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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
Sturdevant Families >>> Patriarch William of Norwalk (Lineage 1: Haplotype I-L22)
  • William Sturdevant b1650 m Mary Unknown - by Kit #H1011
    • John Sturdevant b 1676, Norwalk, CT, m Mary Ferris
      • John Sturdevant b 1710, Ridgefield, CT, m Keziah Abbott
        • James Sturdevant Sr. b 1736, Ridgefield, CT, m Hannah Knapp
          • Caleb Sturdevant b 1759, Danbury, CT, m Miriam Howe
            • Ira Hainer Sturdevant b 1793, Tinmouth, VT, m Ascenath Annett Lilly
              • William Lorenzo Sturdevant b 1818, Ellisburg, NY, m Debra Ann Vancourt
                • Lorenzo D Sturdevant b 1847 IL, m Margaret Emily Howell
                  • William Clinton Sturdevant b 1876 Rockport, MO, m Nellie Bertrace Miller
                    • Clinton Theodore Sturdevant b 1913 Payette, ID, m Mae Roseanne Clements
Sturtevant Families >>> Patriarch Samuel of Plymouth Colony (Lineage ?: Haplotype ?)
  • Samuel Sturtevant b.1618-23 in England, m Hannah Lee - jaford2
    • Samuel Sturtevant b.1654 at Plimouth Colony m Mercy Cornish
      • Mercy Sturtevant b. c1676 at Plimouth Colony m David Bosworth Deacon
  • Sloman Wynne b. June 1670 d. 17 Dec 1761 Charles City, Charles, VA, USA -James Lee [jkitch35 AT] 193185

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