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Switzer-2 DNA Project- Adminstrator Paul Pettit

This project  has goals to establish well  defned DNA composition of  known early Switzer related lines with early origins though out the world.  This accomplished by doing  relevant and detailed DNA testing using at least 37 marker tests. No one DNA test is the ultimate  and definitive DNA respresentation of any specific ancestral Switzer line - also known as a haplotype. No one DNA test will be considered a  proven  Ancestral Haplotype until it is confirmed by a second test from a more distantly related  but known branch line that is genealogically proven to be related.  Several DNA tests from different branch lines are neded to do advanced branch line comparsions. At this point the highest number of markers (111 makers are now available) are  VERY MUCH recommended to do help  determining the ancestral haplotype of a very early ancestors from before the 1700's.


The project has several aspects. These are banse dont h known  circutmatstane that American descendents are primarily the those who are interested and the driving force behind Genetic Genealogy. Descendents on Old World Countries across the seas do not have widespread interest in DNA testing and some places are quite  biased by what they little thay have been  exposed, and they do not think DNA testing works or is worth the investment.  But having participated so little, they  are not aware of the successes of DNA projects. The project has these subprojects relying mostly on American, Canadian and Australian descendents:

1. General testing- Finding connections between unknown ancestors and related lines.

2. Immigrant Ancestral Lines- Identifying descendents of known  Immigrants with good genealogial foundation and doing tests to establish a baseline haplotype for each ancestral Immigrant Line. Two tests are done to confirm the haplotype from  lines that are not closely related but coming from a common ancestor. Our objective is to obtain tests from descendents of  two or more sons of a known Immigrant.

3. Determining Ancestral Places of Origins by testing more modern Switzer lines whose place of origin are known. By  connecting known haplotypes of areas of origins we can map out where our ancestors came from if no records exist or were destroyed or no Immigration record for early Colonial Immigrants did not inlcude this information.




American Colonial Ancestors whose DNA has been tested. It should be noted that where this is a good proportion of the PRe Wev War Swizters lines there are others and until definitive DNA tets are completed for them, there is apossilbilty that DNA tets showing a significant reltionship to exirting tetst of these lines, may  actually be representative more fully of some other Immigrant Partriarch whos connecting lineage may not have be known or has been established.

These tests may not yet be confirmed by  a second validating tests.

1. Lawrence Swisher 1708 to Hudson Valley NY.

2. John Schweitzer and wife Anna Maria to southeast Pennsylvania- pre Rev War Colonial.

3. Johannes Schweitzer and Catharine Blessing of Pennsylvania.

4. John Switzer and Veronica of Chester Co, PA.

5. Andreas Swisser 1732 - Port of Philadlephia.

6. Jacob Switzer 1738 - Port of Philadelphia

7. F. Schweitzer

7. John and Anna Warner Swisher of Rockbridge Co. VA

8. Valentine Switzer/Swisher of Hampshire County, WV. (We would like DNA testing "brother" Nicholas' line)

9. Frantz Swisher of North carolina


Patriarchal Lineages with DNA tsting done. Most are sigular tests with no secondary confirming test.

Capt. Abraham Swisher (RW) m. Hannah Christine Tittman

Christopher Swisher m. Mary "Madden" 1815 VA

Daniel Schweitzer m. Leah Bixler, PA

Daniel Switzer m. Mary Detrick, Ohio

Frederick Swisher m. Hannah White, Cenral Pennsylvania

Frederick Swisher b. 1775 Cumberland Co., PA

Henry Swisher of New Jersey

Jacob Swisher m. Catharine Bunner 1810 Berkeley County (W) VA

Jacob Swisher m. Druscilla Morgan, Virginia

Jacob Swisher b. 1798 m 1822 Jane of Ohio

Jesse Switzer m. Abarilla Worrell, of Illinois

John Switzer m. Catharine Fegly/Fedley Chester Co. PA to Central Virginia

John Swisher m. Mary Henry 1800-1810 Dauphin Co., PA

John Swisher m. Mary Magdeline d. ca 1845 Allegheny Co., PA

Lewis Switzer of Clarion Co., PA

Ludwig Switzer of Frederick Co., MD to "Ohio Country"

Peter Swisher m. Susannh Rhinehart, Preston Co., VA

Samuel Switzer of Kentucky

Solomon Swisher m.  Elizabth Bonnor, Ohio



Virginia Swisher and Switzers DNA Project

We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)


  • Henry Switzer married Chloe Chenowith
  • Samuel Swisher married Polly - Cherokee Indians on the trail of Tears to Texas
  • Switzer - charged to Overseer of the Road in 1775 on Stair's/Starr's lick
  • Henry Swisher of 1800 Va court record - witness in lawsuit against Mr. Thomas for unknown reason agreed out of court
  • John Switzer married Catharine Fegley PA to VA
  • Joseph Swiserh 1810 census of VA
  • Lawrence Switzer died in Hampshire County ca 1800
  • Jacob Swisher "Revolutionary War Pensioner b. 1752 Bucks County" progenitor of Berkely County Swisher
  • Valentine Switzer  of Hampshire County VA
  • John Switzer of Frederick Co VA
  • Nicholas Switzer of Hardy Co VA
  • Peter Switzer of York Co to VA in 1780
  • John Swisher "Indian Trader" of Philadelphia to VA
  • Lawrence Swisher  -  VA wife living far removed and lost son of 1776
  • Jacob Switzer died with "five small children"
  • Jacob Schweitzer - 1800  Northern Neck of VA - father of Sarah
  • John Swisher - "immigrant and killed in Revoultionary War"
  • Henry Schweitzer - assigned land surveyed in his name 1775 to Westke
  • Jacob Swisher - pack train pilot - married Morgan girl
  • Ann  Schweitzer b. 1775 (died 1855?) advertised elopement  and warning debtors
  • George Switzer - b. ca 1775 went to Ohio from VA.
  • John Swisher died 1785 Richmond VA
  • Frederick Swisher at Washington's Camp in Revolutionary War
  • Minerva Swisher b. in Buckhannon ca 1860 married Hill who remarried in Grafton WV
  • Jacob Swisher b. ca 1775 VA Migrated between 1810 and 1820.
  • Jacob Swisher b. 1777 married Rachel  d. 1828 OH
  • Jacob Swisher b. 177? married Roannah
  • Jacob Swisher b. 1752?-1800 to married Ruth
  • Peter Swisher married Susannah Rhinehart
  • Isaac Swisher married Mariah Jett
  • John Swisher married Mary Maxwell
  • Chritopher Swisher married Mary Madden
  • George Swisher married Mary ? to VA ca 1820's - Brother Henry sold land to him in household with Rachel 1850.
  • Jacob Swisher married Catharine Bunner to WV 1820's
  • "Switzer" married Delaware Indian and trader's daughter
  • John George Switzer in Oveseers of the Poor accounts as juvenile ward?? 1798-1805
  • Rachel Switzer orphan of Henry Swizter 1785/1798???
  • David Switzer b. 1804 of "Eastern Virginia" married "Nanny" Diadem
  • Thomas son of Catharine Switzer in Ohio tax list 1836 from Virginia
  • George Switzer of VA wife Elizabeth to Ohio>Indiana>Illinois
  • Henry Switzer married Ruth to MO




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Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family.  Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him. 

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