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webtop.JPG STOLZ -  STOLTZ - STOLZE - STOLICE - STOOLZ - STOLAK - STOLIG - PROUD Family Project is part of Family Trees DNA Network   Family Tree DNA since its inception, in April 2000,  has been associated with the Arizona Research Labs, led by Dr. Michael Hammer, one of the world's leading authorities in the field of Genetics. As of 9 September, 2007, Family Tree DNA hits new milestones solidifying its leadership with the largest DNA database in the field of Genetic Genealogy with 158 799 records: DNA's PART in Genealogy.   DNA is quickly becoming an important part of the study of genealogy. While DNA alone cannot be used for genealogical purposes, its combination with the two traditional sources for family history research — oral history and recorded documents — can reveal long-forgotten connections or it can break down even the toughest BRICK WALL. DNA TEST.  The two DNA Tests used by family historians are the Y-chromosome (for male lines) and the mitochondrial mtDNA (for female lines). Common tests used for testing close relationships include paternity, maternity, forensic, grandparentage, reconstruction (close relatives), siblingship, and twin zygosity. Surname DNA testing is the newest tool available to genealogists. These tests help genealogists verify their paternal ancestry (father's father) in a quick and easy way. It saves time, prevents mistakes, and provides invaluable data that can be obtained in no other way. We also welcome all other varients of the name and any Families who feel that they could be connected directly or indirectly to the above Names.

Tree_leaves.gifThis Family Project was started to:

1. Work in conjunction with  members who have hit Brick Walls.

2. Help researchers on common or related families work together to find their common heritage 

3. Identify the DNA of the ancestor families and compile them and their lost branches into distinct genetic lineages through DNA match

4. Investigate the Origins of Family Names

5.Track Family Migration Routes 

6. Connect Loose Paper Trails and Reunite Families Around the World

The Administrators - Patricia & Shirley
Patricia Left , Shirley Right going over the latest certificates after a day at LDS Toowoomba   A Sincere Welcome to all.   Patricia here (one half of the Administration Team).   Please let me take a minute of your time to let you know a little about us.  Shirley and I both suffer from an addiction - Family Research!     We avoid as much as we can cooking, cleaning, outdoor activities (apart from cemetery walks) as Family Research must come first!  We both have husbands, Ron and Frank, who help us in many ways.  Ron is a researcher in his own right.   Our research has taken us around the world (via the Internet) and we have gained much pleasure from our research.  Both Shirley and myself have been actively interested in Genealogy for many years trying to piece together the stories of our families.    It was our Uncle, Hector Stolz, who encouraged us to join forces, and, in 2006 we commenced a concerted, joint effort to locate all Stolz families here in Australia and those overseas in Germany or another European country or perhaps USA, Canada, South America, South Africa.  Who knows where at this stage?   We have researched with the aid of computers, LDS films - if only we could read or speak German!    We have spent countless hours at the Commonwealth Archives, State Archives, John Oxley Library the Queensland State Library and many Family History Centres and Genealogical Societies, attended Family History Days and browsed through all the stalls to see what is now available to help the researcher.    We have tramped through many cemeteries and interviewed relatives, some known to us, others not, even hired the services of a professional researcher in the Czech Republic.    All these methods have produced much data and we have some wonderful stories to tell.  We have absorbed so much history and knowledge of the culture of the areas researched that this has almost become a story in itself.  Our book, when published, will be the result of our findings.   However, our ultimate goal, the goal dearest to our hearts,  is to find our overseas family - those who remained in Germany or those who left for other shores before or after our Carl Stolz  in 1877.   This year, 2007, our research has taken a new direction with our interest in DNA Research.  Perhaps this is the most difficult task that we have undertaken so far, and we both feel that we are on a very steep learning curve.  Undaunted we are forging ahead and hope to one day  have the pleasure of saying to Uncle Hector, “Meet your cousin from Germany.”    For keeping track of our FAMILY TREE we have found the free PAF file from the LDS site to be very easy to understand and transfer into GED for lifting to the net.  We are also able to section this file into different branches of the family for sharing with other researchers.
Hec & Allie Stolz 

Photo supplied by Dianne Stolz
Our Uncle who was the donor for our Y-DNA  test lives on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia and is 87 Years of age.
His life Long Wish has been to meet  a LIVING RELATIVE from another branch of the Family anywhere in the World
He ask us to pass this message on to you:--
"With everything that is happening, I must admit my life has a whole new direction and I find myself caught up in the excitement waiting for the call that says, "FOUND THEM".

"Allie and I would love you to join us in this exciting venture. So if you feel that your Family could have a connection directly or indirectly with any of the Stolz, Langhammer, Klingberg or Zimmer Families around the world or any of the other Families from our Homepage Register Now." Regards   Hec Stolz

If you would like to be part of the Stolz Family Research team without taking part in the DNA side of the Project, we would still love to have you on board. Registering your Family on our Stolz Worldwide Website is FREE

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