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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Michael Schell b c1675 Palatinate, Germany m Veronica - Roseanna [roseanna-cornett AT]
    • Philip Jacob Schell b c 6 Mar 1717 or 1718 Palatinate, Germany m Mary Burk
      • Jacob Shell Jr. b c1752 Blacksburg, VA m Mary Burk
        • Jacob Shell III b c1792 Blacksburg, VA m Catherine Price
          • John Henry Shell b 21 Apr 1816 Blacksburg, VA m Anzelina Turner Jennings
            • Edward Jay Shell b 8 Sep 1867 Georgetown, TX m Lucy Penelope Roberts
              • Elmer Jay Shell b 3 Mar 1893 Georgetown, TX m Nettie Mae Starnes 113578
  • Michael Schell(1693Ger. -1769PA) m. Fronica ? -Jacob [rm-shell]
    • Jacob Shull/Shell(1718Ger.-1802VA) m. Catherine ?
      • John Shell(~1760PA-1809VA) m. Margaret Heavins
        • Isaac Shell(1803OH-1864IN) m. Anna Prilliman
          • Jacob S(c)hell(1827OH-1882KS) m. Eva Conover 1849
            • George W. S(c)hell(1858IN-1940NE m. Clara Belle Rand 1885
              • Amos W. Shell(1891MO-1982ID) m. Elsie Alice Hunt 1921 N104386
  • Johannes Casper Schell b. c1720 Germany/Holland d. c1805 Lincoln Co. NC m Anna Caterina Bott/Pott - fostergaylej [fostergaylej AT]
    • Casper Schell b 1772 Hagerstown, MD d 1847 Cape Girardeau Co. MO m Frances Fanny Mull
      • Henry Schell b 1810 Cape Girardeau Co. MO d 1863 McDonald Co. MO m Elizabeth Yocum
        • Philip Schell b 1846 McDonald Co. MO d 1927 McDonald Co. MO m Jane Bear/Bare
          • Jacob Schell b 1877 McDonald Co. MO d 1958 McDonald Co. MO m Bessie South 260996
  • Johannes Caspar Schell b c1725 Holland  d c1806 NC m Anna Catharina Bott - Harvey Dean Shell
    • Caspar Schell Jr. b 1772 MD d c1846 MO m Fanny Mull
      • Philip Shell b 1824 MO d c1861 MO m Catharine Baker
        • Antney Shell b 1845 MO d 1930 MO m Mary Martindale
          • William Shell b 1866 MO d 1945 MO m Lorena Myers Mouser
            • Harvey Shell b 1907 MO d 1979 MO  m Dottie Mae Wright S-4 122311
  • William Shell b c1728 m Amelia Ellis - Sally Shell Parker [meowmom AT]
    • Harmon Shell b 4 Apr 1765 Brunswick Co., VA m Martha Eppes
      • James E. Shell b 25 Mar 1792 Brunswick Co., VA m Rebecca H. Berry
        • William B. Shell b c1818 Newberry Dist., SC m Narcissa Jane White
          • George Bryant Shell b c858 Dooly Co., GA m Jesse Elizabeth Flowers
            • Toombs Franklin Shell b 6 Jan 1888 Vienna, GA m Sallie Lee Youngblood S-7 145514
  • William Shell b. 1728 Surry, VA, d. 9 Aug 1807 Newberry County, SC, m1 Amelia Ellis - Karen Meury [kjmeury AT]
    • John E. Shell b. 1762 Surry, VA, d. 5 Feb 1818 Newberry County, SC,  m. Elizabeth Malone
      • Drury Jones Shell b. 21 Mar 1800 SC, d. 14 Jun 1875 Etowah County AL, m. Jane H. Taylor
        • James E. Shell b. 1844 GA, d. 11 Oct 1899 St. Clair County AL, m3 Nancy K. Ramsey
          • Perry D. Jackson b. Jan 1883 AL, d between 1907 and 1910, m. Eugenia H. Shell m2 Wille E. Wadsworth
            • Lonnie Hoyt Jackson  b. 21 May 1906 Portersvill, AL, d 24 Oct 1943 Palermo, Sicily, Italy, m. Naomi Elizabeth Swatzell 164268
  • Arnold b c1730 Leipzig, Germany d c1811 Sullivan Co, TN - bshell [bshell1 AT]
    • Andrew b c1775 d 1843 Carter Co., TN
      • Andrew b 1813 d 1873 m Emaline Gourley
        • Robert P. b 1843 d 1917 m Mary Jane Dempsey
          • Thomas Gourley b 1872 d 1942 m1 Lula Colbaugh m2 Nannie Barr S-1 113576
  • Arnold Schell/Shell b 1735 Germany d 1811 Sullivan Co., TN - Harrold Shell [drhemlockccw AT]
    • Andrew Shell Sr. b 1775 d 1843 Carter Co., TN m Mary Humphreys
      • Mary (Polly) Shell b c1800 d 1865 Watauga, Carter Co., TN m David Carter Moody
        • Elkanah Shell b 1834 SC d 1911 TN m1 Catherine Toppin m2 Hannah Thompson 191310
  • Joannis Michaelis Schell - B. abt 1760 in Germany. m. Anna Elisabetha Kelsch (Koelsch) -Vicki Daniel Winslow [len.vicki AT]
    • Sebastianus Schell - B. 1783 in Silz, Germany. m. Elizabeth Lutz
      • Michel Schell - B. 1823 in Oberseebach, Alsace, Bas-Rhin, France. m. Barbe Haenel
        • Michel Schell - B. 1851 in Oberseebach, Alsace, Bas-Rhin, France. m. Mary Ann Cody
          • Henry Schell - B. 1891 in Tuscumbia, Colbert, Alabama. m. Regina Victoria Halter 633643
  • John b c1778  TN d c1851 Izzard, AR - Roseanna [roseanna-cornett AT]
    • Aaron b c1803 TN d 2-15-1855 Russell Co., VA, m Rhoda Music
      • George W. b c 1844 Washington Co, VA d after 1910 KY, m Nancy Brown?
        • Mike F. b c 1864 Floyd Co, KY d 1954 Logan WV, m Manerva Music S-2 113578 
          • Milton Shell b 6 Nov 1906 KY died 11 Nov 1954 Logan, WV m Peachie Lee Adkins S-3 121370
    • Albert (Abner) Shell b 10 Apr 1818 Carter Co., TN d 4 Jun 1883 Izard, AR m Sarah Elizabeth Jacobs
      • Charley Shell b 30 Apr 1873 Izard, AR d 12 Dec 1947 AR m Emma Francis Kirk
        • Harry Albert Shell b 1 Aug 1908 Izard, AR d 9 Oct 1974 Canney Sprongs, AR m Myrtle M. Tomblinson
Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family.  Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him.

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