Lineage I
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Please note the text in bold, which indicates the earliest mentions of the surname Slecht given in this pedigree. Significantly, the earliest mention is Cornelis Jansz alias Slecht te Woerden on 25 October 1577, nine years earlier than all save one record of confrontation between the Slecht family and the Bailiff of Woerden, possibly indicating an origin for this surname other than parochial pejorative; The earliest record of confrontation occurred on 9 August 1562, which pertained to the brother of Cornelis Jansz alias Slecht te Woerden, namely Gerrit Jan Pieter Florisz, later called Gerrit Slechten on 14 July 1609. The Slecht family is grateful to Nico Plomp, former Deputy Director of the Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie (CBG), who researched and published the first seven generations of this pedigree.
1. Floris Dirkszoon: Recorded as Lessee of Snelle, Woerden, South Holland, a Leasehold Estate of the Count of Montfoort, 1463; Recorded as Lessee of a Leasehold Estate of the Chapter of Oudmunster of Utrecht, 1479 (Plomp).
2. Peter Florisz: Inherited the Leasehold Estate(s) of his father, Floris Dirkszoon, upon his death, 1506 (Plomp).
3.1. Willem Petersz: Inherited the Leasehold Estate(s) of his father, Peter Florisz, upon his death, and transferred this property to his younger brother Jan, 1529 (Plomp).
3.2. Jan Peter Florisz: Assumed the Leasehold Estate(s) of his brother, Willem, 1529; Wedded to Marry, 1556; Died no later than 1561 (Plomp). Gerrit Jan Pieter Florisz: Assumed the Leasehold Estate(s) of his father, Jan, 1556-1609; Wedded to Diewer Cornelisdr, mentioned, 1562; Feuded with deputies of the Bailiff of Woerden, 9 August 1562 thru 27 September 1562; Mentioned as 'Gerrit Slechten,' guardian of his grandchildren, 14 June 1609 (Plomp). Pieter Gerritsz Slecht: Mentioned 1588-1604; Wanted by the Court for Assault perpetrated against his uncle Cornelis, 1588. Arrested by the Bailiff of Woerden for Assault against Jannitgen Henricxdr, under the name Peter Gerritsz Slecht1601; Wedded to Unknown; Died before 14 June 1609 (Plomp). Gerrit Pietersz Slecht: Mentioned as underage, 1609; Mentioned as of age, 1616; Mention suggestive he lived elsewhere, 1623 (Plomp). Aeltgen Pietersdr: Mentioned as underage, 1609; Mentioned as of age, 1623 (Plomp). Dirck Pietersz: Mentioned as underage, 1609; Not mentioned, 1623 (Plomp). Aechgen Pietersdr: Mentioned as underage, 1609; Wedded to Gerrit Engelen, 9 June 1623 (Plomp). Adriana Jan Peter Florisdr: Widow of Jan Dircksz, 1562 (Plomp). Peter (Pieter) Jan Petersz: Mentioned 1561-1594; Wedded to Geertgen Jansdr, mentioned posthumously, 1616 (Plomp). Jan Pieterszn: Resident of Snelle, 1616 (Plomp). Marichgen Pietersdr: Wedded to Crijn Janszn and resident of Geestdorp, 1616 (Plomp). Ariaantgen Pietersdr: Wedded to Willem Corneliszn and resident of Cattenbroek, 1616 (Plomp). Aeltgen Pietersdr: Wedded to Thonis Floorenzn and resident of Snelle, 1616 (Plomp). Cornelis Jan Petersz: Alias Cornelis Jansz Slecht; Born, 1537/1538; Mentioned 1563-1603; Filed suit in the Court of Holland under the name Cornelis Jansz alias Slecht te Woerden25 October 1577; Wedded to Marichgen Barentsdr; Died between 27 December 1603 and 24 December 1604 (Plomp). Jan Cornelisz Slecht: Recorded as Lessee, 1604; Wedded to Anneken Jaspersdr; Died and bequeathed various weapons (perhaps indicative of military service), 1604 (Plomp). Cornelis Jansz Slecht: Mentioned as underage, 1604; Died, without heirs, 1626 (Plomp). Gerrit Cornelisz Slecht: Mentioned 1609-1612; Died before 10 November 1635; Wedded to Unknown (Plomp). Neeltgen Gerritsdr Slecht: Wedded to Jan Nijsz Hack, 12 May 1634; Died, 10 February 1657 (From this marriage: Gerrit Jansz, mentioned as Gerrit Jansz Slechten, 1648, and Lijsbet Jansdr Hack) (Plomp). Neeltgen Cornelisdr Slecht: Mentioned, 1631 and 1635 (Plomp). Lysbet Cornelisdr Slecht: Mentioned as underage in 1604; Wedded to Dirc Dircksz de Wilde, 17 November 1608; Died before 20 May 1629; Had issue (see Plomp). Barent Cornelisz Slecht: Mentioned, 1604-1652; Wedded to Pietertgen, Midwife of Woerden, 1628-1655; Wedded possibly also to Jaquemijne; Immigrated to New Netherlands aboard the Purmerland Kerk, 29 March 1662 (Plomp). Cornelis Barentsz Slecht: Mentioned at Woerden, 1640-1653; Distiller and Brandy Maker and later Brewer of Esopus (Kingston, NY); Magistrate at Wiltywych or Esopus, 1661 (Sleight, 23); Wedded to Trijntgen Mathijsdr Bosch, 1643-1653, later Midwife of Esopus; Wedded to Elsje Jansdr at Kingston, NY, 1684 (Plomp).
7.1. Heynderick (Hendrick) Cornelisz Slecht: Witness to a deed in Beverwijck, Renselaerswyck (Albany, NY), 1660; Resident of Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY, 1675 and 1677; Wedded to Elsje Lieveling at Kingston, NY, 8 August 1666; "He was called Hendrick Slaght in a Kings County Land Conveyance, 1694 [N.Y. G. & B. 54- ]. This is the first use of record of the spelling 'Slaght'" (Slaght, 7). Mentioned as a "Wheelwright from Woerdon, Holland [Hoe's 'Register of the Old Dutch Church' 502]" (Slaght, 7). Died 01 May 1705 in Flatbush (Breucklyn), Kings County, New York. Note: Plomp named Hendrick as the eldest child of Cornelis Barentsz Slecht and Slaght named Hendrick as the fourth child.
8.1. UNK: "a child who died in 1672" (Slaght, 7).
8.2. Barent Hendrickse Slaght: Born at Brooklyn, New York, about 1666; Employed as a Wheelwright; Wedded to Hilletje Jans, 1 May 1692; Relocated to Port Richmond, Staten Island, New York (Slaght, 9). Christina: Baptised, 11 June 1693 (Slaght, 9). Henry Sleaght: Born at Brooklyn, New York; Baptised at Brooklyn, 27 March 1696; Relocated and settled at Staten Island; Married Catherine Wyant; Died, before 10 May 1758 (Slaght, 9, 15). Mary: Baptised, 27 March 1720; Wedded to Abraham Parlier (Slaght, 15). Hilletje: Baptised, 7 January 1721; Wedded to Peter Poillon (Slaght, 15). Barent Sleaght: Born at Staten Island; Baptised, 13 December 1724; Wedded to Elizabeth Jones (probable), 12 June 1761; Died, before 21 February 1782 (Slaght, 15, 27). Henry: Wedded to Catherine Butler (Slaght, 27). Jacob: Mentioned, 19 August 1767; Wedded to Jane Waglum (Slaght, 27). Barnt: Baptised, 28 June 1773; Wedded to Catherine Johnson (Slaght, 27). Jacob: Baptised, 20 March 1725; Died 20 June 1751 (Slaght, 15). John Sleight: Baptised, 17 March 1727; Wedded to Anna UNK (Slaght, 15). Katherine: Baptised, 20 January 1759 (Slaght, 27). Ann: Baptised, 30 September 1762 (Slaght, 27). John: Wedded to Eleanor Butler (Slaght, 27). Abraham Sleght: Wedded to Elizabeth Wright, 24 July 1756 (probable); Possibly known also as 'Sleeth'; Resident (possible) at Rossville, Staten Island, New York (Slaght, 27). Catherine: Wedded to james Seguine, 15 December 1756 (Slaght, 15). Isaac: Born, 1730; Died, 20 June 1751 (Slaght, 15). Jan: Baptised, 30 October 1698; Died young (Slaght, 9). Barent: Wedded (possible) to Catherine Richard or Mary Cole; Died, before 17 January 1774 (Slaght, 9). John: Baptised, 22 October 1707; Wedded to Margaret Wyant (Slaght, 9). Cornelius Barentse: Baptised, 19 April 1709 (Slaght, 9).

8.3. Cornelius Hendricksen Sleght (Slack): Born at Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, August 1678; Wedded to Johanna Van de Water (daughter of Jacob Van de Water, who served as clerk of King County, New York, 1689) at Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, 11 April 1696; Relocated to Maidenhead, Hunterdon County (now Lawrenceville, Mercer County), New Jersey, about 1708 [Davis, 'History of Bucks County' 3-639; Monnette 'First Settlers of Piscataway and Woodbridge' 1058]; Mentioned possibly as 'Slacht' (possible 'Slecht') as Constable at Maidenhead, January 1719 [Lawrenceville Town Records, p. 11]; Mentioned possibly as Slack, 20 January 1729 [Lawrenceville Town Records, p. 19]; Died at Maidenhead, New Jersey, 1 March 1792 (Slaght, 9-10).
9.1. Engeltje Slack: Born, About 1699; Baptised, 12 November 1699 (Slaght, 10).
9.2. Hendrick Cornelius Slack: Born at Brooklyn, New York; Baptised at Brooklyn, 14 May 1702; Relocated to Lawrenceville, New Jersey, at age six years; Resident (possible) known as 'Henry Slagh' at South Branch of the Raritan River; Resident at Kingswood, Hunterdon County; Employed as Weaver; Married UNK; Died, before 15 March 1785 (Slaght, 10, 15-16). Henry: (Slaght, 16). Richard Slaght: Born at Kingswood Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey (probable); Wedded to Rebeckah Anderson; Known also as 'Slaught' and 'Slaugh'; Died, 1773 (Slaght, 16, 28). John Anderson (Slaght, 28). Henry: Served in the Hunterdon County Militia, 1792, 1794 (Slaght, 28). Richard: Wedded to Rhoda Moore (Slaght, 28). Jeminey: (Slaght, 28). Mary: (Slaght, 28). Anne: (Slaght, 28). Philip Schlaut: Born at Kingwood, Hunterdon County, New Jersey; Resident at Alexandria, Hunterdon County, New Jersey; Wedded to Maria Anna UNK (Slaght, 16). Hendrick (Slaght, 28). Maria (Slaght, 28). Cornelius (Slaght, 28). Philip (Slaght, 28). Alee (daughter): Wedded to UNK Morgan (Slaght, 16). Jemime (daughter): Wedded to UNK Cantrite (Slaght, 16). James: Wedded (probable) to Elizabeth Marshall, 9 January 1780 (Slaght, 16). Abraham: Born at Kingwood, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, 15 May 1760; Wedded to Mary UNK; Resident at property known in 1939 as 'Independence School and Cemetery,' between Baptistown and Croton. (Slaght, 16, 28). Henry: Born, 31 October 1782; Died, 27 July 1855 (Slaght, 28). Mary: Born, 5 February 1784 (Slaght, 28). Jane: Born, 23 September 1785; Wedded to William Burd; Died 28 November 1876 
(Slaght, 28). Elizabeth: Born, 9 July 1787; Wedded to UNK Snyder; Died, 22 May 1872 (Slaght, 28). Samuel: Born, 23 March 1789; Died, 15 November 1857 (Slaght, 28). Permelia: Born, 19 July 1792 (Slaght, 28). James: Born, 23 March 1793; Died, 16 March 1881 (Slaght, 28). Elnathan: Born, 6 September 1795; Wedded to Elizabeth Sutton; Died, 29 October 1834 (Slaght, 28). Mary: Born, 11 August 1799; Wedded to UNK Britton; Died 28 May 1868 (Slaght, 28). George: Born, 18 January 1803 (Slaght, 28). John: Born, 13 November 1805 (Slaght, 28). Abraham: Born, 19 June 1807 (Slaght, 28). Rhoda: Born, 8 June 1810; Wedded to Daniel Moore; Died, 15 March 1893 (Slaght, 28). Susanna: (Slaght, 16).
9.3. James Slack, Sr.: Born at Brooklyn, New York, British Colony, about 1697-1706; Wedded to Elizabeth Price at Maidenhead (now Lawrenceville), Hunterdon (now Mercer) County, New Jersey, British Colony, 31 May 1732; Died Abt. 1791 at Ewing area, Somerset County, New Jersey. Richard: Wedded to Mary Throckmorton (Slaght, 16). James Slack, Jr.: Born at Ewing, Somerset County, or in Mercer County (then Hunterdon County), New Jersey, about 1733-1740; Wedded to Rebecca Chamberlain (Daughter of Lewis and Lucreshe Chamberlain) Bef. 1760 in Amwell, New Jersey; Died in Mercer County (then Hunterdon County), New Jersey. Uriah Slack: Born, 19 March 1760; Wedded to Jane Job. Daniel Slack: Born at Hopewell, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, 27 June 1769; Wedded to Mary Lusheard (Lushett) 25 August 1792 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Died 05 January 1851 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Amos P. Slack: Born at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, about 1799; Employed as a Stone Cutter (U.S. Census); Wedded to Lucretia Jane Wilson, who lived from 1806-1881; Lived at Aberdeen, Brown County, Ohio; Died, 1859. Eliza Slack: Born 1826; Wedded to George Washington Gardner, who lived from 1818-1869. Daniel Slack: Born 1828. Amos Slack: Born 1831. Mary Ann Slack: Born 1832. James F. Slack: Born at Brown County, Ohio, 1834; Wedded to Louisa Maria Teegarden who lived from 1837-1894; Invented 'White Burley Tobacco,' along with his neighbors; Died, 1907. Note:

14.1. Albert M. Slack: Born at Brown County, Ohio, 1859; Moved to Oregon.
14.2. Fred Slack: Born at Brown County, Ohio, 1862; Wedded to Anna Maria Melick, who lived from 1868-1929; Died at East Enterprise, Switzerland County, Indiana, 1955.
15.1. Baron Bliss Slack: Born at East Enterprise, Switzerland County, Indiana, 1890; Died 1890.
15.2. Mabel Aldean Slack: Born at East Enterprise, Switzerland County, Indiana, 1891; Wedded to Alvah (Jonah) Rayls; Died 1990.
15.3. James William Slack: Born at East Enterprise, Switzerland County, Indiana, 1893; Wedded to Alma; Died 1985.
15.4. Harry Melick Slack: Born at East Enterprise, Switzerland County, Indiana, 1895; Wedded to Emza Scudder, who lived from 1897-1936; Wedded to Gladys (Ferguson) Birley, who lived from 1906-1977; Died 1988.
Generations 16-18 are living and withheld for privacy.
15.5. Carrie Agusta Slack: Born 1896; Wedded to Jess Works; Died 1986.
15.6. Tommy Slack: Born 1898; Died 1918.
15.7. Olive Bessie Slack: Born 1900; Wedded to Edwin Scudder; Died 1980.
15.8. Albert Ury Slack: Born 1902; Wedded to Dorothy Scudder; Died 1988.
15.9. Mary Eleanor Slack: Born 1904; Wedded to Vaton Kelly; Died 1989.
15.10. Douglas Fred Slack: Born 1906; Wedded to Mildred Kelly; Died 1997.
15.11. Ruth Naomi Slack: Born 1908; Wedded to Wilbur (Wib) Baatz; Died 1989.
14.3. Lula Slack: Born, 1871; Wedded to Frank Peabody at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
14.4. Osa Slack: Born 1873; Wedded to Lee Coulter.
14.5. Myrtle Slack: Born 1875; Wedded to Charlie Smith at Oregon. Jane Slack: Born 1836. Susan Slack: Born 1838; Died 1883. Uriah Slack: Born 1842. George Washingon Slack: Born 1845. Naomi Slack: Born 1848. William C. Slack: Born After 1849. Uriah P. Slack: Born 1801; Died 1814. John Slack: Born, after 1769; Wedded to Mary Palmer. Rachel Slack: Born, after 1733; Wedded to William Bryant (Slaght, 16). Daniel Slack: Born at Hunterdon County, New Jersey, 1755; Served (possible) as a Soldier in the American Revolution; Wedded to Sarah Mershon; Died 19 September 1811; Buried at Presbyterian Cemetery, Ewing, New Jersey (Slaght, 16, 29; Sharp Co., 261). James: Born, 1769; Wedded to Nancy Carpenter; Died, age 63 years, 5 September 1832 (Sharp Co., 261, Slaght, 29). Sarah: Died, age 11 years (Sharp Co., 261). Amos: Employed as a teacher; Bachelor; Died, age 58 years 1854 (Sharp Co., 261). Elizabeth: Wedded to Elijah Hunt (Sharp Co., 261). Ann: Mute; Died, 1873 (Sharp Co., 261). Francina: Wedded to John Howell Burroughs (Sharp Co., 261). James: Wedded to Ellen van Winkle; Resident of Brooklyn (Sharp Co., 261). Daniel: Relocated to Ohio; Married (Sharp Co., 261). James (Sharp Co., 261). Ann (Sharp Co., 261). Elizabeth (Sharp Co., 261). Ella Francina (Sharp Co., 261). Charles Berry (Sharp Co., 261). Francina: Born, 1771; Died, 5 December 1825 (Sharp Co., 261, 
Slaght, 29). Andrew: Born, 1784; Wedded to Letitia Reeder (Sharp Co., 261). John: Died young (Sharp Co., 261). Abner (Sharp Co., 261). Sarah (Sharp Co., 261).
9.4. Benjamin Slack: Born at Maidenhead, Hunterdon County, New Jersey (probable), 15 June 1712; Baptized at Maidenhead (Slaght, 10, 16). Note: Slaght cited the genealogy of Eliphalet Slack in reference to the descendants of Benjamin Slack. Benjamin: Born at Lawrenceville, Mercer County, New Jersey (probale); Wedded to Ann UNK; Died, 27 November 1833; Buried at Lawrenceville Cemetery (Slaght, 16, 30). George R. H. (Slaght, 30). Eleanor: (Slaght, 30). Joseph: Died, before 1833 (Slaght, 30). Eliza: (Slaght, 30). Rebecca: (Slaght, 30). Sarah: Died, before 1833 (Slaght, 30). Jane: (Slaght, 30). John: Soldier at the Battle of Germantown (possible) during the Revolutionary War (Slaght, 16). Thomas: Born at Lawrenceville, Mercer County, New Jersey (probable); Settled at Monmouth County, New Jersey; Wedded to Rachel Swain, who received a Revolutionary War Pension, 17 August 1848 (Slaght, 17, 30). Benjamin (Slaght, 30). John: Resident at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Slaght, 30). Rebecca: Wedded to UNK Borden (Slaght, 30). Daniel: Resident at Hightstwon, New Jersey (Slaght, 30). Rachel: Wedded to UNK Hulet (Slaght, 30). Peter (Slaght, 30). Ann: Wedded to UNK Vaughn (Slaght, 30). Elizabeth: Wedded to UNK Gordon (Slaght, 30). Mary: Wedded to UNK Chamberlain (Slaght, 30). Thomas: Wedded to Julia Dawson; Died at Trenton, New Jersey (Slaght, 30). Cornelius: Had issue (possible) (see Slaght, 17).
9.5. John Slack: Baptised at Maidenhead, New Jersey, 17 April 1715; Wedded to Jane Winder; Settled in Makefield Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; Died, before 1 October 1785 (Slaght, 10). Cornelius Slack: Born at Lower Makefield Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, July 1742; Wedded to Elizabeth Spear, 5 February 1765; Died, age 68 years 3 months, 10 October 1810; Buried at Presbyterian Churchyard, Newtown, Pennsylvania; Served in the Bensalem Company, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, during the Revolutionary War (Slaght, 17, 30). Jane: Wedded to Lamb Torbert (Slaght, 30). John: Wedded to Frances UNK (Slaght, 30). Anna: Wedded to Joseph Johnson (Slaght, 30). David: Wedded to Jane Worthington (Slaght, 30). Mary: Died, 13 August 1817 (Slaght, 30). William: (Slaght, 30). Elizabeth: Died, 1822 (Slaght, 30). Cornelius: (Slaght, 30). Deborah: (Slaght, 30). Elias: (Slaght, 30). Thomas Slack: Born at Lower Makefield Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, about 1744; Wedded to Sarah Jobe; Served in the Bensalem Company, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, during the Revolutionary War; Died at Oxford (probable), Chester County, Pennsylvania (Slaght, 17, 30). John: Wedded to Sarah Eliza Moore (Slaght, 30). Jane: Wedded to Thomas Patterson (Slaght, 30). Joseph: Born at Lower Makefield Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; Wedded to UNK McMasters; Wedded to Mary Van Hart; Served in the Bensalem Company, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, during the Revolutionary War; Relocated (probable) to Upper Oxford, Chester County, Pennsylvania (Slaght, 17, 30). John (son of UNK McMasters): (Slaght, 30). James (son of UNK McMasters): (Slaght, 30). Joseph: Wedded to Hannah Lewis  (Slaght, 30). Jane: Wedded to Phineas Roberts  (Slaght, 30). Noah: Wedded to Jenkey Margerum  (Slaght, 30). Jacob: Wedded to Susan White, 19 October 1820 (Slaght, 30). Mary Ann: Wedded to George S. Duer (Slaght, 30). Ephraim: Wedded to Elizabeth Heston (Slaght, 30). Anne: (Slaght, 30). Elizabeth: Wedded to Israel Roberts (Slaght, 30). Timothy: (Slaght, 17). Noah: Wedded to Rachel UNK; Served in the Bensalem Company, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, during the Revolutionary War; Bequeathed 83 acres of land at Upper Makefield Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, upon his death, 1792 (Slaght, 17, 31). Henry: (Slaght, 31). Letitia: (Slaght, 31). Esther: Wedded to Greenbury Samuels at Kanawha County, West Virginia, 1 June 1802 (Slaght, 31). Mary: Mentioned as underage, 1792 or 1803 (Slaght, 31). Samuel: Mentioned as underage, 1792 or 1803 (Slaght, 31). Benjamin: Mentioned as underage, 1792 or 1803 (Slaght, 31). Hannah: Mentioned as underage, 1792 or 1803 (Slaght, 31). Charles: Mentioned as underage, 1792 or 1803 (Slaght, 31). Phillip: (Slaght, 17). John: Born at Lower Makefield Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 27 June 1754; Enlisted in the Revolutionary Army at Pennsylvania, under Captain Jacob McConkey and Major James McMasters, 1776; Reenlisted at Virginia, under Captain Adam Vinsells and Colonel Meriwether; Relocated from Loudon County, Virginia, to Zanesville, Washington Township, Muskingum County, Ohio, 1806; Wedded to Sarah Lapose; Wedded to Elizabeth Swank; Died, 17 April 1838; Buried at Sonora Cemetery (Slaght, 17, 32). John: Wedded to UNK Burley (Slaght, 32). Jacob: Born, 1788; Wedded to Mary Hawk; Died, 1876 (Slaght, 32). George: (Slaght, 32). Elizabeth: Wedded to Rev. UNK Martin, 1760; Died, age 22 years (Slaght, 17). Note: Slaght cited the genealogy of Eliphalet Slack in reference to Elizabeth.
9.6. Abraham Slack: Born at Maidenhead, New Jersey (probable), after 1715; Relocated to a place one mile north of Yardleyville, Lower Makefield Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; Member of the 'Committe of Safety' during the American Revolution; Namesake of 'Slack's Island,' located in the Delaware River; Patented 5,000 acres in Ohio from the government by the Military Land Law; Wedded twice to either Elizabeth Stuveysant and Martha Titus (Lipscomb) or Ann Richards and Martha Anderson; Died 30 August 1802; Buried at the Presbyterian Churchyard, Newtown, Pennsylvania (Slaght, 10). Note: Slaght concluded that Elizabeth Slack bore his children. Abraham: Born at Lower Makefield, 1754; Wedded to Elizabeth Torbet; Wedded (possible) to Ann Mathews; Relocated to Ann Arundel County, Maryland, 1811; Enlisted with the Newtown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Militia, 26 December 1776; Died, Bedford County Pennsylvania (Slaght, 18, 32). John: Born, 1778 (possible); Wedded to Nancy Huddleston; Died, 1826 (Slaght, 32). Hannah: Baptised at Presbyterian Church, Newton Pennsylvania, 17 January 1779; Wedded to Thomas Cunningham (Slaght, 32). James: Baptised at Newtown Presbyterian Church, 18 February 1781 (Slaght, 32). Martha: Baptised at Newtown Presbyterian Church, 4 January 1784; Wedded to Philip Slack (possible) Joseph: (Slaght, 32). Esther: Baptised at Newtown Presbyterian Church, 21 March 1790 (Slaght, 32). Cornelius: Born, 1793; Wedded to Elinor Brown; Wedded to Sarah Hull (Slaght, 32). Elizabeth: Baptised at Newtown Presbyterian Church, 14 September 1794 (Slaght, 32). Cornelius: Born at Lower Makefield, 1755; Wedded to Sarah Hellings; Resident at Yardley, Pennsylvania; Member of Presbyterian Church, Newtown, Pennsylvania; Died, 1828 (Slaght, 18). John: (Slaght, 32). Benjamin: (Slaght, 32). Abraham: Born, 1794; Wedded to Frances Gurtin (Slaght, 32). Aaron: (Slaght, 32). Cornelius: (Slaght, 32). Joshua: (Slaght, 32). Ann: Wedded to Wesley Stackhouse (Slaght, 32). Sarah: Wedded to Amos Johnson (Slaght, 32). Mary: Wedded to Isaiah Balderson (Slaght, 32). Rachel: Wedded to Charles Young; Resident at Edgewood, Bucks County, Pennsylvania (Slaght, 32). Addie: Wedded to James La Rue (Slaght, 32). James (Henry) Slack: Born at Lower Makefield, 1756. "He assisted General Washington in rowing the army across the Delaware River at the Battle of Trenton: 'A young man of about 20, son of Abraham Slack' [Pa. Hist. Soc. 4-152]" (Slaght, 33); Employed as a Farmer; Wedded to Alice Torbet; Died, 31 June 1832 (Slaght, 18, 33). Abraham: Baptised, 10 December 1780; Wedded to Mary Mann (Slaght, 33) Elijah: Baptised, December 1782; Wedded to Sophia B. Leake (Slaght, 33) James Slack: Born at Lower Makefield Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; Baptised, at Lower Makefield Township, 25 July 1787; Wedded to Sarah Simpson, 18 December 1811; Relocated to Muncie, Indiana, 1837; Died at Muncie, 23 January 1847. (Slaght, 33, 50) William Simpson Horatio M. Caroline L. James R Slack.: Born at Bucks County, Pennsylviania, 28 September 1818; Relocated to Delaware County, Indiana, 1837; Relocated to Huntington, Indiana, 1940; Wedded to Nancy Thompson; Employed as a Lawyer, Schoolmaster, Indiana State Senator; Employed as Judge of the 28th District, 1873; Enlisted in the Army during the Civil War and rose to the rank of Major General; Died at Chicago, Illinois, 28 July 1881; Buried at Huntingdon, Indiana (Slaght, 67) Josiah Alice Isabella George Washington Margaret Ann Torbert Mary Elizabeth Sarah J. Anthony Torbert Alice: Baptised, 16 August 1789; Wedded to David McNair; Died, 1830 (Slaght, 33) Hannah: (Slaght, 33) Elias: (Slaght, 33) Sarah: Wedded to Moses Kelley (Slaght, 18).
8.4. Johannes Hendrickse Sleght: Born at Brooklyn, New York, after 1666; Relocated to new York City, 1698; Relocated to Staten Island, 1704 and then settledt at Southampton, Bucks County, Pennsylvania [ Tingley pp. 337-340); Wedded to Catherine Jacobse Bergen; Wedded to Elsje Fredericks (Slaght, 7). Elsie: Baptised, 3 May 1704; Wedded to Isaac van Horn (Slaght, 10). Hendrick: Baptised, 15 September 1706; Wedded to Catalyntje Nevyus; Settled in Buck's County, Pennsylvaina. (Slaght, 10, 18). Catalina: Baptised, 25 January 1741 (Slaght, 18). Elsie: Baptised, 10 October 1742 (Slaght, 18). Jannitie: Baptised, 16 September 1744 (Slaght, 18). Roeloff (Ralph) Slack: Born at Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 1748; Employed as a Ranger on the Pennsylvania Frontier, Northumberland County, 1778; Assessed for 150 acres of land at Muncy, Northumberland (now Lycoming) County, on the taxk lists, 1778-1877; Warrantee of 40 acres of land at Muncy, Northumberland County; Died, before 28 December 1792 (Slaght, 18, 33). Ralph: Born at Muncy, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania (probable), 17 February 1777; Wedded to Nancy Still; Wedded to Margaret Riley (Slaght, 33). Ezekiel: Wedded to Jane Smith (Slaght, 33). Henry: Mentioned on the tax list, Delaware County, Ohio, 1810 (Slaght, 33). Ann (Slaght, 33). Sarah (Slaght, 33). Milicent (Slaght, 33). Emelia (Slaght, 33). Hendrick: Baptised, 22 April 1750. Employed (possible) as a Ranger on the Pennsylvania Frontier, Northumberland County (Slaght, 18). Neeltje: Baptised, 9 June 1754 (Slaght, 18). Jacob: Baptised, 31 July 1757; Resident of Muncy, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania (Slaght, 18). Jacob: Baptised, 15 September 1708; Wedded to Elizabeth Van Horn; Settled at Nashaminy, Bucks County, Pennsylvania (Slaght, 10). Jeneke: Baptised at Dutch Reformed Church, Bensalem, Pennsylvania, 14 April 1735; Died young (Slaght, 19). Catryna: Baptised, 13 April 1738. Wedded to John M. Shafer at Churchville, Pennsylvania (Slaght, 19). Johannes: Baptised, 25 November 1739; Died young (Slaght, 19). Jannetje: Baptised, 7 June 1741; Died young (Slaght, 19). Elizabeth: Baptised, 24 April 1743; Wedded to John Lindley (Slaght, 19). Alice (Elsie): Baptised, 25 August 1745; Wedded to John Meyers (Slaght, 19). Jacob Schlecht: Baptised at Neshaminy, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 15 August 1756; Wedded to Elizabeth Straker, 29 April 1774; Wedded to Catherine UNK; Assessed for 100 acres of land at Plainfield Township, on the tax rolls, 1786; Known also as 'Jacob Slacht,' 'Slect,' 'Jacob Slecht,' 'Jacob Schlegt,' 'Schleght,' 'Jacob Shleght,' 'Jacob Sleght,' and 'Jacob Slight'; Died, 1796 (Slaght, 19, 34). Maria Eva: Baptised, 22 October 1780; Wedded to Henry Ettinger at First Reformed Church, Easton, Pennsylvania (Slaght, 34). Sarah: Baptised, 10 February 1782; Wedded to Daniel Weber at First Reformed Church, Easton, Pennsylvania (Slaght, 34). Magdalena: Baptised, 14 March 1784; Wedded to John Hauch at First Reformed Church, Easton, Pennsylvania (Slaght, 34). Abraham: Baptised, 21 December 1785; Wedded to Elizabeth Unangst; Died at Stroud Township, Northampton County, 1827 (Slaght, 34). Jacob: Baptised, 14 September 1787 (Slaght, 34). Louisa: Baptised, 15 October 1789 (Slaght, 34). Daniel Sleight: Mentioned, 28 April 1810; Wedded to Deborah UNK; Sold land valued at $90 at Stroudsburg, Northampton County, 17 April 1832; Sold land valued at $60 at Eaton, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania; Listed at Eaton, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, in U.S. Census, 1840 (Slaght, 34). John Adam: Baptised, 22 January 1792; Wedded to Susanna Bender (Slaght, 34). Leonard: Baptised, 14 September 1794 (Slaght, 34). Johannes: Baptised, 15 August 1756; Wedded to Fanny Updeek (Slaght, 19). Sarah: Baptised, 15 August, 1756; Wedded to James Young (Slaght, 19). Johannes: Baptised, 11 March 1711; Wedded to Elizabeth Koresen; Wedded to Elizabeth Van Engelen (Slaght, 10). Elizabeth: Baptised at Port Richmond Dutch Reformed Church, 29 February 1736 (Slaght, 19). Sarah (Slaght, 19). Cornelia: Baptised, 17 April 1720; Wedded to Johannes Van Pelt (Slaght, 10). Catherine: Baptised, 17 April 1720; Wedded to George Van Pelt (Slaght, 10). Sarah: Wedded to Cornelius Neefies (From this marriage: Alice) (Slaght, 10).
8.5. Abraham Hendrickse Sleght (Slaght): Born at Brooklyn, New York, probably 1680; Wedded to Jannetje Van der Haven; Settled (probable) at Somerville, Somerset County, New Jersey; Buried at Flatbush, New York, 14 December 1712 (Slaght, 7, 10). Hendrick: Baptised at Dutch Reformed Church, Brooklyn, New York, 17 May 1704; Relocated to Somerville, New Jersey, as a youth; Settled at Roxbury Township, Morris County, New Jersey; Purchased 625 acres of land on the 'Merconetunk' River at Newton, Sussex County, New Jersey, 21 June 1750. Wedded to Anna Sutton; Died, 1787 (Slaght, 11). Note: The order of birth of Hendrick's children is unknown. UNK (daughter): Wedded to Timothy Skinner (Slaght, 20). Job Slaght: Born at Sussex County, New Jersey; Wedded to Elizabeth Johnson at Newton, Sussex County, New Jersey, about 1773; Received 170 acres of land from his father, 6 October 1775; Swore the oath of abjuration and allegiance (to the British Crown?), 6 August 1777; Inherited land from his father, 1787; Sold 220 acres of land at Newton Township (later Byram) to Sam Landon, 2 May 1796; Emigrated from New Jersey, United States of America, to Ontario, Canada, and purchased 200 acres of land at Long Point Settlement, 21 July 1796; Settled on lots Eight and Nine in the Eighth Concession, Townsend; Purchased 1,400 acres from James Second; Financed the construction of Avery Mill, Waterford, Ontario; Appointed Constable at Townsend (Slaght, 20, 35). Henry: Wedded to Abigail Heminover (Slaght, 35). Job: Wedded to Patience Robinson; Wedded to Elizabeth Mills (Slaght, 35). Cornelius: Wedded to Anna Dudbridge (Slaght, 35). John: Wedded to Mary Malcolm; Settled near Scotland, Norfolk, Brant County, Ontario, Canada (Slaght, 35). Aaron: Wedded to Catharine Whitehead (Slaght, 35). Sarah: Wedded to Abraham Messacar (Slaght, 35). Elizabeth: Wedded to Ezra Parney (Slaght, 35). Mary: Wedded to John Barber (Slaght, 35). UNK (daughter): Wedded to Jesse Sutton (Slaght, 20). John: Born at Sussex County, New Jersey; Wedded to Elizabeth Clouse at New Jersey; Emigrated from New Jersey, United States of America, to Canada, 1796; Purchased lot 10, Fifth Concession of Townsend, Norfolk, Ontario, 4 September 1800; Employed as a Machinist and "spent a good share of his time in the study of perpetual motion"; Constructed the first saw mill at Boston Corners; Appointed to succeed his brother Job as Constable at Townsend, 11 June 1806 (Slaght, 20, 35). Mary: Wedded to Philip Austin (Slaght, 35). Elizabeth: Wedded to Aaron Barber (Slaght, 35). Sarah: Wedded to Solomon Austin (Slaght, 35). Anna: Wedded to George Woodley (Slaght, 35). William: Wedded to Elizabeth Parney (Slaght, 35). Henry: Wedded to Harriet Hazelton (Slaght, 35). Philip: Wedded to Elizabeth Murray (Slaght, 35). George: (Slaght, 35). Joseph: Wedded to Palmyria Murray (Slaght, 35). Job: Wedded to Lavinia Shaw (Slaght, 35). John: Wedded to UNK Shaw (Slaght, 35). UNK (daughter): Wedded to UNK Robinson (Slaght, 20). Richard Slaght: Born at Sussex County, New Jersey; Assessed for 157 acres and ten head of horses or cattle at Hardistown Township, 1774; Wedded to Sarah UNK; Received land from his father, 1774; Inherited land from his father, 1787; Emigrated from Hardyston, New Jersey to Ontario, Canada, 1796; Sold his property at New Jersey, 1801; Settled at Oakland, Brant, Ontario, Canada (Slaght, 20, 36). UNK (daughter): Wedded to UNK Cunningham (Slaght, 36). UNK (daughter): Wedded to UNK Cunningham (Slaght, 36). Peter Slack: Enlisted in the New Jersey (Loyalist) Volunteers, under Captain Silas Hopkins, 2 February 1777; Served under Captain Benjamin Barton and taken prisoner by the 'Rebels,' 22 August 1777; Survived for 39 years beyond his reported death on a roster of Loyalist Volunteers, 25 May 1779; Wedded to UNK (Slaght, 20, 36). Cornelius: Wedded to Sarah UNK (Slaght, 36). Enoch: Wedded to Catherine UNK (Slaght, 36). Joseph: Wedded to Margaret Banghart, 16 May 1840 (Slaght, 36). Charles: Wedded to Elizabeth Frankbover; Died, 1860 (Slaght, 36). Phillip Slaght: Wedded to Roxanna or 'Rosanna' UNK; Owner of 100 acres at Roxbury, Morris County, New Jersey, 1780; Inherited land from his father, 1787 (Slaght, 20). James Slaght: Listed on the tax list of Hardyston, New Jersey, 1774 and 1780; Inherited land from his father, 1787 (Slaght, 20). Elsje: Baptised 29 May 1705 at Dutch Reformed Church, Brooklyn, New York, 29 May 1705; Wedded to David Coriel; Had issue (see Slaght, 11). Cornelius Slaght: Baptised at Dutch Reformed Church, Brooklyn, New York, 22 February 1708; Wedded to Elizabeth Marlat; Settled at Raritan Valley, before 1715; Resident (probable) at Bound Brook, Piscataway Township, Middlesex County, New Jersey; Employed as a Boatman; Died of drowning, 1745 (Slaght, 11, 20). UNK (daughter): Wedded to Robert Allen. Cornelius: Relocated to Roxbury, Morris County, 1752; Purchased land between Succasunna and Kenvil, New Jersey; Employed at Succasunna as Tavern Keeper; Landowner at Drakeville. Jannetje: Baptised at Dutch Reformed Church, Harlingen, 1 April 1731. Jeremiah: Born, 1733; Died, March 1796; Buried at Presbyterian Churchyard, Succasunna, New Jersey. Israel: Possibly born, 10 October 1764; Possibly resident at Mexico, Oswego County, New York. Abraham Slaght (possible): Mentioned (possible) at Somerset County, New Jersey, 1735-1740 (Slaght, 11).
8.6. Anna Catharina Sleght: Baptised, 12 July 1685; Wedded to Jurran Hofs at Brooklyn, New York, Whitmonday, 1707 [Dutch Reformed Church of Flatbusch, N.Y. Records, p. 421] (Slaght, 7).
7.2. Jan Cornelisz Slecht: Baptised at Woerden, 6 March 1643; Killed by American Indians, 1659 (PlompSlaght). Note: Slaght named Jan as the eldest child of Cornelius Barentse Slecht.
7.3. Jaquemijne (Jacomijntje) Cornelisdr Slecht: Baptised at Woerden, 25 July 1645; Wedded to Jan Kunst at Wildwijck, 29 April 1663 (From this marriage: Heyltje Kunst, wife of Nicolaas Roosevelt and forbear of two American Presidents {Some researchers have concluded that Jacomijntje Cornelisdr Slecht adopted her daughter Heyltje Kunst from the previous marriage of Jan Kunst}); Wedded to Gerrit Focken at Kingston, NY, 1668; Wedded to Jan Elting, 1677 (PlompSlaght). Note: Slaght named 'Jacomyntie' as the second child of Cornelius Barentse Slecht.
7.4. Annitgen (Annetje) Cornelisdr Slecht: Baptised at Woerden, 18 October 1647; Wedded to Cornelis Hoogeboom, 17 August 1676; Died 4 May 1719 (PlompSlaght). Note: Slaght named Annetje as the third child of Cornelius Barentse Slecht.
7.5. Petronella (Pieternelletje) Slecht: Wedded to Jochem Schoonmaker, 31 August 1679; Died between 29 April 1687 and 24 August 1690; Had issue (PlompSlaght). Note: Slaght named Petronella as the sixth and youngest child of Cornelius Barentse Slecht.
7.6. Mattijs Cornelisz Slecht: Wedded to Maria Crespel/Crispel(l); Witness to a deed at Ulster County, New York, 13 December 1686 [N.Y.G.&B. 70] (Slaght, 7); Mentioned 6 November 1707; Mentioned on the tax list at Kingston, New York, 1709 (PlompSlaght, 7); Note: Slaght named Mattijs (Mattys) as the fifth child of Cornelius Barentse Slecht. Maria: Baptised, 28 August 1681; Wedded to Johannes Schepmoes (Slaght, 7). Tryntje: Baptised, 27 January 1684; Wedded to Mattys Mattysen Van Keuren (Slaght, 7). Mattys: Born at Kingston, New York; Baptised at Kingston, 13 June 1686; Wedded to Catalynt(i)je Kip; Settled at Rhinebeck area, Dutchess County, New York; Died, (probable) 5 January 1756 (Slaght, 7, 11). Matthew (Mattys): Baptised, 11 April 1711; Relocated to New York City, age 30 years; Joined the Dutch Reformed Church of New York, 25 August 1741; Employed as a Merchant; Possibly wedded to Fermetje Clock; Wedded to Elizabeth Pell, 7 January 1744; Died before 28 June 1762 (Slaght, 11, 21). Catherine: Possibly wedded to Preter Mesier; Died, after 28 June 1762 and before 4 June 1765 (Slaght, 21). Matthew: Probably died, before 1781 (Slaght, 21). Anna: Baptised, 12 October 1712; Wedded to Tunis Bunschoten; Died, 23 November 1803; Buried at New Hackensack Dutch Church Yard, Wappengers, Dutchess County, New York (Slaght, 11). Hendrickus: Baptised, 15 November 1713; Died young (Slaght, 12). Maria: Baptised, 16 October, 1715; Died young (Slaght, 12). Hen(d)rickus: Baptised, 9 June 1717; Wedded to Ragel Jansen at Old Dutch Church, Kingston, New York, 13 November 1741; Died at Rhinebeck, New York, 21 March 1762 (Slaght, 12, 21). Mayke: Baptised, 5 December 1742 (Slaght, 22). Matthew: Baptised, 12 August 1744; Died, 19 March 1763 (Slaght, 22). Catalyntie: Baptised, 21 September 1746; Wedded to Jeremiah Van Aken; Died 22 November 1806; Buried at Dutch Church Cemetery, Rhinebeck, New York (Slaght, 22). Anatje: Baptised, 17 March 1751; Wedded to Jacobus Schoonmaker (Slaght, 22). Maria: Baptsied, 16 October 1720; Wedded to Moses Conteyn (Slaght, 12). Johannes: Baptised, 26 August 1724; Wedded to Francisca Le Komte; Died at Rhinebeck, New York, 24 January 1752 (Slaght, 12). Mattheus: Baptised, 23 December 1750. Cornelis: Baptised, 23 April 1727 (Slaght, 12). Tryntje: Baptised, 25 June 1729; Wedded to Johannes Leydt (From this marriage: Elizabeth, born 16 July 1749) (Slaght, 12). Cornelis: Baptised 7 September 1688; Died young (Slaght, 7). Antoni Sleght: Born at Kingston, New York; Baptised at Kingston, 25 May 1690; Wedded to Neetje Boogaard, 1 November 1715; Mentioned on the Kingston tax list, 1718/19 (Slaght, 7, 12). Catherine: Baptised, 3 October 1725; Wedded to Abraham Turck, 13 October 1750; Had issue (see Slaght, 12). Maria Magdalena: Baptised, 9 February 1718; Wedded to Johannes Schepmoes; Died, before 1756 (Slaght, 12). Janettie: Baptised, 23 September 1716; Wedded to Johannes Thomas; Died, before 1756 (Slaght, 12). Lydia: Baptised, 10 September 1721 (Slaght, 12). Jan Sleight: Baptised at Kingston, New York, 1 November 1694; Wedded to Elizabeth Smedes at Dutch Church, Kingston, 6 August 1716 (Slaght, 7). Benjamin Sleght: Baptised, 25 December 1717; Wedded to Anna Swart (Slaght, 12). Johannis: Baptised, 7 September 1740; Wedded to Emi (Amy) Dyn; Member of Orange County Militia, 4th Regiment; Died, age 79 years 2 months 10 days, 15 November 1819; Buried at Presbyterian Churchyard, Pleasant Valley, Dutchess County, New York (Slaght, 22). Elizabeth: Baptised, 6 September 1741 (Slaght, 22). Eyghe: Baptised, 6 September 1743; Died 1789 (Slaght, 22). Tunis: Baptised, 10 June 1744; Wedded to Rachel De Lameter (Slaght, 22). Annatje: Baptised, 4 May 1746; Wedded to Coenrad Elmendorf Jr. (Slaght, 22). Rachel: Baptised, 13 March 1748 (Slaght, 22). Cornelia: Baptised, 4 March 1750 (Slaght, 22). Benjamin: Baptised, 10 May 1752 (Slaght, 22). Petrus: Baptised, 10 May 1752 (Slaght, 22). Catherine: Baptised, 19 June 1757 (Slaght, 22). Henricus B.: Baptised, 17 May 1759; Wedded to Catharine Swart (Slaght, 22). Johannes Sleght: Baptised at Kingston, New York, 18 November 1719; Wedded to Elizabeth Elmendorf, 9 May 1746; Resident at Hurley (near Kingston), New York; Wedded to Gerritje Van Benschoten, 16 September 1758; Employed as a Brewer; Served as trustee of Corporation of Kingston; "Prior to the Revolution, he served as chairman of the committee that secured signatures to the General Assembly of 1775"; Died, before 24 March 1791 (Slaght, 12, 23). Elizabeth: Baptised, 26 September 1746; Wedded to Oke Sudam, 11 April 1768 (Slaght, 23). Ariantjen: Baptised, 16 April 1749 (Slaght, 23). John: Baptised, 12 January 1751/1752; Wedded to Catherine Bogardus; Wedded to Marie Luckey (Slaght, 23). Margrietjen: Baptised, 8 September 1754; Wedded to Gerrit Van Keuren (Slaght, 23). Sara: Baptised, 22 June 1759; Wedded to Robert Montgomery (Slaght, 23). Solomon: Baptised, 17 March 1765; Listed at Newburgh, New York in the Census, 1800 (Slaght, 23). Petrus: Baptised, 17 September 1721 (Slaght, 12). Abraham Sleght (Sleight): Born at Kingston, New York; Baptised, 24 may 1724; Wedded to Arriantje Elmendorf at Old Dutch Church, Kingston, New York, 14 December 1751; Served in the Dutchess 6th Regiment and Dutchess County Militia 2nd Regiment, during the Revolutionary War; Listed at Fishkill (now La Grange), New York, in the Census, 1790 (Slaght, 12, 23). Jacobus: Baptised, 20 April 1753; Wedded to Elsje De Riemer at Dutch Reformed Church, Fishkill, New York, 27 February 1799 (Slaght, 23). Abraham: Baptised, 27 July 1755; Wedded to Ruth Roe (Slaght, 23). Arriantje: Baptised, 16 October 1757 (Slaght, 23). Johannus: Baptised, 2 June 1760; Wedded to Alletta Swartout at Dutch Reformed Church, Fishkill, New York, 29 March 1800 (Slaght, 23). Elizabeth: Baptised, 15 August 1762 (Slaght, 23). Petrus: Baptised, 14 October 1764; Wedded to Phebe Griffin (Slaght, 23). Magdalena: Baptised, 10 July 1726 (Slaght, 12). Rachel: Baptised, 4 January 1730 (Slaght, 12). Petrus Jansen Sleght: Baptised at Kingston, New York, 26 June 1732; Wedded to Catherine Contine, 5 December 1769; Listed at Kingston in the Census, 1790; Died at Kingston (Slaght, 12, 23). Johannes: Baptised, 10 January 1770; Wedded to Helena Eckert (Slaght, 23). Hendricus Sleght: Baptised, 2 February 1735; Wedded to Mary De Lametter at Dutch Reformed Church, Kingston, New York, 15 January 1764; Died, before 7 March 1765 (Slaght, 12). Jan: Baptised, 25 December 1764 (possible) (Slaght, 24). Henry: Baptised, 12 August 1766 (possible) (Slaght, 24). Rachel: (Slaght, 12). Petronella: (Slaght, 12). Elizabeth: (Slaght, 12). Cornelis: Baptised, 10 October 1697; "Joined the Dutch Reformed Church, New York City, New York, 24 November 1725 [ N.Y.G.&B. 60-157]" (Slaght, 8). Petrus Sleight: Baptised at Kingston, New York, 21 September 1701; Employed as a Cordwayner; Relocated to New Brunswick, New Jersey, 18 February 1724; Wedded to Catharintja (Catrena), who died before 27 October 1749; Wedded to Elizabeth Meyer, before 27 October 1749; Died, before 14 September 1772 (Slaght, 8, 13). John: Baptised at First Dutch Reformed Church, New Brunswick, New Jersey, 11 January 1736 at New Brunswick, New Jersey; Wedded to Engeltje; Died, before 18 February 1775 (Slaght, 24). Catharine: Baptised, 30 August 1761 (Slaght, 24). Sara: Baptised, 3 July 1763 (Slaght, 24). Elizabeth: Baptised, 23 June 1765 (Slaght, 24). Johannes: Baptised, 25 January 1767 (Slaght, 24). Matthew: Born at New Brunswick, New Jersey (probable); Loyal to the British Crown and known as a 'Tory'; Wedded to Neeltje Van Duerson; Wedded to Maria Vredenburg; Died before 8 August 1804. Catrina: Baptised, 3 July 1763 (Slaght, 24). Petrus: Baptised, 28 April 1765 (Slaght, 24). Hendrick: Baptised, 25 January 1767 (Slaght, 24). John: Baptised, 13 December 1781; Died, before 4 April 1814 (Slaght, 24). Philip F.: Wedded to Nancy Reed, 14 March 1807 (Slaght, 25). Matthew L.: (Slaght, 25). James: Wedded to Rebecca Van Meter (Slaght, 25). Maria: (Slaght, 25). Peterius: Baptised, 16 July 1738. Peterius: Baptised, 16 July 1739. Cornelis: Baptised, 28 July 1742. Henry (Hen[d]ricus) Sleight (Slegt): Baptised at Kingston, New York, 22 December, 1706; Wedded at Kingston, New York, to Sarah (Zara) Kierstede, 3 January 1736; Mayor of Kingston, about 1776; Master of Ceremonies for General George Washington at Kingston, 1782; Died, before 15 June 1784 (Slaght, 8, 13; Sleight, 22). Henricus: Baptised, 7 May 1738; Died (possible), 9 June 1787 (Slaght, 13). Helena: Baptised, 29 June 1739; Wedded to Henry Jansen, 14 November 1760; Inherited the Henry Sleight House at Kingston, 15 June 1784 (Slaght, 13). John Henry (Hans) Sleight: Baptised at Kingston, New York, 13 December 1741;
Listed as a provincial Soldier, 1761; Wedded to Mary Carman, 11 May 1763; Relocated to Fishkill, New York; Relocated to Cherry Street, New York City, 1779; Listed as 'John H. Sleck' in the Census, 1790; Employed as a Merchant; Friend of General George Washington at New York City and later business associate of the same at Virginia and North Carolina; Associate of General Lafayette (Sleight, 22; Slaght, 13, Slaght, 25). Henry: Born or Baptised, 6 May 1764; Wedded to Mary Remsen (Slaght, 25). Mary: Mentioned, 12 April 1766 (Slaght, 25). Sarah: Mentioned, 13 February 1769 (Slaght, 25). John: Mentioned, 14 December 1771; Wedded to Mary H (Slaght, 25). Cornelius: Mentioned, 7 January 1774; Wedded to Hannah Rysam (Slaght, 25). Elizabeth: Mentioned, 14 December 1778 (Slaght, 25). Augustus Lafayette: Named at Birth by General Lafayette; Mentioned 1780; Wedded to Clarissa Rose (Slaght, 25). Marritgen Barentsdr Slecht: Mentioned 1637-1673; Midwife of Woerden, 1655-1673; Wedded to Cornelis Dircksz Griffioen alias 'boekendekoeck,' 1635; Had issue (see Plomp).
3.3. Gerrit Peter Florisz: Mentioned as user of land in Harmelen and Haanwijk, 1536 (Plomp).