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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • Samuel Osteen b c1729 d 1814 Oglethorpe, GA lived in NC m Sarah - rmleahey [rmleahey AT]
    • David Osteen b 4 Nov 1761 Cartaret, NC d 1845 Bedford Co., TN m S. Smith
      • Hilliard Osteen b 1798 Onslow Co., NC d aft 1850 Marshall, TN m Sally R. Rogers
        • George W. Osteen Sr. b 1827 TN d 1872 TN m Sarah Haskins
          • George W. Osteen b 1868 Bedford, TN d 1954 Oklahoma Co., OK m Julia A. Orr
            • George C. Osteen b 1903 Bedford, TN d 1992 Oklahoma Co., OK S-7 131185
  • John Osteen 1734 North Carolina, Elizabeth Jones - Donna O'Steen-Mixon [doom AT]
    • ​John Osteen, 1762 North Caroliba, Ada Weeks.
      • ​John Osteen, 1802 South Carolina, Catherine Holwell
        • ​Ezekiel Berry O'Steen, 1821 Georgia, Mariah Jane Johnson
          • ​William Berry O'Steen, 1854, Florida, Almira Viana DeVane
            • ​James Berry O'Steen, 1889, Florida, Florence Delilah Simmons
              • ​James Rufus O'Steen, 1919, Florida, Ronnie O'Quinn
                • ​James Richard O'Steen, 1941, Florida, Joan Hamlin B9705
  • Samuel Steen b 1788 d PA m Euphemia c1810 Ireland - Marla [m.moore1 AT]
    • Samuel Steen b 1825 Ireland m1 Ellen m2 Ann MacIntosh LaMont
      • William Steen b 1860 Huron Co., Ontario, Canada m Catherine Ward
        • Samuel Steen b 1898 Pochahontas Co., IA m Clara Ness 166803
  • George W. Steen b 1855 IN d 1929 MO m1 Luella Hamilton m2 Amanda Story - yettas [Rheatas AT]
    • Marvin Arthur Steen b 1894 Cardwell, MO d 1958 buried Oak Ridge, MO m Earl F. Hider S-1 36783
  • Peter Steen b Norway (?) m Katherine (?) - Jeff Steen [jmskmt59 AT]
    • Jack Homer Steen b 8 June 1896 d 1960 m Trula Mosier Shoemaker, IA S-4 76311

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