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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Gerson Hirsch Stern b in Holzminden, Germany m Madel/Male Abraham Wollberg - Barry Stern [barrentino AT]
    • Hirsch Gerson Stern b 1798 Holzminden, Germany m Bella (Beile, Bela) Boas
      • Mayer Stern b 1836Holzminden, Germany m Ernestine Markus
        • Joseph Michael Stern b 1872 Hamburg m Sonnie Ngel 184542
  • Sussmann Stern b. about 1765  Lived in Beddelhausen, Siegen-Wittgenstein, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany m. Terz surname unknown -Administered by K Sterne [ksterne At]
    • Isaac Sterne born about 1795 in Richstein, Siegen-Wittgenstein, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany m2. Sahra Rheinberg
      • Heinrich “Henry” Sterne b. 1 Jan 1831 Germany m. Sarah Frances “Fanny” Tillery
        • Isaac Sterne born Dec 1861 Union Springs, Macon, AL m. Lela Towns
          • Joseph Henry Sterne b. 18 Jul 1885 Union Springs, Bullock, AL m. Emma Sittmann 546386
  • David Stern ,b. abt 1770,  Hungen-Bellersheim,Germany, m. Judel -Bryan Knobloch  [bryank At]
    • Judel Stern  b. 1800 Hungen-Bellersheim,Germany d. 31/10/1834
      • Benjamin Stern b. 1805   Hungen-Bellersheim,Germany  d. 18/12/1886
        • Meyer Stern  b.1810   Hungen-Bellersheim,Germany  d.  8/3/1885
          • Samuel Stern  b. 15/7/1811   Hungen-Bellersheim,Germany   d. 24/7/1897
            • David Stern  b.  20/10/1827     Hungen-Bellersheim,Germany  d.  31/10/1834
              • Hanna Stern  b.  13/6/1843  480275
  • Baruch Kleinschild (non-permanent surname) b c1790 Steinbach am Main, Germany - Alan Riley Stearns [astearns AT]
    • Moses Sterner b 1807 Steinbach am Main, Germany m Marla Stadtecker
      • Kaufman Sterner (Charles Stern) b 1838 m Henrietta Froelich
        • Albert Charles Stern (Stearns) b 1866 Springfield, IL m Esther Defries
          • Albert Charles Stearns b 1895 New York City, NY m Helen Smith N63482
  • Henry Sterne b. 01 Jan 1831 Germany possibly Bingen m. Fannie Tillery -Louis Sterne [ksterne AT]
    • Henry Isaac Sterne b. Dec 1861 AL m. Lela Towns
      • Joseph Henry Sterne b.18 Jul 1885 GA 546386
  • Moses Stern b 1 Oct 1834 Elsoff, Westerwald, Prussia m Georgia Ann Bush - Brandon Kent Sterne [firekraker AT]
    • William Abraham Sterne b 25 Feb 1873 Milner, Pike Co., GA m Lula Olivia Hand
      • Alfred Leon Sterne b 15 Jun 1908 Milner, Pike Co., GA m Berenice Evelyn Bennett
  • Alfred Whitall Stern b 1860 m Agnes Wolff Stern - didreyfus [didreyfus AT] N65786
    • John
    • Nancy
    • Tom
  • Nathan Stern b c1860 Russia m Rose Lebovitch - Ben Stern [stern.ben AT]
    • Emil Sternhart b Raya
    • Riva m Joe
    • Harry (Grisha) Stern m Clara
    • Morris Berman
    • Alexander (Sasha) b c1885 Russia d c1958 m May (Mania) S-2 N12514
  • Alfred Withal Stern - Diane Dreyfus [diane.dreyfus AT] N65786

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