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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
Hans Casper Spengler b. 20 Jan 1683/84 Weiler, Badden Wurttemberg, Germany d. 28 Apr 1760 York Co., PA  Contact - Deborah Waite
  • Jonas Spengler b. 26 May 1715 Weyler Steinsberg, Hilsbach, Palatinate on the Rhine d. c1762 Paradise Township, York Co., Pennsylvania
    • Joseph Spangler b. 1745 Paradise Township, York Co., Pennsylvania d. 1802 Washington Township, York County, Pennsylvania
      • Daniel Spangler b. 25 Mar 1794 Paradise Township, York Co., Pennsylvania d.01 Jul 1860 Warrington Township, York County, Pennsylvania
        • Jacob H Spangler b. 03 Sep 1842 Warrington Townsip, York County, Pennsylvania d. 26 Jan 1900 Pennsylvania
          • George Curtis Spangler b 17 Apr 1878 Warren Township, York Co., Pa d 21 May 1951 Spanglers Mill, Lower Allen Township, Cumberland Co., Pa
            • Jacob Gerald Spangler b 15 May 1906 Lower Allen Township, Cumberland Co., Pa d. 23 Sep 1975 Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pa 135166
  • Daniel Spangler, Sr b. c1716 d. 1787 Franklin Co., VA m. Mary - sanddevil42 [sanddevil42 AT]
    • Daniel Spangler, Jr. b. 1747 d. 1823 Montgomery (Floyd) Co., VA m. Sarah
      • Daniel Spangler, III b. 1784 Henry Co., VA d. 1850 Cannon Co., TN m. Sarah Elizabeth Sowers
        • Samuel Spangler b. 1816 Montgomery Co., VA d.1865 Cannon Co., TN m1 Tabitha Whittemore m2 Aletha Jane Banks
          • John Mathias Spangler b. 1856 Cannon Co., VA d. 1933 Fannin Co TX m1 Roxanne Mae Hogwood m2 Naomi E. Brown
            • Nathaniel Oscar Spangler b 1888 Franklin Co TN d 1970 Fannin Co TX m Martha Ola Karr
              • Herbert Purvis Spangler b 1914 Fannin Co. TX d. 1983 Jackson Co OR m Bennie Elva Bristow S-1 92562
      • Samuel Spangler b 1795 d 1875 Floyd Co., VA  m Mary Catherine Helton (Hylton) - Murry J. Spangler [mjs15 AT]
        • William H. Spangler b 1824 d 1857 Floyd Co., VA m Hannah J. Sowers
          • Samuel George Spangler b 1853 d 1929 Floyd Co., VA m Mary Ona Agee
            • Charles Beahm Spangler b 1892 d 1969 Floyd Co., VA m Mary Catherine Yopp 189140
  • Michael Spengler b. 10 Mar 1709 Hirstein, Saarland, Germany
    • Peter (John) Spengler b. 23 Jul 1747 Lebanon Co., PA d. Bef. 19 Jul 1800 Heidelburg Twp, Dauphin Co., PA
      • Peter S Spangler b. 22 Mar 1779 Lancaster Co., PA d. 18 May 1867 Potter Twp, Centre Co., PA
        • John George Spangler b. 28 Aug 1800 Lancaster Co., PA d. 01 Nov 1875  Plainfield, Will Co., IL
          • Samuel Spangler b. 03 Sep 1842 Center Co., PA d. 14 Sep 1918 Plainfield, Will Co., IL
            • Harry Thomas Spangler b 28 Jun 1881 Plainfield, Will Co., IL d 25 Aug 1928 Plainfield, Will Co., IL
              • Wilmer Harry Spangler b 23 Sep 1914 Plainfield, Will Co., IL d. 29 Sep 2001 Bloomington, Monroe Co., IN S-2 88174

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