This is an attempt to consolidate research on the various Stroud families  They are grouped by the earliest location that can be proven.  I started with my area of expertise, which is the northeastern United States, New York in particular.  From there I will move from north to south through the original 13 colonies, then west through the rest of the United States and then to England, Canada and the rest of the world.   However, as I find foreign born Strouds living in the United States, I'll add them.


I will try to distinguish between facts that can be obtained from primary sources and other information that comes from secondary sources, although both proven and theoretical information will be mentioned.  I would appreciate help with any of the lines.  You can email me at the link at the bottom of the page.  I'll also post messages to the and message boards that you can reply to.


If anyone is interested, my connection is to Fannie, possible daughter of Phillip Stroud (NY-005).


Susan Milligan






These are Strouds who were born in England and settled in the United States. 


ENG-001  William Stroud, born 28 Dec., 1835, Exmouth, Devonshire, England; md. 1st 1860 Mary Ann Cambel at Portsmouth NJ, 2nd 1869 Sarah Ann Craig at Cranberry PA; children Margaret Rose b. 29 May 1870, John Collins b. Oct. 30, 1872. (source William's Civil War pension file)


ENG-002  James Stroud b. about 1812 ,md. Jane Fricker; oldest son James born England about 1834, other children born New York:   Maria, (b. about 1837), Henry (b. about 1838), Edward, (b. Aug. 16, 1839, Brooklyn NY, md. Catherine Fisher, d. Apr 8, 1917, 5 children: Edward James, b. 1868, Anna Louise, b. 1870, George b. 1874 d. 1879, Harry b. 1878,d. 1879 and Carrie Estelle, b. 1884 ), John (b. about 1845) and Clara (b. about 1849).  (sources: 1850 and 1860 US censuses and son Edward's Civil War pension file)


ENG-003  Edward Stroud b. about 1805, md. Hannah, both born in England, were in New York by 1842, in Oswego NY in 1860; children: Edward (b. 1827, resided New York City in 1911), William (b. 1830), Hannah (b. 1832), Mary Ann (b. 1834), Elizabeth (b. 1839), John A (b. 1842, d. 1922 Oswego NY, md. Julia A. Hickey, 2 children: Charles A. b. 1868 and Lillia B. b. 1874), Harriet (b. 1845), George W. (b. 1847)  (sources 1860 and 1870 censuses and son John A's Civil War pension file)


ENG-004  unknown Stroud.  In the 1850 census for Representative District 3, Orleans Co. Louisiana, there was an entry for John Stroud (age 25, b. New York), Mrs. Stroud, age (22, b. England), Helen Stroud (age 45, b. New York), James Stroud, (age 17, b. New York), George Stroud (age 13, b. Louisiana), Eliza Stroud (age 11, b. New York).  This looks like a family in which the father had died.  George Stroud remained in Louisiana.  In 1880 the census showed his father's birthplace as England and his mother's as New York.





There seem to have been very few Strouds in Maine, but many with the surname Strout.  In early records the name flip-flopped between the two spellings, but then generally settled into Strout.  DNA testing of some of the Maine Strouts might help to establish if this is a variant spelling or a completely different surname.





There are a lot of land records for Berkshire Co. Massachusetts, and Stamford, Vermont, that seem to pertain John, son of William (MA-001), William (MA-002) and John (VT-001).  However, except for an 1803 deed that included two Williams and a few deeds starting in 1812 that involve John, Jr., they don't shed a lot of light on the relationships among these men.


MA-001   William Stroud md. Martha Beal July 19, 1748, at Natick, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.  Three children were recorded to them and then they seem to have disappeared from the records. 


Known children:

1.       William (b. and d. 1748)

2.       John, b. 1749, Natick, Massachusetts, lived in Packersfield, New Hampshire before the Revolutionary War.  He served in the Revolutionary War, moved between New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts after the war.  His final move was to Essex Co., New York.  Information from his pension file provided the connection back to his father.  He had one known child, William (b. 1772) and possibly others (see VT-001)  Several of his grandsons settled in Winnebago Co., Wisconsin.    A descendant of this family has participated in the Stroud Y-DNA Project

3.       Hannah b. 1751, Natick, Massachusetts, md. Jonathan Edes in Sudbury Massachusetts


MA-002   William Stroud of Sherborn, Massachusetts md. Rebecca Stanford of Natick, Massachusetts in 1776.  It is generally believed that this William was a son of the preceding William (MA-001) and was either an unrecorded son or  the 1748 death record was in error.  Three children were recorded to them in Massachusetts:  William (b. 1777 at Natick), Moses (b. 1778 at Sherborn), Aaron (b. 1780 at Sherborn).   He may be the William Stroud who was listed in Dummerston, Vermont, in 1790.  Records matching his children's names have been found in Athens Co., Ohio, and neighboring counties. [sources:  Massachusetts vital records, federal census]


MA-003   Samuel Stroud was listed in Hancock Co. Ohio in the 1850 federal census, age 62, birthplace Massachusetts and in the same county in 1840.  He may be the same Samuel who was in Franklin Co. Ohio in 1830.  By 1860 he was living in Hardin Co. OH.  Census records show he may have had as many as 5 sons and 6 daughters.  Internet postings show a general belief that he was somehow related to William (MA-002) & Rebecca Stanford.  [sources:  federal census records]


MA-004   Joel Stroud was born about 1792, probably in Massachusetts, but other places have also been mentioned.  It is generally believed the Joel was a son of William Stroud (MA-002).  There are records for him in Athens Co. Ohio, and he served in the War of 1812 from that state.  He married Sarah Simpson.  The family moved to Davis Co., Iowa, where Joel died in 1855.  Sarah filed for a widow's pension for his service in the war.  Descendants of Joel have participated in the Stroud Y-DNA Project, establishing a connection between Joel and William (MA-001).  [sources: federal census records, Sarah's widow's pension application]






VT-001    John Stroud and family have been put together mostly from secondary sources.  He probably belongs to the MA-001 family of Strouds, possibly an unrecorded son of William's son, John.  Local histories from the places his (presumed) children settled say he was the son of a Revolutionary soldier, but they were inconsistent regarding who his father was.  John was a father by 1791.  His oldest children were born in Vermont, probably Stamford, Bennington Co.  He later moved to Berkshire Co. Massachusetts and was in Madison Co. New York for a while in the 18-teens.  His children included John (b. about 1791, Vermont, md. Melinda Harris and seems to have had at least 5 sons and 3 daughters, including John, Chandler and Edgar), Dalmon N. (b. about 1796, had at least 2 daughters), Lucy (b. about 1798, md. Elam Gowdy and settled in Berrien MI, had 8 children), Charles (b. about 1800 in Massachusetts, md. Dardana, settled in Madison Co. NY and had 8 children), Ira (b. about 1809, either Vermont or Massachusetts, md. Dolly, had 6 children, lived in Vermont most of his life, later moved to Rensselaer Co. NY), Sylvanus Stroud (b. about 1812, New York, md. Marcia, lived mostly in Madison Co. NY).  [primary sources:  John's children can be followed through census records, although sons John's and Dalmon's children were mostly out of the household by 1850.  This is supplemented by online Massachusetts marriage and death records.  Additional information, descendants and sources available]


VT-002    Asaph Stroud was born in Vermont about 1827 and, according to the 1880 and 1900 censuses, both of his parents were also born in Vermont.  This makes him a candidate to be a grandson of VT-001 John.  He may be the Asaph who was listed in the 1850 census in Wayne Co. NY.  By 1860 he was in Dallas Co. Iowa.  He married Ann McANee/McNann/McMee/McNames.  Children listed in censuses were Carrie (b. about 1855), Irene (b. about 1856), Louise (b. about 1860), Charles (b. about 1862), Edgar (b. about 1863), John (b. about 1865), Minnie (b. about 1868), Arthur (b. about 1870) and Basil B. (b. about 1871) [sources: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 and 1900 federal censuses.  His wife's approximate last name is from the 1925 Iowa State census listings for children Irene, John, Edgar,  Minnie and Basil Stroud]




CT-001    Richard Stroud was born about 1745.  His first known appearance is as an adult in New London, Connecticut. He married Elizabeth Billings there in 1765.   His family is covered in The Stroud Family History Descendants of Captain Richard Stroud of New London, Connecticut, by Harriet D Lowell.  Many of his descendants in the next few generations remained in Connecticut.  There were also groups in Chittenden Co., Vermont, and Susquehanna Co., Pennsylvania.


Rhode Island  


New York


NY-001    Thomas Stroud, assuming there was only one by that name, was an adult by the early 1770s.  Christening records have been found for 4 children: Thomas, b. 1775, Hannah, b. 1782, James Berns, b. 1784 and John Humphrey, b. 1794.  Census records indicate there may have been another son born in the 1790s.  Thomas's last name was spelled variously as Stroudt, Strout, Stroude, as well as Stroud.  Earliest records for Thomas are from Columbia Co. New York, then Montgomery Co. and finally Onondaga Co.  His son, Thomas, had a large family, possibly 10 sons and 2 daughters.  Many of them moved west to Ohio, Indiana or Illinois and then to Wisconsin and Iowa.  James Berns also had a large family (8 or more sons and several daughters) and was probably married twice, according to census records, but none of his children's names have been found.  He was in Onondaga Co. NY in 1810, Allegany Co. NY in 1820, Geauga Co. Ohio in the mid 1830s and Orleans Co. New York in 1840.  There is a good chance many of the unplaced Strouds who spent part of their lives in the northeast Ohio counties of Summit, Geauga, Portage and Trumbull were James B's.  John Humphrey settled in Chautauqua Co. NY and had one son, Ezra, who is probably the same Ezra who settled in Minnesota.  [additional information and sources have been posted on the Stroud message board.  Look for the thread called NY and midwest Stroud theory – group effort requested]


NY-002    Peter Stroud was born about 1791 in New York.  There is a good chance he was a son of Thomas (NY-001), but a birth record hasn't been found for him.  He was listed as head of household in Onondaga Co. NY in 1810, age 16-26, with one other male in the same age category and a female 45+.  In 1820 he was in Vienna, Oneida Co, NY with 2 males and one female under 10.  It seems he hid from the 1830 census takers, but in 1840 he was in Victor, Ontario Co. NY.  He moved to Oakland Co. Michigan by 1850, dying there June 5, 1880.  He served in the War of 1812 and filed for a pension based on his service.  His first wife and mother of his known children was Mary Houck.  He later married Ann (Humes) Colton.  Known children are Tracy (b. 1820, d. 1906), Letitia (b. 1832, d., md. Oscar(?) Stone), and George (b. 1835, d. 1871, single).  [sources:  federal census, pension file and online Michigan death registers for the three known children]


NY-003    Wilson Stroud was born in New York in 1817 and died in Waterford, Oakland Co. Michigan in 1889.  He may have been a son of Peter (NY-2), but there is no proof of that and even some records that indicate otherwise.  Wilson was listed immediately before Peter in the 1840 federal census for Victor, Ontario, New York and he also moved to Oakland Co. Michigan by 1850.  However, in the 1880 census his father's birthplace was listed as Vermont and his parents names were omitted on his death record.  Wilson married Alvira Strong in New York.  Their children were Henry (b. about 1841), Frances (b. about 1842), Wilson (b. about 1848), Helen (b. about 1853) and Alvira (b. about 1855).  Henry remained in Michigan.  There are 1900 and 1910 census records in Larimer Co. Colorado, that seem to match Wilson Jr.  [sources: federal census, online Michigan death records for Wilson Stroud Sr. and Helen (Stroud) Davis]


NY-004    Leonard Stroud was born in New York about 1806.  In 1835 he purchased land in Geauga Co. Ohio from James B. and Lucy Stroud.  He was listed on the 1850 census for Mesopotamia, Trumbull Co., Ohio.  In 1860, he was in Colesville, Ashtabula Co., Ohio and in 1870 he was in Burton, Geauga Co. Ohio.  He was married several times and he made the newspapers across the country by stabbing his last wife before killing himself.  Censuses show nine children, with the possibility that that were additional older children who left home before 1850. 


NY-005    Philip Stroud was born about 1806, probably in New York.  Census records were inconsistent, but one of his children's death certificates give his birthplace as New York.  He was listed in the 1840 census in Wethersfield, Genesee Co., New York.  He skipped the 1850 and 1860 censuses.  In1855 he was in jail in Crawford Co., Pennsylvania, for a long enough period for his wife to ask for a guardian for his son.  In 1870 he was in Crawford Co., Pennsylvania, and in 1880 he was in Cattaraugus Co., New York.  From the 1840 census, it appears he had one son age 5-10 and three daughters under age 5.  There was at least one more son born after that.  His known children are Minerva, b. 1837 in Pennsylvania, md. George W. Barrett, d. 1919 in Hopkins, Allegan Co. Michigan, buried Ravenna, Ohio) and Charles Wesley Stroud (b. 1842, Lima, Livingston, New York, md. Maggie Leach at Streetsboro, Ohio, d. Cuyahoga Co., Ohio).  Possible daughter is Fannie, (b. about 1840, md. Peter Walter in 1857).  Minerva's death certificate lists her father as Phil Stroud, born Troy, New York and her mother as Mary.  Charles's death certificate list his parents as Philip Stroud and Mary Owen, birth places unknown.  [sources:  federal censuses, Michigan and Ohio online death certificates, Civil War pension file for Charles, Crawford Co. PA Orphan's Court records, vol. D, page 371]


NY-006    Ira Stroud was born in New York in April 1819.  He married a cousin, Angelina Stroud, Feb. 7, 1842 in Chautauqua Co., New York.  They lived in Ohio for a few years and then moved to Wisconsin in time to be recorded on the 1850 census for Dane Co.  They were recorded in Iroquois Co. Illinois in the 1860 census (indexed as Strande).  Ira served for Illinois in the Civil War.   He moved to Iowa after the war. His wife, Angelina, died in 1868 and 1870 and 1880 census show a wife, Lucy.  He was in Jones Co., Iowa in 1870.  He was listed twice in 1880:  in Jones Co. Iowa with wife Lucy and as a farmhand in the household of Wilson Spalding in Adams Co., Iowa.  In 1900 he was living with his daughter Laura Skelton and her husband in Scott's Bluf, Nebraska, where he died April 23, 1901.  In both 1880 and 1900 he said his parents were both born in New York.  Other places of residence were Phillips Co., Kansas (1885 Kansas State Censes), plus 1887 in Washington Co., Kansas, 1890 in Denver Colorado, 1898 in Wilford, Nebraska.  His children were Reuben Edgar (b. 1845 Ohio), Laura Louisa (b. 1855, Wisconsin md. Mathew Skelton), Charles S. P.(b. 1860, Illinois), Nelson Philo (b. 1862, Illinois) plus several others with barely legible names who apparently died young. [sources: federal census, Nebraska state census, Ira's Civil War pension file]


NY-007    Martin Stroud was born in New York about 1822.  He married Eunice Pettit Dec. 20, 1841 in Portage Co. Ohio.  Their two oldest children were born in Ohio.  By 1850 he had moved to Dane Co., Wisconsin.  There appears to have been a close connection to Ira (NY-006), but it could be to either Ira or Ira's wife, Angelina.  Both families were living near each other in 1850 and in 1854, Ira and Martin jointly received a small grant from the General Land Office.  He also received grants near those of the Thomas Stroud Jr. family (NY-001).  He moved to Illinois by 1862, when he enlisted in Co. D, 74 Illinois Infantry.  He was discharged for illness in 1864.  In his pension application he said that he was in Peoria, Illinois 1860 – 1861.   After the war he moved from Shirland, Winnebago Co., Illinois, to Jackson Co., Iowa, then to Winneshiek Co., Iowa, and subsequently to the state of Nebraska.  His children were Miles (b. 1842, Ohio md. 1st Flora, 2nd Minda), Amelia (b. 1848, Ohio, md. Nathaniel Drake), Frank (b. 1861, Illinois). [sources:  IGI (extracted marriage records of Portage Co, Ohio), federal censuses, Martin's Civil War pension file, Miles's Civil War pension index record]


NY-008    Daniel B. Stroud was born about 1826, according to censuses or 1813, according to his gravestone.  He and his family were living in Sheboygan Co. Wisconsin in 1850 and in New Denmark, Brown Co., Wisconsin in 1860.  The family moved Boston, Summit Co. Ohio, where, according to an email from a descendant, Daniel died in 1868.  His birthplace was inconsistent in the censuses.  It was Ohio in 1850, New York in 1860.  His wife Carolyn and oldest daughter, Josephine (b. about 1847) were born in Ohio.  Wisconsin was listed as the birthplace for four younger daughters, Ellen (b. about 1850),  Lenora (b. about 1853), Clara (b. about 1855) and Mary (b. about 1857).  In the 1870 census daughter Clara was listed with a family living near the son of Philip Stroud, which may indicate a connection between the two families. [sources: federal censuses]


NY-009    Charles T Stroud was born about 1781.  He may be the Charles, indexed as Strand, in the 1830 census for Rossie, St. Lawrence Co., NY.  That is a few miles from the Morristown that several of his sons are said to have been born.  The family structure is a good match with that generally given for him with five males born between 1815 and 1825, plus an assortment of females.  He was in Parma, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, in 1840 and died two years later.  Children attributed to him are Nathaniel (see next entry), Rachel (b. 1807), Betsy (b. 1810), Sally (b. 1811), Miranda (b. 1814), Charles T (b. 1818), Edmund C (b. 1819), John (b. 1820), Jacob Alonzo (b. 1822), Samuel P (b. 1824) and Jane (b. 1825). Much of the family remained in Cuyahoga Co. Ohio for the next few generations.  One son, (Samuel P) and several grandchildren settled in Ingham Co., Michigan. The family believed itself to be connected with the Strouds of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.   A newspaper article on son Samuel's golden anniversary said his uncle founded Stroudsburg.  A section in A History of Cuyahoga County and the city of Cleveland , Vol. 3 pages 260 & 261, on granddaughter Augusta (Stroud) Whittern, said the family was of Holland Dutch origin and that Stroudsburg was named in honor of a member of this family.  [primary sources:  1830 and 1840 federal censuses, the rest is from posted family trees and other secondary sources]


NY-010    Nathaniel B. Stroud  was born about 1806 and is generally believed to be a son of Charles T. Stroud (NY-00?).  A recent internet posting gave information from deeds that showed Nathaniel and Charles T. owned neighboring pieces of property, increasing the probability that they were related.  Nathaniel may be the man indexed as Strand in the 1830 census for Oswegatchie, St. Lawrence Co., New York, with one male 20-30, 1 female under 5, 1 female 10 – 15 and one female 20-30.  In 1840 he was in Parma, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio.  In 1850 he was in Spenser, Medina Co. Ohio.  In 1854 he obtained a land grant from the General Land Office for property in Mercer Co., Illinois.


NY-011    John Stroud is a bit of a phantom.  His son, Harley Stroud, was a physician in Allegan Co., Michigan, dying there in 1907.  Harley's death certificate listed his parents as John and Marie M (or Mariem) Stroud and his obituary mentioned that he was one of four children born to parents who had moved from Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, to Ohio.   Sisters Celia Merrell and Mrs. Brenner were mentioned.  Harley was born in 1848; his sister Celia was born about 1843.  Neither of them seem to have been captured in census records as children,  but in later census records both say their father was born in New York and their mother in Massachusetts.  In her marriage record to De Witt Merrell, Celia (Stroud) Brown gave her birthplace as Strongsville, Ohio. Harley was married twice and had a daughter, Lena (b. about 1878), by his first wife and a son, Forrest (b. 1894), by his second wife.  There are some family trees on the internet that show a John as a son of Charles T. Stroud (NY-00?) and that he married Miriam Allen in 1842, but no sources are given and in some cases the children are mixed up with those of Charles Taylor Stroud (NY-00?).    [sources: census records 1870 and later; online Michigan marriage and death records; obituary from the online Find-A-Grave site]


NY-012    Joseph T. Stroud may be a composite of several people.  In 1815, a Joseph Stroud purchased land in the area that became Wyoming Co., New York.  There was a Joseph Stroud in Paris, Oneida Co., New York in 1820 with three males and two females under 10 and one male and one female 26-45 (two persons were foreign born).  Joseph T is mentioned as the grandfather of Milo Stroud, a Civil War soldier who lived in Wisconsin, although the 1860 census for Union, Waupaca Co., Wisconsin, showed Milo living with a Jas F Stroud, age 86, born New Hampshire .  Milo's parents were Joseph and Belinda (Howard) Stroud, both born in Canada.  In 1850 a Joseph T. Stroud of Sheboygan Co. Wisconsin received a government land grant in Sheboygan Co. and a Joseph (T. or S) Stroud purchased land in Waupaca Co., Wisconsin in 1856.  The death certificate for Philo H. Stroud, who was born in New York in 1819 and settled in Michigan, gave his parents as Joseph and Betsy Reed, both born in New York.  More on this later.  [Sources:  Milo Stroud's Civil War pension, online Michigan death certificates, Waupaca Co., Wisconsin deeds, an ancestry message board posting of a biography of Milo]


NY-013    Charles Taylor Stroud was born in New York about 1820, possibly Ontario Co.  He married Lucy Allen of Ontario Co. New York and their first child was born at Bloomfield, Ontario Co, NY in 1847.  By 1850 the family was living in Livonia, Livingston Co., New York.  His second child was born in 1852 in Canandaigua, Ontario, New York.  By 1859 through at least 1865 they were in Palmyra, Wayne Co., New York.  He was a dentist in Sandusky, Erie Co., Ohio in 1870 and 1880.  Neither he nor his wife were in the 1900 census.  His children were Clarence Eugene (b. 1847, Bloomfield, OntarioCo. NY), Ida (b. about 1852, New York, md. Edwin Gillard), Charles Edwin (b. 1859, Palmyra NY, d. 1929 Ohio)  [sources:  federal censuses, IRS tax assessments for 1865, death certificates for Charles Edwin and Ida, Ohio Biographical Sketches 1876 article on Clarence Eugene, viewed online]


NY-014    David R Stroud was born about 1823 in New York.  He married Mary A. Nixon  Jan 28, 1847 at Hemlock Lake, Livingston Co., New York.   He was listed in the 1850 census for Livonia, Livingston Co. New York.  By 1856 he was living in Hudson, Lenawee Co., Michigan, when he and his wife sold property.  He enlisted as a captain in Co. B, 4 Michigan Volunteers.  He died Jan. 9, 1884 and his widow died April 16, 1897.  In the 1880 census, he said his father was born in Pennsylvania and his mother in New York.  One child, Frank H., (b. about 1848, wife in 1880 was Ludelia)


NY-015    Valentine Stroud (indexed as Votentine), age 71, was on the 1850 census for North Elba, Essex Co., New York with Almira, age 50, William H., age 17 and Lyman T., age 15.  Birthplaces were left blank, unless the NY higher in the page was meant to cover everyone below.  No further information.


NY-016    Robert Stroud was born about 1821.  He first appears in the census in 1860 in Hamden, Delaware Co., New York, age 39 with Marie, age 33 and George N, age 3 and Frank, age 1. His occupation was cabinet maker.  He is probably the Robert Stroud who was living in Maroa, Macon Co., Illinois in 1870 and 1880, occupation carpenter and wagon maker.  His wife in 1870 was Anna and son George was no longer on the censes, but son Frank was the correct age.  Robert gave his birthplace as New York, but in later censuses, Frank said his father was born in New Jersey.  This may tie him in with the family of Samuel Stroud (NJ-002)


NY-017    J. Stroud was in Ward 9, New Orleans, Louisiana in the 1860 census, age 52 with May, (age 43, b. Ireland), Anna (age 19, b. New York), James (age 17, b. New Orleans), Wm (age 14, b. New Orleans) and Joseph (age 9, b. New Orleans)


NY-018    John Stroud was in Ward 9, New Orleans, Louisiana in the 1860 census, age 47 with May (age 40, b. Ireland), Briget (age 16, b. New Orleans, May (age 13, born New Orleans), illegible (m., age 9, b. New Orleans), Joseph (age 3, b. New Orleans) and Ann (age 1, b. New Orleans)


NY-019    John Stroud was listed in the 1790 census for Hudson, Columbia Co., New York with one male under 16, one male 16 and over and three females.


NY-020    Jasper Stroud was listed in the 1800 census for Tully, Onondaga Co., New York with one male and one female 26-45 and one male 10-16.  This is the same town that Thomas Stroud (NY-001) was living in 1800.


NY-021    Jacob Straud was listed in the 1800 census for Minden, Montgomery Co., New York with one male and one female 10-16, one male and one female 16-26, one male 45 and over and maybe one female 45 and over (her entry was offset below the line).  Minden is the town where one of the sons of Thomas Stroud (NY-001) was christened, hinting at a possible connection.  He would also be a candidate for the father of Charles T. Stroud (NY-009)


NY-022    Nancy Stroud was listed in the 1810 census for Tully, Onondaga Co., New York, age 26-45 with one male and two females under 10.  This is the same town that descendants of Thomas Stroud (NY-001) were living.


NY-023    John Stroud was listed in the 1820 census for Vienna, Oneida Co., New York with one male and one female age 45 and over.  This is the same town Peter Stroud (NY-002) lived in 1820.


NY-024    Abraham Stroud was listed in the 1830 census for Mina, Chautauqua Co. New York, age 20-30,  with 1 male under five years and 3 females age 5-10.


NY-025    Thomas Stroud, b. about 1824, was listed on the 1850 census in Wabash, Fountain Co., Indiana, along with wife Sarah, age 26 and brother, Fayette, b. about 1827.  The brothers began acquiring land in Iroquois Co., Illinois, in 1854.  Thomas and wife, Sarah, both died in 1858 and Fayette administered their estates.  In 1860, Fayette was head of a blended family, consisting of his wife, Lysa, and three children: Charles B (age 7), F. Dalmon (age 5) and Francis S (age 3 months), his brother's children: Florence A (age 7), Emma A (age 5), Thomas M. (age 4) and Lucy E. (age 2), two Davis children: Rebecca (age 10) and Rinny (age 6), Maurice Stroud (age 60, b. New York) and Nathaniel Stroud (age 21, b. Ohio).  Maurice Stroud is thought to have been a grandson of Thomas Stroud (NY-001), so these brothers probably belong to that family, too, but a definite connection hasn't been found.



New Jersey


NJ-001     Barnard Stroud


NJ-002     Samuel Stroud was living in Woodhull, Steuben Co., New York according to the 1850 federal census.  His birthplace was listed as New Jersey.  A blurb in  Historical Gazetteer of Steuben County New York states he arrived in Woodhull in 1826 and that sons Jacob, Joseph D and Edward L arrived the same time.  Census records show that Jacob was born about 1797, Joseph about 1799 and Edward about 1803.  All three of them had children.