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Purpose of the project


The purpose of this DNA project is to compliment genealogy research by confirming or disproving family lines through DNA testing. Suggested DNA markers test for this project are - 37, 48 or 67 markers on the Y-chromosome that are passed from father to son only. If you are a female interested in joining this project, please try to enlist the participation of your father, brother, uncle, or male cousin who has a Strait surname.




History of the project

After many years of anticipation, this surname projected was started on 8 December 2009. We have since received our first DNA results. It is exciting. Please join in!




How it’s Done

Family Tree DNA ( or

Genetree ( will be used for this project.

Most of your questions concerning DNA testing for genealogy purposes can be answered at those sites or contact me at < > and I will try to help.




I have no financial interest in this project nor any association with Family Tree DNA or Genetree.  I am only interested, like others, in furthering genealogical research.




THANKS to the work of Richard F. Strait, we will begin our search and set some goals to find, if possible, if there could have been possible relationships between the early Strait families in the New World. Richard has identified the following families who were in the colonies prior to the Revolutionary War. Would love to be able to identify descendants from each family plus any other Strait families interested. Thanks Richard! These are his listed families -


1. Friedrich Streit of Dutchess Co., New York -

Fredrich came to the colonies with his parents, Ludwig and Magdalina Streit, who were on Capt. Frans Waarche’s Ship in Holland in the 304th party of 1709. They were amongst the Palatines brought to the colonies by the English and settled along the Hudson River in New York.

2. Henry Straight of Portsmouth, Rhode Island -

Henry Straight’s name first appears in the Colonial Records of the original of Town Records of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, page 342, dated 20 Dec 1667. Records show only two children by his first wife, whose name is unknown. He married second, Mary Long.

3. Jacob Straight of Monongalia Co., Virginia -

Jacob was killed by Indians in the fall of 1786 not far from what is now Barrackville, Marion Co., West Virginia. It is recorded that he had a brother Peter and a sister, who married John Dragoo. The sister Elizabeth Dragoo was killed by the same band of Indians that killed her brother, Jacob. Much of what is written is controversial and may never be resolved.

4. James Strait of Harrison Co., Missouri -

The first records of this man are found in Brown Co., Ohio where he is listed in the 1820 Federal Census. He is listed as head of household with 1 male between the ages of 16 to 26 and 1 female between the ages of 16 to 26. The female, his wife was Perthena Hay(e)s, daughter of Benjamin and Sarah Pindel Hayes. James and Perthena remained in Brown Co., Ohio until 1841, when they moved to Wabash Co., Indiana. In the mid 1850s they moved on to Harrison Co., Missouri.

5. Abraham Strait of Morris Co., New Jersey -

Abraham Strait came to the colonies with his wife, five sons and one daughter sometime before 1750 when he settled in Morris Co., New Jersey. Crayon in his book "Rockewey History of Morris Co., N.J." states they came from Holland. A family history written by a great granddaughter states they came from Germany. The two accounts do not agree in other details.

6. Christian Streit of Somerset Co., New Jersey -

Christian Streit and his family were amongst the Palatines brought to the colonies by the English n 1709. Henry C. Jones records this family in his "Palatines to New York."

7. Christian Streit of Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania.

Descendants of this man are documented in "The History and Genealogical Records of the Strite and Allied Families" of Lancaster & Dauphin Counties Pennsylvania and Washington Co., Maryland - compiled by Carl E. Robinson & Amos W. Strite, 1963. It is believed that Christian and his three brothers Joseph, Jacob, and Henry were from the Palitinate, Bavaria, Germany. The first records of Christian Streit were found in the Pennsylvania Archives, 3rd Series, vol 27, page 774, where in 1773, he was assessed for ten acres of land in Manheim township in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. He served in the Revolutionary War. He and his three brothers are recorded in the Federal Census of 1790.

8. David Strait of Isle of Wight Co., Virginia & Wake Co., North Carolina -

David first appears in the land records of Isle of Wight, Virginia in 1765 where he is also listed on the Mill Swamp Baptist Church Records. He & his family move to Wake Co., North Carolina about 1780 where he dies in 1791. He is listed on the 1790 census and his will is on record in Wake Co., N.C. Extensive genealogical work has been done on this family. We’d like to find his parents and the place of his birth.

9. John Streight of Bedford Co., Pennsylvania -

A Warrantee for land on record in the Pennsylvania Archives, 3rd series, vol. XXV, pg 625 has John receiving 400 acres of land from the Common-wealth of Pennsylvania, 3 Jan 1786. It is believed that he was born in New Jersey and received money for service in the Revolutionary War from the state of N. J - Rev. War records in the New Jersey Adj. Gen. Office. His will dated 23 May 1813 is recorded in Bedford Co., Pennsylvania.

10. William Stright of Bedford Co., Pennsylvania -

It is believed that William was born in New Jersey as records show a William Stright(Strait) received payment from New Jersey for services rendered during the revolutionary War. His will dated 24 Nov 1820 is recorded in Bedford Co., Pennsylvania

11. Peter Streight of Monongalia Co., Virginia -

Believed to be the brother of Jacob Strait of Monongalia Co., VA. The children of his first wife, believed to be a daughter of Frederick Ice, have been identified by some researcher, others disagree, and say they were the children of his brother Jacob. He allegedly remarried for a second time and had issue by this wife. No civil records have been found proving his existence.