelm Anton Walter Turn, b 29 Oct 1907 Baddeckenstedt   
August Turns, b 1879 D�rpe   
Heinrich Friedrich Ludwig Wilhelm Thorns, b 1 Apr 1845 H�melschenburg,m Friederike Caroline Justine Oerke   
Christian Wilhelm Ludwig thorns, b 4 Jun 1848 H�melschenburg, m Sophie Marie Christine Rasche   
Sylverthorne - United Kingdom  
Sylverthorne John , b 1465 Hemington Co.?, UK, m. Avice Hobbs - William Silverthorn [Silverthorn AT  T-6  
Sylverthorn, William, b.c1490, d.1538, m.c1515 Jane Palmer 1490-1559  
Sylverthorne, John, c1525-c1572, m. c1545 Johane _____ c1525-1598  
Silverthorne, William, c1549-1612, m.c1580 Anstance Martyn c1560-c1612  
Silverthorne, Anthony, c1585-1665, m.1620 Rachael Parker 1594-1630  
Silverthorne, Anthony, c1623-c1696, m.c1650 Sarah Long c1620-1688  
Silverthorne, Oliver, c1656-c1686, m.1685 Margaret Mist b1661  
Silverthorne, Oliver, c1686-bef1746, m.c1710 Mary___ c1690-c1746  
Silverthorn, Thomas, c1716-1788, m.c1745 Johanna Newman c1718-1815  
Tranberg/Thranberg Frederick Ambrosius of York Co., Pa....Came on Ship" The Winter Galley " in 1738 to Philadelphia m. Eva Marie Witmer of Lancaster, Pa. 1739- RThornburgh( T-17  
Tranberg/Thranberg  Daniel Elias 1743  
Tranberg/Thranberg Christina Barbara 1745  
Tranberg/Thranberg Eva Magdalena 1747  
Tranberg/Thranberg Jacob 1748  
  Thorn William , b c1700, m1 Mary Peck/O'Rear, m2 Sarah Muse/Carter/Thorn Wilson - Jacob Thorn [jthorn7376  AT] T-1