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We are happy to help you to understand how to use DNA in Genealogy and how to use this website.

Quick Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions are shown below. 
  • Do I have to log in to view a project's website?
    You do not need to be logged in to view any page of the website, but you do need to log in to post on the forums.
  • How do I register at the website
    Under the log in button in the left column, click on "Create new account".
  • What if I forgot my password?
    Click "Request new password" under the log in button in the left column.
  • I requested a new password, but I didn't get an email or it says my email address is not valid.  Now what?
    • If you changed your email address since you registered, you will not be able to request or receive an email with your new email address.  Try using your old email address.
    • If you are trying to log in with your Family Tree DNA log in information, the WFN site may tell you that your email address or username does not exist. FTDNA and WFN are separate sites and require two different registrations.  
  • ​How do I join this project?
    • If you have not been DNA-tested, order your test kit through the project's order page at FTDNA by clicking "Order Test" in the black bar above.
    • If you were tested at another company, you must transfer your test results to FTDNA for a small fee to join the project.  To learn more, click here:
    • If you have already been tested at FTDNA, join through your personal page by clicking on "Join" under "Projects".  
    • If you tested for the National Geographic Genographic Project, log in on the NGGP page and follow the instructions to transfer your results to FTDNA. Then join the project through your personal page.  
  • Do I have to be yDNA-tested to join this project?
    • No, you may join this project if you have taken any DNA test at Family Tree DNA: a yDNA, a Family Finder or an mtDNA test.  
    • However, only the yDNA test results are posted on the yDNA Results Page.  Surname projects use yDNA test results, as yDNA is passed down from father to son, just as the surname is passed down.  Family Finder and mtDNA test results are more difficult to use to trace a surname line, but project administrators are working on ways to incorporate these tests into the Surname Project.  
    • All project members are encouraged to provide your pedigree for this surname to the Project, no matter which test you took.  Click here for more information.
    • If there is no yDNA test in the Surname Project to represent your family line, we encourage you to find a male relative, who is descended through males only from your common male ancestor with this surname, to yDNA-test to represent your line in the Surname Project.
  • How do I find any information this project has about my ancestors?
    All the information we have about Project Members is posted on the project's website.  We ask each project member to provide a pedigree for the Patriarchs Page and his Earliest Known Ancestor for the yResults Page, but not all have done so as yet.  
  • What happens when I click "Make this a Favorite Project" in the left column of the project's webpage?
    You must be logged in to see this link.  When you click it and "join" the project, you will see a link to the project under "Favorite Projects" in the left column each time you log in.  This does not make you a member of the Surname Project at FTDNA.
  • How do I contact the Project Administrator?
    The Project Administrator's name is listed at the bottom of each page of the Project's website.  Click "contact" to send an email to the Project Administrator. 
  • How do I see all the pages of this project's website?
    Use the links in the black bar across each page of the website to see each page of the project's website.
  • How do I get back to the WFN Homepage?
    You can return to home page by clicking the globe in the upper left corner.
  • How do I contact a member of this project?
    • If the person is a match to you on the yResults Page, it is probable that this person is listed among your matches on your personal page at FTDNA. Since kit numbers are not included in your matches on FTDNA’s personal page, it may be difficult to decide if you have contacted this match before. You may be able to cross check by the Earliest Known Ancestor (if given).  If you need help contacting the person, please click here
    • To contact the person who provided a pedigree on the Patriarchs Page, use the email address at the end of the first line (Change AT to @ and remove spaces.)

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