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Singleton UK Map Singleton US Map


Singleton - Lineage 1


DNA of S-11 is a 36/37 match with S-5 and S-9 (see next patriarch).  Edmund Singleton is most likely an ancestor of Eldridge Madison Singleton. 


  • Edmund Singleton b 1755 VA d 1845 Lumpkin Co, GA m Elizabeth LNU
    • James Singleton b VA
    • Edmund Singleton b VA
    • Robert Singleton b 1788 Montgomery Co, NC
    • William Greene Singleton b NC
      • Edmund Singleton b 1820 d 1911
        • Daniel Madison Singleton b 1848 d 1930
    • John Henry Singleton b 1799 NC m Elizabeth Burtz
      • Levi Edmund Singleton b 1849 in S/NC d 1930 m 1) Sarah Elizabeth Emerson 2)Rexie Woods Wright
        • James Henry Singleton b 1883 Forysth Co, GA d 1911 Forysth Co, GA m Uner Lee Jones - S-11 - [csingleton AT]
    • Thomas Singleton b NC
    • George Singleton b NC
    • Jincey (female) Singleton b NC
    • Overstreet Singleton b 1802 Montgomery Co., NC


  • Eldridge Madison Singleton b c1826 d 1895 Starks, LA, m 1) Theresa Jane Thomas 2) Martha Hayes 3) Sina Clark
    • Richard H. L. Singleton b 1849 Barbour Co, AL
    • Elizabeth Singleton b 1851 Barbour Co, AL
    • Sarah Slyetha Singleton b 1854 Barbour Co, AL d 1912 Nacogdoches, TX 
    • Charles Engram Franklin Singleton b 1856 Barbour Co, AL or Bossier Pa., LA 
      • David H. Singleton b 1885 TX d 1966 Santa Cruz, CA
      • William Howell Singleton b 1888 Grapeland, TX
    • David Alexander Singleton, Sr. b 1858 Barbour Co, AL or Bossier Pa., LA d 1932 Houston, TX, m Lillie McCullen
      • David Alexander Singleton, Jr. b 1897 TX
      • Nellie Singleton b 1899 TX
      • Foster McMullen Singleton, Sr. b 1902 Lufkin, TX
      • Tennie Singleton b 1903 Lufkin, TX
      • Eldridge M. Singleton b 1906 Lufkin, TX
      • Robert Maas Singleton b 1912 Lufkin, TX d 1998 Missouri City, TX - S-9 - [dsingleton AT]
    • Andrew Jefferson Singleton b 1861 Black Lake, LA d 1949 Kirbyville, TX
    • William L. Singleton b 1863 LA d 1905 Lufkin, TX
    • James Madison Singleton b 1865 Polk Co, TX d 1948 Lufkin, TX, m Carolyn Elizabeth Haygood
      • Darwin Eldridge Singleton, Sr. b 1894 Lufkin, TX d 1970 Alameda, CA
      • James Percy Singleton b 1895 Lufkin, TX d 1901 Lufkin, TX
      • Neill Singleton, Sr. b 1899 Lufkin, TX d 1962
        • Ted Lanier Singleton b 1935 Potter Co., TX d 1954
      • Sherwood Singleton b 1901 Lufkin, TX d 1903 Lufkin, TX
      • James Maxwell "Max" Singleton b 1903 Lufkin, TX
      • Evelyn Delene Singleton b 1905 Lufkin, TX d 1994 Lufkin, TX
      • Jefferson Lafayette Singleton b 1907 Lufkin, TX d 1985 Lufkin, TX
        • Jeff Carter Singleton b 1933 Lufkin, TX d 1995
      • Eustace Byron Singleton, Sr. b 1909 Lufkin, TX d 1996 Amarillo, TX
      • LCDR William Madison Singleton b 1911 Lufkin, TX d 1982 Amarillo, TX - S-5  - [dansingleton AT]
    • Rose Anna Singleton b 1867 TX
    • Leonard Lafayette Singleton b 1872 TX d 1922 Nacogdoches, TX
      • Clara L. Singleton b c1899 TX
      • Alma Singleton b c1906 TX
      • Lester Lafayette Singleton b 1913 TX d 1998 Palestine, TX
    • Louisa Singleton b 1884 Terry, TX d 1914 Baston Prairie, TX
    • Melisa Ann Singleton b 1885 LA d 1963
    • Octavia Singleton b 1886 LA d 1969 Terry, TX
    • John Madison Singleton b 1888 Calcasieu Pa, LA d 1929 Denver, CO
      • Jesse E. Singleton b 1916 Calcasieu Pa, LA d 1995 Harlingen, TX
      • James Edward Singleton b 1918 d 1919
    • Leedonia "Donnie" Singleton b 1890 LA
    • Leeoma Singleton b 1892 LA
    • Rachel Singleton b 1893 d c1896
    • George Washington Singleton b 1895 Calcasieu Pa, LA d 1970 Port Arthur, TX



Singleton - Lineage 2


DNA of S-12 is a 60/67 match with S-15 (see next patriarch), proving that Shingleton and Singleton came from the same name.  It is unclear when the name changed, perhaps not until the early 1700s in Virginia as there were Singletons also in Culpeper Co, VA.


  • William Shingleton b c1754 Culpeper Co, VA d 1849 Taylor Co., VA m Elizabeth Lavina LNU 
    • Sanford Shingleton b 1786 Culpeper Co, VA d 1869 Taylor Co, VA m Barsheba Humphrey
    • Absalom Shingleton b ca 1787 Culpeper Co., VA d 1826 Hampshire Co., VA/WV m Martha Pownall
      • William Absalom Shingleton b 1813 d 1866 Hampshire Co., WV m Catherine Pownall
        • Elihu Pownall Shingleton b 1856 d 1893 Hampshire Co., WV m Rebecca Josaphine McDonald
          • Thomas Edward Shingleton b 1888 d 1972 Hampshire Co., WV m Clerisa Viola Doyle S-12 - [sarah AT]  
    • Robert Shingleton b 1790 Culpeper Co, VA d 1853 Taylor Co, VA m Nancy Corbin
    • Polly Shingleton b ca 1795 Culpeper Co, VA
    • John Merle Shingleton b 1796 Culpeper Co, VA d 1883 Taylor Co, WV m Mary Polly Humphrey
      • Anderson Shingleton b 1821 Harrison Co, VA d 1890 Barbour Co, WV m Hannah Gray
        • Abraham H. Shingleton b 1845 Barbour Co, VA d 1923 Taylor Co, WV m Sara Ann Ingram
          • Anderson Shingleton b 1881 Barbour Co, WV m Sarah Ellen Morgan S-14 - [equinechaps AT]
    • Elizabeth Shingleton b 1798 Culpeper Co, VA
    • Jeremiah Shingleton b ca 1801 Culpeper Co, VA m. Elizabeth H. Bennett
    • Eliza Shingleton b ca 1803 Culpeper Co, VA
    • Alexander Shingleton b 1805 Culpeper Co, VA d 1837 S-13


  • Thomas Singleton m Elizabeth Ball

    • William Singleton b 1755 Tarrant Crawford, Dorset Co, England d 1811 m Ann Allengame
      • Thomas Singleton b 1788 d 1825
      • William Singleton b 1790
      • John Singleton b 1792 d 1888 m Elizabeth Parsons
        • William Singleton b 1817 Sturminster Marshall, DOR d 1901 Sturminster Marshall, DOR m 1) Catherine Martin 2)Mary Ann Hammet
          • John Singleton b 1850 Lychett Matravers, DOR d 1935 Sturminster Marshall, DOR m Tamar Grant
            • Henry Singleton b 1876 Sturminster Marshall, DOR m Annie Unknown
            • Alice Singleton b 1878 Sturminster Marshall, DOR m Frank Gillham
            • Lily Singleton b 1883 Sturminster Marshall, DOR
          • Mary Singleton b 1852 Lychett Matravers, DOR
          • Jane Singleton b 1854 Lychett Matravers, DOR d 1931 Sturminster Marshall, DOR m Henry T. Hiscock
          • Charles Singleton b 1856 Lychett Matravers, DOR d 1926 Sturminster Marshall, DOR m Amelia Wadman
            • Frances Singleton b 1890 Sturminster Marshall, DOR m Walter G. Guy
            • Winfred Singleton b 1892 Sturminster Marshall, DOR d 1893 Sturminster Marshall, DOR
            • Elsie Singleton b 1894 Sturminster Marshall, DOR m William Goss
            • Daisy Singleton b 1897 Sturminster Marshall, DOR
            • Arthur Singleton b 1900 Sturminster Marshall, DOR d 1986 m Winifred Wescott
          • William Singleton b 1858 Lychett Matravers, DOR d 1863 Sturminster Marshall, DOR
          • Tom Singleton b 1860 Lychett Matravers, DOR d 1944 Sturminster Marshall, DOR m Emily T. Shepherd
            • Annie Singleton b 1906 Sturminster Marshall, DOR m Frederick Butcher
            • William J. Singleton b 1908 Sturminster Marshall, DOR d 1974 Sturminster Marshall, DOR
            • Frank Singleton b 1915 Sturminster Marshall, DOR d 1979 Sturminster Marshall, DOR m Joyce M. Cox
          • Henry Singleton b 1862 Lychett Matravers, DOR m Edith M. Dean
            • Alice Singleton b 1910 Sturminster Marshall, DOR d 1922 Sturminster Marshall, DOR
          • Annie Singleton b 1864 Lychett Matravers, DOR m Robert M. Cuff
        • James Singleton b 1819 Sturminster Marshall, DOR d 1855 Sturminster Marshall, DOR
        • Thomas Singleton b 1821 Sturminster Marshall, DOR m Sarah Jeans
          • Thomas Jeans Singleton b 1847 Sturminster Marshall, DOR m Harriet Cox
            • Bessie Singleton b 1882 Lytchett Minster, DOR m Percy S. Mussell
            • George Singleton b 1884 Lytchett Minster, DOR
          • William Singleton b 1852 Sturminster Marshall, DOR d 1937 Broadstone, DOR m Annie A. Dennis
            • Louisa R. Singleton b 1876 Lytchett Minster, DOR m Cecil A. Head
            • Emma J. Singleton b 1878 Lytchett Minster, DOR d 1964 Surrey m Thomas A. Stent
            • Sidney C. Singleton b 1880 Broadstone, DOR m Alice Downer
            • Alice A. Singleton b 1880 Broadstone, DOR d 1929 Broadstone, DOR
            • Bessie Singleton b 1881 Broadstone, DOR d 1897 Corfe Mullen
            • Walter F. Singleton b 1883 Broadstone, DOR d 1969 Dorchester m S. Beatrice Cuff
            • Arthur J. Singleton b 1886 Broadstone, DOR
            • Kate F. Singleton b 1889 Broadstone, DOR d 1981 Poole
            • Mabel B. Singleton b 1889 Broadstone d 1981 Broadstone m Edward K. Ford
            • William G. Singleton b 1892 Broadstone d 1970 Poole m Amy Downton
            • Elsie E. Singleton b 1897 Broadstone d 1955 Broadstone m Henry T. Lawford
            • Flossie A. Singleton b 1899 Broadstone d 1972 m Arthur R. L. Corbin
          • Henry Singleton b 1855 Sturminster Marshall, DOR d 1857 Sturminster Marshall, DOR
          • Sarah Singleton b 1858 Corfe Mullen m George Allen
          • George Singleton b 1862 Corfe Mullen, DOR m Kate M. Edwards- S-15 - [dsingleton5 AT], [Colin.Wood AT]
        • Robert Singleton b 1823 Sturminster Marshall, DOR d 1890 Sturminster Marshall, DOR m Fanny Young
          • Charles Singleton b 1859 Lychett Matravers m Emily Green
          • George Singleton b 1861 Lychett Matravers
          • Henry Singleton b 1864 Lychett Matravers d 1864 Poole
        • Martha Singleton b 1826 Sturminster Marshall, DOR d 1903 Sturminster Marshall, DOR
        • Sarah Singleton b 1827 Sturminster Marshall, DOR d 1932 Sturminster Marshall, DOR
        • Elizabeth Singleton b 1830 Sturminster Marshall, DOR d 1922 Sturminster Marshall, DOR m Edwin Kerley
        • Mary Singleton b 1832 Sturminster Marshall, DOR d 1834 Sturminster Marshall, DOR
        • Jane Singleton b 1833 Sturminster Marshall, DOR d 1902 Tarrant Hinton, DOR m Israel Andrews
      • Mary Singleton b 1796 d 1874 m John Bartlett
      • James Singleton b 1797 d 1863 m Mary Boyt
        • Maria Singleton b 1827
        • George Singleton b 1832
        • Amelia Singleton b 1835
        • Kezia Singleton b 1839
      • Henry Singleton b 1799 m Letitia Ballett
        • Louisa Singleton b 1823
        • William Singleton b 1825
        • Henry Singleton b 1826 m Sarah Kerley
        • Ann Singleton b 1830
        • Edward Singleton b 1833
        • William Edward Singleton b 1835
        • Letitia Singleton
        • Miriam Ann Singleton m Martin Kerle



Singleton - Unassigned Lineages



  • John Singleton b c1785 Ireland

    • John Singleton b 1826 Blount Co., TN d 1864 TN m Elizabeth McNutt
      • Margaret Singleton b 1851 Blount Co., TN
      • Mary Mace Singleton b 1853 Blount Co., TN
      • John Reps Singleton b 1856 Blount Co., TN m Mary Ellis
        • Walter L. Singleton b 1880 Blount Co., TN m Nora Bays
          • Hugh R. Singleton b 1903 Etowah, TN - S-2 - [karinajackson AT]
          • W. Lee Singleton b 1904 Blount Co., TN
        • Fred E. Singleton b c1883 Blount Co., TN
        • Horace D. Singleton b c1883 Blount Co., TN
        • J. Homer Singleton b 1889 Blount Co., TN
        • Beryl E. Singleton b 1891 Blount Co., TN
        • John Singleton b 1895 Blount Co., TN
      • Malvina J. Singleton b 1859 Blount Co., TN
      • Jefferson Davis Singleton b 1863 Blount Co., TN m Margaret Ann DeLozier
        • Norma Blanche Singleton b 1890 Blount Co., TN
        • Lester DeLozier Singleton b 1893 Blount Co., TN


  • Job Singleton b c1760 Derbyshire, England - S-3 - [alanallred AT]

    • John Singleton b 1796 Derbyshire, England d 1880 Derbyshire, England m Mary Aldred

      • Sarah Singleton b 1819 Derbyshire, England

      • John Singleton b 1822 Derbyshire, England

      • Robert Singleton b 1823 Derbyshire, England

      • Jonathan Singleton b 1826 Derbyshire, England

      • William Singleton b 1828 Derbyshire, England

      • Martha Singleton b 1830 Derbyshire, England

      • Samueal Singleton b 1833 Derbyshire, England

      • J. Singleton b 1838 Derbyshire, England

      • Jonas Singleton b 1842 Derbyshire, England

    • Jonas Singleton b 1803 Derbyshire, England m Martha Aldred

    • William Singleton b 1809 Derbyshire, England m Mary Roads


  • William Riley Singleton b 1812 MO d 1878 Roseburg, OR

    • Thomas Jefferson Singleton b c1835 KY Possibly related to S-4

      • Edward Singleton b c 1864 OR

      • William Lee Singleton b c1866 OR

      • Ada Singleton b c1869 OR

      • Emma Singleton b c1871 OR

      • Walter Singleton b c1873 OR

      • Minnie Singleton b c1876 OR

    • William Bailey Singleton b c1837 KY



  • James Singleton b c1826 Tazewell, TN m Lucy Caroline Barnard - S-8 - [anita3 AT]

    • Mary M. Singleton b c1852 TN

    • Adaline Singleton b c1854 TN

    • William H. Singleton b c1854 TN

    • Margaret Singleton b c1856 TN

    • Jane Biddy b c1856 TN

    • Alice Singleton b c1858 TN

    • John Singleton b c1858 TN

    • George Singleton b 1859 TN

    • Eliza Singleton b c1864 TN

    • Henry Singleton b 1864 TN

    • Nancy Singleton b c1867 TN


  • June Singleton b Apr 1875/1876 KY m Lula (Louise, Lou) Postel

    • Richard Singleton b 1902 Straight Creek, KY m Lela Vincent S-10 - cburg59 [cburg59 AT]

    • Alberta Singleton b 1905 Straight Creek, KY m Garfield Wheeler


  • Thomas Pitt b 1613 Briston, England........few generations

    • CPT John Singeltary b c1760 d c1795 Beaufort, NC m Alice Easton

      • Rev. John Singeltary b 1792 NC d 1845 Flat Rock, NC m Eliza Williams

        • COL Richard W. Singeltary, b 1837 Washington, NC d 1892, Conant, FL m Mary Jane Pitt

          • George Thomas Singeltary, b 1875 Wilson, NC d 1953 Kissimmee, FL m Leora Pfann S-16 - [gsingeltary AT]




Singleton families without DNA testing

Robert Singleton m Unknown Aves - Deborah G Creamer [debbiec50 AT]

    • Christopher (Columbus?) Singleton, b c1735, m Sarah Hunldey
      • Robert H. Singleton, Sr., b c1755 VA, m Sarah Floyd
        • Robert H Singleton, Jr., b 1775 KY, m Elizabeth Camden
          • Pleasant Singleton, b 1821 KY, m Nancy Camden


John Singleton b c1775 VA m Elizabeth - bkirk1031 [bkirk1031 AT]

  • George Singleton b c1800 SC d 1849
  • Jincey" Jane Singleton b c1802 SC d 1869 TN m George Weeks
  • David Singleton b 1804 SC? m Malinda Glen, Rutha Moyers

· (with first wife)

· Samuel Singleton b 1833

· Jane Singleton b 1835

· Rosiana Singleton b 1836

· (with second wife)

· Viney Singleton b 1840

· William Singleton b 1843

· Eliza Ann Singleton b 1844 Meigs Co., TN d 1920 m William Alfred Kelley

· Rebecca Singleton b 1846

· Mary C Singleton b 1848

  • Robert E. Singleton b c1805
  • Frances Singleton b c1814 SC
  • Sarah Singleton b 1814 d 1905
  • John Henry Singleton b c1817 SC
  • Ann Singleton b c1824 Rhea Co., TN d 1864 m Luke Pierce Martin
  • Mary Singleton b c1825 SC
  • William Singleton b c1827 Rhea Co., TN d 1864 Covington, GA m Nancy Ann May

· Sarah J. Singleton b c1858 TN

· Eliza M. Singleton b 1860 TN

  • Nancy Singleton b c1829 Rhea Co., TN
  • Horace Singleton b c1833 TN d 1895
  • Catherine Singleton b c1834 TN
  • Eliza Singleton b c1837 Meigs Co., TN


Frank Singleton b PA or MD - jwiltsing

    • William H. Singleton b 1870 d 1946 PA or MD
      • Lawrence E. Singleton b 1891 York Co., PA d 1915 York Co., PA
        • Howard W. Singleton b 1911 York Co., PA d 1981 FL


John Elvis Singleton b Oct 1877 d c1958 Ontario m Mary Edith Grice - marymoore [mmmoore123 AT]

    • Harold Singleton b 1907 d c1955 Canada m Phoebe/Penny
    • John McBride Singleton b 26 Apr 1909 d 1988 Ontario m Jenny
    • Alice Singleton b c1911 d c1937
    • Grace Singleton b c1913 d c1930


James Singleton b 1696 d 1739 Beaufort, NC m Anna Margareita Spruill - marcia4618 AT

o William Singleton b 1731 Beaufort, NC d 1789 Beaufort, NC m Bethiah Unknown

o Willoughby Singleton b 1774 Beaufort, NC d 1837 m Jerusha Adams

§ Adam R. Singleton

· Thomas Singleton

o Martha Jane Adeline Singleton


Other Singleton families (works in progress)

John Singleton I (The Elder) b 1708 NC d c1762 Chowan Co., NC m Mary Holmes

    • John Singleton, II, Sr. b c1729 NC d c1791 m Ann Amason
      • John Singleton, Jr. b c1750 NC d Bef 1800 Sumter Co., SC m Frances Terry Langston
        • Hymbrick Singleton b Bef 1784 d c1822 St. Landry Par., LA m Mary Robertson
          • Susannah Singleton b 1807 SC
          • John Robertson Singleton b 1808 Sumpter Dist., SC d 1878 LA m Mary Elizabeth Vernon
            • Frances Marion "Frank" Singleton b 1841 m Lillie Ferguson
            • Matthew Vernon Singleton b  1845
              • Lud Ferguson Singleton
              • Huber Alquin Singleton d 1939
            • Seth Bowie Singleton b 1848 St. Landry Par., LA m Ada Poe
              • Bell Singleton
              • Doris Singleton
              • Claude Singleton
              • John Singleton
              • Marquerite Singleton
            • Andrew Jackson Singleton b 1850 St. Landry Par., LA m Jules Frances Burnitt
              • Simon Sylvester Singleton b 1888 m Clora Simmons
              • Sidney Siam Singleton b 1891 m Viola Mareland
              • Seth Serenas Singleton b 1893 Ward, LA m Emily Margaret Smith
              • Seone Sabina Singleton b 1895
              • Sabilla Speed Singleton b 1898 Ward, LA
              • Silas Spencer Singleton
              • Semeon Servon Singleton b 1902
              • Shermon Sabaston Singleton b 1904 Near Grant, LA d 1983 m Rose Nichols
              • Shelby Sumpter Singleton, Sr. m Alvina Marcantel
            • Ann Eliza Singleton b 1851 St. Landry Par., LA
            • Melissa E. "Dump" Singleton b 1858
          • Andrew Jackson Singleton b c1815 SC m Elizabeth Spencer
          • Frances Singleton b 1814
          • Willie R. Singleton m Rachel Hudson
          • Mary Singleton
          • Sarah Singleton
        • Asa Singleton b c1767 NC d c1824 St. Landry Par., LA m Jane Robertson
          • Frances Mary Singleton
        • Ava Singleton m Allen Barnes
        • Nancy Singleton
        • Mary Singleton
        • Biggers Singleton b c1778 NC
      • Robert Singleton, Sr. b c1756 d c1821 St. Landry Par., LA m Mary “Polly” Daniel
        • Robert Singleton, Jr. b Aft 1775 m Unknown Smith
          • Male John? Singleton b Aft 1810
          • Male Thomas? Singleton b Aft 1804
        • Etheldred Singleton b c1779 d 1824 m Rhoda Holley
          • Martha “Patsy” Singleton b 1804 SC m Moses Newsom
        • Phoebe Singleton b c1790 d c1857 m William Dykes Washington Par., LA
        • Reedy Singleton m Unknown Elsey
        • Edith Singleton m Hasten Dixon Wainwright
    • James Singleton b c1736 NC
      • John D. Singleton d 1825 St. Helena Par., LA


Seth Singleton b c1800 m Mathilda Bundick b c1802 d 1887 New Orleans, LA

    • Robert P. Singleton b c1813 m Margaret Keller
      • Thomas Keller Singleton
    • Charles Bowie Singleton b 1817 St. Landry Par., LA d 1892 New Orleans, LA m Ann Lockland
      • George Seth Singleton b 1852 New Orleans, LA d 1934 m Clementine Phelps
      • Ann Celestine Singleton b 1877
      • Charles Phelps Singleton b 1879
      • Ella Cornelia Singleton b 1881
      • William Edwards Singleton b 1883
      • Helen Louise Emily Singleton b 1885
      • Clementine Georgine Singleton b 1887
      • George Lackland Singleton  d 1944
      • Palmer Christie Singleton b 1892 m Emilie Bauer
      • Marie Lucille Singleton
      • Leila Rachel Singleton b 1897
    • Ann Singleton
    • Lewis Marion Singleton b 1819 St. Landry Par., LA d 1855 m Susan Bundick
      • Leonard Leroy Singleton, Sr. b 1849 m Emma Oliver Dimmitt
        • Leonard Leroy Singleton, Jr. b 1880 Rocheport, MO d 1951 Batson, TX m Annie Stein Duty
          • Leonard Leroy Singleton, III
          • Shirley Louise Singleton b 1913 d 1951 Batson, TX
          • Mildred Evelyn Singleton b 1916 d 2000 Clear Lake, TX
          • Donald Cleo “Zeke” Singleton b 1926 Batson, TX d 1997 Batson, TX
        • Louis Matthew Singleton b 1882
        • Mary Dimmitt Singleton b 1885
        • Grace Evelyn Singleton b 1887
        • Ruth Bertha Singleton b 1891
        • Emma Mildred Singleton b 1893
        • Helen Louise Singleton b 1895
      • Pamella Singleton b Bayou Chicot, LA
      • Benjamin Franklin Singleton b Bayou Chicot, LA
      • Susan Ann Singleton
      • Matthew Marion Singleton b 1851
    • Middleton Glaze Singleton, Sr. b 1821 St. Landry Par, LA d 1893 MO m 2nd Mary E. Barr
      • Charles G. Singleton b 1849 MO
      • Robert Barr Singleton b 1851 MO
      • Seth Singleton b 1854 MO
      • Clinton Singleton b 1858 MO
      • Middleton Glaze Singleton, Jr. b 1859 MO
    • DeWitt Clinton Singleton b 1825 St. Landry Par, LA d 1872 Calcasieu Par, LA m Sarah Iles
      • William Singleton b 1848
      • Matilda Singleton b 1851 m Abner Talbert
      • Middleton E. Singleton b 1852 Calcasieu Par., LA d 1907 m Irene Lacy
        • Russell R. Singleton b 1880 Calcasieu Par., LA
        • Rovenia Singleton b 1881 Calcasieu Par., LA m Frank Roberts
        • Mollie Singleton b 1883 Calcasieu Par., LA m Henry Officer
        • Charles Singleton b 1885 Calcasieu Par., LA
          • Dorris Singleton b 1920 Beauregard Par., LA d 1926
        • Webb Singleton b 1888 Calcasieu Par., LA
        • Benjamin F. Singleton b 1890 Calcasieu Par., LA
        • Gross T. Singleton b 1893 Calcasieu Par., LA
        • Halry M. Singleton b 1899 Calcasieu Par., LA
      • Lydia Singleton b 1855 Sugar Town, LA d 1916 Rapides, LA m Henry Penninger
      • Frances Singleton b c1858
      • Emma E. Singleton b c1860 m Oakentine Cole
    • Male Singleton b 1825-30
    • Caroline M. Singleton b 1829 m Sebastian Allis
    • Lethe Anne Singleton b c1832 m Henry Keller
    • Leonard Compton Singleton b 1831 d 1868 MO
    • Madison Singleton b 1837


Unknown Singleton d c1838 m Mary “Polly” Unknown b SC

    • Joseph Modica Singleton b c1819 AL m Mary Unknown b GA
      • Mary A. or J. Singleton b c1840 AL
      • Joseph Singleton b c1844 AL
      • Mary M. or S. Singleton b c1846 AL
      • Mary or Patty Singleton b 1848 AL
      • Martha Singleton b c1851 AL
      • William J. Singleton b 1852 AL
      • Thomas J. Singleton b c1855 AL
      • S. Mason Singleton b c1856 AL
      • John W. Singleton b c1859 AL
    • Reuben Singleton b c1820 AL
    • Bennett Singleton b 4 Jan 1822 AL
    • Martha Ann Singleton b 22 May 1826 AL
    • Solomon S. Singleton b c1827 AL m Angeline Unknown
      • Polly Ann Singleton b c1843 AL
      • William Singleton b c1847 AL
      • Martha Singleton b c1849 AL
      • Elizabeth Singleton b c1853 AL
      • Angeline Singleton b c1855 AL
      • Susan Singleton b c1857 AL
    • Ransom D. Singleton b c1831 AL m Mary Unknown
      • Benjamin Singleton b 1855 AL
      • Josephine Singleton b 1858 AL
      • Mary Singleton b 1860 AL
      • Charles Singleton b 1864 AL
    • Franklin S. Singleton b c1833 AL m Martha McCall
      • William Singleton b 1851 AL
      • Thomas Singleton b 1858 AL
      • Mary Singleton b 1860 AL
    • William Singleton b c1835 AL m Dilly Unknown
      • Mary Singleton b 1858 AL
      • Betsy Singleton b 1860 AL
    • Thomas Singleton b c1836/37 AL


COL Matthew Singleton b c1730 d 1787 Craven Co., SC m Mary James

    • Nancy Ann Singleton b 1750 VA d 1798 SC m Isham Moore
    • CPT John Singleton b 1754 Camden Dist., SC m Rebecca Richardson
      • John Peter Singleton b 1775 St. Marks Par., SC d 1800 at sea
      • Richard "Colonel" Singleton, Sr. b 1776 Camden Dist., SC d 1852 m Charlotte Videau Marion Ashby, Rebecca Travis Coles
        • (with first wife)
        • Mary Rebecca Singleton b 1805 Sumter Co., SC d 1830 SC m George McDuffie
        • (with second wife)
        • Elizabeth Isaetta Singleton b 1812 d 1812
        • Mary Singleton b c1813
        • John Coles Singleton, Sr. b 1813 Sumter Co., SC d 1852 m Mary Lewis "Bonnie" Carter
          • Mary Carter Singleton b 1837 d 1863 m Robert W. Barnwell
          • Rebecca Coles "Decca" Singleton b 1838 d 1862 m Alexander Chavis Haskell
          • Amey C. Singleton b c1838 SC
          • Richard Richardson Singleton, Sr. b 1840 Sumter Co., SC d 1900 Sumter Co., SC m Ann Hinman "Annie" Broun
            • Mary Hinman Singleton b 1869 d 1899
            • Annie Elise Singleton b 1871 m William Dunlap Simpson, Sr.
            • Lucy Champe Singleton b 1874 Sumter Co., SC d 1940 m John R. Ball
            • Charles Carter Singleton b 1876 Sumter Co., SC d 1900
            • Josephine Singleton b 1878
            • Katherine Brown "Kate" Singleton b 1878 d 1889
            • Decca Coles Singleton b 1884 Sumter Co., SC m Leroy Halsey, Sr.
            • Richard Richardson Singleton, Jr. b 1886 Sumter Co., SC d 1938 Sumter Co., SC m Priscilla Ann Kolb
              • Carrie Beulah Singleton b 1921 Sumter Co., SC d 1993 Kokoma, IN m Thomas Warren Daniels
          • Charles Carter Singleton b 1842 SC d 1899 Jefferson Co., FL m Lillian McCullough, Fredonia Townsend
            • (with second wife)
            • Rebecca Lillian Anna Singleton b 1876 Jefferson Co., FL d 1955 Tallahassee, FL m Alfred D. Walker
            • Charles Townsend Singleton b 1878 Jefferson Co., FL d 1960 Jefferson Co., FL m Ruby Carmichael
            • Mary Lewis Singleton b 1880 Jefferson Co., FL d 1936 m William Worth Mayhew, Sr.
            • Elizabeth Louise "Lucy" Singleton b 1882 Jefferson Co., FL d 1899
          • John Coles Singleton, Jr. b 1844 SC d 1919 m Harriet Singleton Broun
            • John Singleton b 1869 d 1897
            • Mary Carter Singleton b 1871 d 1958 m Francis Marion Dwight
            • Harriet Broun "Hattie" Singleton b 1874 Clifton Forge, VA d 1958 m Screven Moore
            • Lucy Everett "Lessie" Singleton b 1877 Sumter Co., SC d 1966 Lawton, OK m William Robert Rodes, Sr.
            • Cleland Matthew Singleton b 1879 d c1880
          • Marion Deveaux Singleton b 1845 d 1846
          • Lucy Everett "Aunt Lessie" Singleton b 1848 d 1890 m David Hemphill
          • Martha Southhall Singleton b 1850 SC d 1851
        • Videau Marion Singleton b 1815 Sumter Co., SC d 1867 m Robert Marion Deveaux
        • Sarah Angelica Singleton b 1816 Sumter Co., SC d 1877 New York, NY m Abraham Van Buren (served as First Lady)
        • Richard Singleton, Jr. b 1817 Sumter Co., SC d 1833
        • Matthew Richard Singleton b 1817 Sumter Co., SC d 1854 m Martha Rutledge "Aunt Mattie" Kinloch
          • Cleland Kinlock Singleton b 1844 Charleston, SC d 1920 Columbia, SC
          • Helen Coles Singleton b 1846 m Allen Jones Green
          • Richard R. Singleton b 1851 Charleston, SC d Ashville, NC m Virginia Elizabeth "Eliza" Green
            • Mary Lowndes Singleton b 1875 Action, SC m Alexander Ernest King
            • Matthew Richard Singleton b 1877 d 1910 m Charlotte Johnson
              • Richard Singleton, Jr. b c1901
              • Robert Johnson Singleton b 1904 d 1906
              • Martha Rutledge "Dolly" Singleton b 1907 d 1977
            • Virginia Taylor Singleton b 1879 d 1924
            • Lillian Singleton b 1880 d 1937 m Thomas Holloway Coker, Jr.
            • Lucy Pride Singleton b 1883 d 1919
            • Elizabeth "Daisy" Singleton b 1886 m Charles Henry Barron, Sr.
            • Martha Rutledge Singleton b 1887 d 1889
        • Tucker Coles Singleton b 1819 d 1920
      • Harriet Richardson Singleton b 1779 Camden Dist., SC d 1817 Sumter Co., SC m Robert Broun, John Russel Spann
      • Matthew Richardson Singleton b 1783 Camden Dist., SC d 1793 SC
      • Mary Martha Singleton b 1785 Camden Dist., SC d 1863 SC m Powell McRae, Sr., Herman Oelrich
    • Mary Margaret Singleton b 1761 SC d 1783 m Thomas Benison
    • Robert James Singleton, Sr. b 1763 SC m Margaret Van Nuyes
      • James Singleton b 1782 d 1812 m Hester Medlock
        • LeRoy Singleton b 1805 d 1872 Jones Co., GA m Nicey Walker, Ellen Hutchings
          • (with first wife)
          • Harriet Singleton b 1831 Jones Co., GA d 1912 Milledgeville, GA m Thomas Henry Morris, Sr.
          • (with second wife)
          • Cordelia Singleton b 1846 m James W. Turk
          • Ellen Virginia "Jennie" Singleton b 1847 Jones Co., GA d 1936 Atlanta, GA m John Moore Pitts
        • Samuel Medlock Singleton b 1809 Putnam Co., GA d 1896 Eatonton, GA m Sarah Anne Christian
          • John Chappell Singleton
          • Ernest Ashley Singleton
          • Samuel Singleton
          • Elizabeth Singleton m Sam Pearson
          • Martha Singleton m A.R. Zachary
          • Stewart Singleton
          • Charles Singleton
          • Laura Carolina Singleton b 1861 Milledgeville, GA d 1955 Milledgeville, GA m John Lott Walker
          • Robert Singleton
      • Robert Singleton, Jr.
    • Alice Singleton b 1765 SC d 1765
    • Rebecca Singleton b 1774 SC d 1774
    • Sherwood James Singleton b 1776 Sumter Dist., SC


Robert Singleton b c1726? d Sumter Dist., SC m Sarah Gayle

    • Joseph Singleton b 1745 King William Co., VA d Sumter Dist., SC m Elizabeth Sherwood James
      • Sherwood James Singleton b c1779 d 1831 m Laura or Louisa Belser
      • Ann Singleton b 1782 Manchester, SC d 1815 Manchester, SC m William Falconer
      • Elizabeth Singleton b c1783 m James Belser
      • Martha Singleton b c1785
      • Robert Singleton d c1836 m Harriet English
        • Joseph Singleton b c1810
        • Joshua Singleton
        • Robert Singleton b c1814 SC d 1882 Bosque Co., TX m Winnie Steadham
          • Margaret ?Maggie? Singleton b 1849 Clarke Co., AL d 1919 Thurber, TX m John Freeman Camfield
          • Harriet ?Hattie? Singleton b c1852 AL
          • Sarah Singleton b c1857 AL m M. M. Whitworth
          • Gabriella Campbell Singleton b 1859 AL d 1920 Post, TX m Milton Green Cash
        • James F. Singleton b c1829 Baldwin, Co., AL m Ellen Stewart
          • Sarah Singleton b c1853 Clarke Co., AL
        • Sarah Ann Singleton b 1814 SC d 1855 AL m F. L. Sewall
        • Martha Singleton b c1813 SC m Benjamin Campbell
        • Gabriella Harriet Singleton b 1827 d 1878 m Farquahard Campbell
        • Elizabeth H. ?Betsy? Singleton b c1823 AL m Theodore Krouse
      • Sarah Singleton
    • Elizabeth Singleton b 1748 Northampton Co., VA d Sumter Dist., SC m Richard Bradford, Sr.
    • Sarah Gayle Singleton b c1760 m John Bradford Vaughan, Sr.
    • MAJ John Singleton b c1754 VA d 1824 Sumter Dist., SC m Elizabeth Hunter
      • Mary J. Singleton b 1790 SC m Isaac Brunson, IV
      • Nancy or Ann Singleton b 1793 d 1843 Sumter Dist., SC m Robert Powell Bradford
      • Emily Singleton b 1797 SC m Amos Arton Nettles
      • Sarah M. Singleton b 1797 Sumter Dist., SC d 1836 m William R. Harvin
      • Rebecca E. Singleton b 1801 SC m Alfred W. Smith, Sr.
      • Harriet Singleton b c1803 Sumter Dist., SC d 1850 Sumter Dist., SC
      • Elizabeth Singleton b c1806 SC d 1880 Charleston, SC m Daniel Rose, Thomas Brumby
      • John R. Singleton b 1807 SC m Elizabeth James
      • MAJ William Joseph Singleton b 1811 Sumter Dist., SC d 1894 Sumter Dist., SC m Mary Haynsworth
        • Hortensia Elizabeth Singleton b 1838 Sumter, SC d 1888 Westminster, SC m Buckingham Halbeck Cross
        • Jessie Rosalie Singleton b 1842 Sumter, SC d 1901 Sumter, SC m Charles Thomas Mason, Sr.
        • Emile Cecile Singleton b 1845 Sumter, SC d 1915 Sumter, SC m George Phillip McKagen, Sr.
        • John W. Singleton b c1845 Sumter, SC m Kate Bostic
          • Lanora Singleton b 1889 SC m James B. Fickling
          • Mary Emily ?Ammie? Singleton b c1896 Sumter, SC d 1960 Sumter, SC m George Allen Cochran
        • Joseph Richard Singleton b 1852 Sumter, SC d 1921 Sumter, SC m Sarah ?Sallie? Bradford, Charlotte Judson Rich
          • (with first wife)
          • John Robert Singleton b 1875 SC d 1940 m Lillian Boswell
          • Marie Singleton b c1881 SC m Judson Lamar Bradham
          • Bradford Singleton b 1881 Sumter, SC d 1965 Sumter, SC m Lillie Ida James
            • William Bradford ?Willie? Singleton b 1911 Sumter, SC d 1955 Sumter, SC m Jennie Louise Jennings
              • Claude Jennings ?Red? Singleton, Sr. b 1935 Sumter, SC d 2006 Sumter, SC
              • Robert Steinmeyer Singleton, Sr. b 1938 Sumter, SC d 1996 Sumter, SC
            • Marie Singleton b/d 1912 Sumter, SC
          • (with second wife)
          • William Joseph Singleton, Sr. b c1884 SC d 1928 m Pauline Josephine Kvaternik
            • William Joseph “Bill” Singleton, Jr. b 1924 Sumter, SC d 2005 Sumter, SC
            • Robert Charles “Bob” Singleton
          • Charles Ellis Singleton m Rose Marie Walker
            • John Franklin “Johnny” Singleton m Mary Louise Widner
            • Mary Catherine Singleton
          • Anna Charlotte Singleton? b 1896 Sumter, SC d 1937 Columbia, SC m Moultrie Reid Jackson, Sr.
          • Jessie Mason Singleton, Sr. b 1901 d 1983 m Pauline Weir
            • LTC Thomas Richard “Rick” Singleton, Sr. b 1928 Sumter, SC d 2003 Sumter, SC m Betty “Nana” Laboon
              • Robert Earl “Bobby” Singleton b 1960 Columbia, SC d 2007 Aiken, SC
            • Charles Vernon Singleton m Gwendolyn Windham
            • H. Anthony “Tony” Singleton m Ginger Marie Freeman
            • William Bradford “Billy” Singleton
          • Tannie Singleton m Erasmus Alexander Weatherly, IV b 1907 Sumter, SC d 1998 Sumter, SC
        • Charles Haynsworth Singleton b 1853 SC d 1928 Sumter, SC m Anna H. Walsh
          • Julie Singleton b 1890 d 1891
          • Ellen Haynsworth Singleton b 1900 d 1901
        • Caroline Singleton b 1859 SC d 1925 m George Haynsworth Lewis
        • Wesley Bradford Singleton b 1865 Sumter, SC d 1928 Sumter, SC m Celestial Leslie Barden
          • Wesley Barden Singleton b 1894 Sumter, SC d 1968 Sumter, SC m Susan Coradelia Holliday
            • Emily Rounette Singleton b 1919 Sumter, SC d 1985 Sumter, SC m Charles Boyd Richardson, Jr.
            • John Wesley Singleton, Sr. b 1921 Sumter, SC d 1981 Sumter, SC
              • John Wesley Singleton, Jr. b 1954 Sumter, SC d 1996 Sumter, SC
          • Virginia Hortensia “Jennie” Singleton b 1896 Sumter, SC d 1974 Sumter, SC m Harry Mellette, John Hutchinson
          • Mary Celestial “May” Singleton b 1902 Sumter, SC d 1989 Sumter, SC m Robert E. Lee, George W. Crawford
      • Epsy S. Singleton b c1812 SC m Jacob Bradwell
    • Matthew Singleton d 1805 d Beaufort Dist., SC
      • Jane Singleton b 1803 d 1867 TX m William Forrester
      • Elizabeth Singleton b c1789
      • Sarah E. Singleton b c1775 d Wilkinson Co., MS m William Bracey
      • Stark Singleton
      • Irby Singleton
    • COL Richard Singleton b 1758 VA m Martha James, Ann J. Bracy
      • (with first wife)
      • Joseph James Singleton, I b 1788 Claremont, SC d 1854 Dahlonega, GA
      • Elizabeth Singleton b 1790 d 1856 Dahlonega, GA m Sterling Mangum
      • Richard Singleton, Jr.
      • Hiram Singleton
      • Joseph Singleton
      • ?(with second wife)
      • Richard Singleton
      • George Evans Singleton d 1822 Claiborne Co., MS
      • John Gaulden Singleton d 1838 Claiborne Co., MS


William James Andrew Singleton b 1806 NC d 1861 Battle of Blue Ridge, NC m Sarah Elizabeth Wright

    • Millie Jane Singleton b 1843 NC d 1899 Courtney Flats, Love Co., OK m John Bagwell, George Washington Dempsey
    • William K. Singleton b 1844 NC
    • Nathaniel John Singleton b 1846 SC
    • Jemima R. Singleton b 1850 SC
    • Andrew Sylvester Singleton b 1852 SC d 1905 Jack Co., TX m Cora E. Farrer
      • James Con Singleton b 1883 m Emma Adalaine Robbins
    • Frank Singleton b c1853 SC


William Singleton b c1732 Asselby, Yorkshire, England m Hannah Hoop

    • Isaac Singleton b c1770 Asselby, Yorkshire, England d 1855 m Phoebe Peach


Leonard Singleton b c1800

    • John Leonard Singleton b 1818 NC d 1901 Douglas Co., MO, m Nancy Susanna Scott, Mary J. Wimmer
      • (with first wife)
      • James Singleton b 1843 TN
      • Washington B. Singleton b 1845 TN d 1914 Douglas Co., MO, m Mary Elizabeth Breedlove
        • Eliza Ann Singleton b 1865 MO d 1921 Douglas Co., MO, m Ambrose William Vinson
        • John William Singleton b 1867 Douglas Co., MO d 1875 Douglas Co., MO
        • James Isom Singleton b 1869 Douglas Co., MO d 1922 Douglas Co., MO m Amanda J. Huff
          • Ruth I. Singleton b 1897 Douglas Co., MO m Anderson

§ Charles Franklin Singleton b 1871 d 1950 m Mary Frances Childress

· Elga Otis Singleton b 1906 Ava, MO d 1965 Longview, WA m Duff

        • Mary R. Singleton b 1875 Douglas Co., MO d 1893 Douglas Co., MO
        • Mildred Rhajina Loretta "Millie" Singleton b 1873 Douglas Co., MO d 1909 m John Albert Upchurch
        • Thomas J. Singleton b 1874 Douglas Co., MO d 1901 Douglas Co., MO
        • Martin D. Singleton b 1879 Douglas Co., MO d 1905 Douglas Co., MO
        • Cintha R. Singleton b 1882 Douglas Co., MO d 1932 Douglas Co., MO m Mosa A. Lee
        • Spencer D. Singleton b 1884 Douglas Co., MO m Rosa Winn
        • Martha J. Singleton b 1886 Douglas Co., MO
        • Barney Singleton b 1889 Douglas Co., MO d 1978 MO m Ethel Florence Mankin

· Clarence O. Singleton b 1912 Douglas Co., MO d 1978 MO m Doris Evelyn Spurlock

· Lawrence Singleton b 1913 d 1913

· Willis Doyle "Bill" Singleton, Sr. b 1916 Douglas Co., MO d 1994 MO m Rippee

· Donald Lee Singleton b 1936 d 1936

· Willis Doyle "Buster” Singleton Jr. b 1939 d 1975

· Robert L. "Bob" Singleton b 1920 Douglas Co., MO d 1983 MO

· Donald Dewey Singleton b 1926 Douglas Co., MO d 1929 Douglas Co., MO

· Wanda June Singleton b 1931 Douglas Co., MO d 1969 MO

        • Alfred Napolian Singleton b 1891 Douglas Co., MO m Alabelle Jaine
        • Otto Singleton b 1894 d 1894
      • Martin Singleton b 1847 TN d 1910 Douglas Co., MO m Elvira Elizabeth "Betty" Kelton
        • John W. Singleton b 1865 Douglas Co., MO m Lizzie A. Roberts
          • Rupert Raymond Singleton b 1887 Ava, MO d 1959 Tehama Co., CA m Martha Ethel Tabitha Jennings

· Iva Singleton b 1889 Douglas Co., MO

· Ray Singleton b 1894 Douglas Co., MO

        • Mary A. Singleton b 1867 Douglas Co., MO d 1898 Douglas Co., MO m William M. Miller
        • Martha A. Singleton b 1869 Douglas Co., MO m Henry M. Miller Jr.
        • William I. Singleton b 1879 Douglas Co., MO d 1906 Douglas Co., MO m Lilly T. Turner

· Josephine S. Singleton b 1896 Douglas Co., MO d 1982 Pomona, CA m Luther Vern "Cap" Ellison

        • Elvira Mandala Singleton b 1875 Douglas Co., MO m George W. Campbell
        • Rosetta "Rosa" Singleton b 1879 Douglas Co., MO m William Asbery Burkhead
      • Robert Jefferson Singleton b 1848 TN d 1901 Douglas Co., MO
      • Thomas Scott Singleton b 1851 TN d 1920 Douglas Co., MO m Deborah Jackson Angeline Mallonee
        • John T. Singleton b 1864 Douglas Co., MO d 1939 Douglas Co., MO m Nancy A. Brixey, Gralia Deatherage

· (with first wife)

· Bessie L. Singleton b 1895 Douglas Co., MO d 1896 Douglas Co., MO

· Homer Singleton b 1900 Douglas Co., MO d 1925 Douglas Co., MO

        • Nancy A. Singleton b 1872 Douglas Co., MO m Joshua Stanley
        • Sintha E. Singleton b 1873 MO d 1910 m Palmer
        • Thena Singleton b 1875 Douglas Co., MO d 1967 Douglas Co., MO m William Henry Hampton
        • James A. Singleton b 1877 Douglas Co., MO m Maggie Bacorn
        • Christine Singleton b 1879 Douglas Co., MO
        • William C. Singleton b 1881 Douglas Co., MO d 1967 Douglas Co., MO m Annie V. Shelton

· Jessie L. Singleton b 1904 Douglas Co., MO d 1905 Douglas Co., MO

· Goldia M. Singleton b 1908 Douglas Co., MO d 1996 MO m Robert Elmer "Bob" Hancock

· Anna O. Singleton b 1916 Douglas Co., MO d 1916 Douglas Co., MO

        • Mary Line Singleton b 1883 Douglas Co., MO d 1974 Douglas Co., MO m William J. Huffman
        • Bernice W. Singleton b 1886 Douglas Co., MO m Myrtle Stokes

· Little Reta Singleton b 1920 Douglas Co., MO d 1920 Douglas Co., MO

        • Laura E. "Bell" Singleton b 1889 Douglas Co., MO m Elijah W. Plummer
        • Allace S. "Allie" Singleton b 1891 Douglas Co., MO m Claud Glass
      • Austin Singleton b 1853 TN d 1933 Douglas Co., MO m Mary J., Mary Emaline Lakey
        • (with first wife)
        • Susanna Singleton b 1876 Douglas Co., MO
        • Barney Jefferson Singleton b 1877 Douglas Co., MO d 1893 Douglas Co., MO
        • John Wash Singleton b 1880 Douglas Co., MO d 1953 Douglas Co., MO m Cora L. Potter

· Everett R. Singleton b 1906 Douglas Co., MO d 1965 Douglas Co., MO m Coeata A. Naugle

        • Cordelia Singleton b 1882 Douglas Co., MO
        • James T. Singleton b 1885 Douglas Co., MO m Nora Brixey
        • Delila C. Singleton b 1887 Douglas Co., MO
        • William M. Singleton b 1889 Douglas Co., MO d 1984 MO m Sallie Young

· Wanda Lucille Singleton b 1925 Douglas Co., MO d 1963 Douglas Co., MO

        • Margaret Rhoda Singleton b 1891 Douglas Co., MO
        • Elmer L. Singleton b 1896 Douglas Co., MO m Nola Hodge, Yeisley
      • Isom M. W. Singleton b 1855 MO d 1935 Douglas Co., MO m Sarah Artelia McDonald
        • John M. Singleton b 1875 Douglas Co., MO
        • Millie Melissa Singleton b 1877 Douglas Co., MO d 1946 Douglas Co., MO m Moses Washington Miller
        • Florence Singleton b 1879 Douglas Co., MO
        • Rosa A. Singleton b 1881 Douglas Co., MO d 1973 MO m William A. Croslin
        • Lafayette Singleton b 1885 Douglas Co., MO
        • Rolla E. Singleton b 1888 Douglas Co., MO
        • Arthur E. Singleton b 1891 Douglas Co., MO d 1961 Douglas Co., MO m M. Zona McHolland
        • Ida Ann Singleton b 1892 Douglas Co., MO d1969 Douglas Co., MO m Louis D. Davenport
        • E. Ray Singleton b 1898 Douglas Co., MO d 1951 Douglas Co., MO m Iva E. Thompson
      • Sintha J. Singleton b 1857 MO m William McDonald
      • Artimissa Singleton b 1859 MO d 1928 Douglas Co., MO m Benjamin Vinson
      • William H. Singleton b1862 Douglas Co., MO
      • (with second wife)
      • Medline Singleton b 1888 Douglas Co., MO
      • Lillie Singleton b 1890 Douglas Co., MO
      • Ruth Singleton b 1892 Douglas Co., MO


Sterling Starlight Singleton, Sr. b 1785 m Margaret Thornberry, Sarah Louisa Hickman

(w/ 1st wife)

    • Sterling Singleton Jr. b 1823 TN m Susannah G. McCormick
      • John N. Singleton b 1842 m Sedey Gillam
    • (w/ 2nd wife)
    • Sarah Singleton


William Singleton b ca 1725 m Permelia Parsons b SC


Robert John Singleton b ca 1815 SC m Winifred Unknown

o Margaret Singleton b 1849 Clarke Co., AL

o Harriet M. Singleton b ca 1852 AL

o Flanatn Singleton b ca 1857

o Sarah Singleton b ca 1858 AL

o Ella Singleton b 1859 AL


William Singleton b 1813 Kirkham, England m Mary UNK

  • Alderman Charles Singleton b 1839 m Frances Oates
  • Mary Singleton b 1841
  • Henry Singleton b 1843 m Margaret Savage
  • Edward Singleton b 1848 m Mary UNK
  • Hugh Singleton b 1851, 5th bishop of Shrewsbury
  • William Singleton b 1855 Birkenhead, England m Sarah Croft, Jane Holliday

§ (w/ 2nd wife)

§ Hugh Singleton b 1893


William Singleton, Sr. b c1773

  • William Singleton, Jr. b c 1821 Lincoln Co., KY
    • John Singleton, b 1853 Lincoln Co., KY


Mason Singleton, Sr. b ~1800 KY m Frances Annie Garnett

  • Merit Singleton


Mason Singleton b ~1800 KY m Nancy Ann LaFon, Jissily UNK, Priscilla Stinnett

(w/ 1st wife)

  • Waller Singleton
  • 14 other children


John Riley Singleton b 1845 m Leanna Hoosier (LA)


William Singleton b 1904 San Antonio, TX


Edward Jordan (or John) Singleton b 1844 Mecklenburg, VA m Lucy Palmer Wells (NC)


James Marshall Singleton b 1880 Owsley Co., KY d 1939 East Bernstadt, KY m Vina Unknown, Mattie Spurlock

  • Merit Singleton


Henry Singleton b 1867 Owsley Co., KY m Margret Unknown

  • Elizabeth Singleton b 1876
  • James Singleton b 1878


Benjamin Rust Singleton b 1770 d 1846 m Mary Shumate

  • John Shumate Singleton b 1808 Hardin Co., KY d 1879 Meade Co., KY m Adeline Neafus


Thomas W. Singleton b 1878 GA

  • John Edward Singleton
  • James Warner Singleton
  • Lester Singleton
  • George Singleton
  • Troy Singleton


Fred Singleton, Sr. b 1895 Georgetown, SC d Alcolu, SC m Georgianna Miller, Winnie Frances

(w/ first wife)

  • John Singleton
  • Fred Singleton, Jr.
  • Lena Mae Singleton
  • Bertha Mae Singleton
  • Dorthy Lee Singleton
  • Luther Singleton


Squire Richard Singleton d 1918 Rockcastle Co., KY m Laura Mullins

  • Edgar Singleton b 1888
  • Chester Singleton b 1891
  • Humphrey Singleton b 1894
  • Elizabeth Singleton b 1895
  • William Oscar Singleton b 1897
  • Laverne Singleton b 1900
  • Roosevelt Singleton b 1903
  • Sherman Singleton b 1906


John Redwood Singleton d Hannibal, MO m Mary Elizabeth Crawford

  • Lemuel L. Singleton m Emma “Emily” Price
  • Harry Singleton m Margaret “Maggie” Price
  • William Cass Singleton b 1883 TX d 1932 Indiahoma, OK m Mamie Wynn


Robert Singleton

  • James Singleton b c1788 GA m Mary Elizabeth Duncan
    • James L. Singleton b 1812 Hickman Co., TN m Catherine Gibbons
    • David C. Singleton b 1818 Hickman Co., TN d 1864 m Sara “Lucinda” McCollum
    • Robert A. Singleton b 1819 Hickman Co., TN d 1879 m Frances Stadley Akers



Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family.  Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him.

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