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Surname DNA testing (using the Y-chromosome) is the newest tool available to genealogists. These tests help genealogists verify their paternal ancestry (father's father's father, and so on) in a quick and easy way. It saves time, prevents mistakes, and provides invaluable data that can be obtained in no other way.

Surnames included: Shamberger, Schoenberger, Schoeneberger, Schonberger, Schoneberger, Shambarger, Shamburger, Shanaberger, Shanberger, Shumberger, Shinabarger




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Project Objectives:



1. Identify the DNA profile ("haplotype") of the immigrant Nicholas Shamberger, who came to Pennsylvania from Germany in the late 1780s. He married in 1791 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Barbara Schmid and had at least eight children, including five sons who married and had families. Nicholas and his family lived in Lancaster, Dauphin, and Cumberland counties. Through his five sons (Jacob, Frederick, John, Nicholas, and Simon), Nicholas Shamberger is the direct ancestor of many of the Shamberger, Shambarger, and Shumberger individuals in the USA today. By analyzing the Y-chromosome DNA of descendants with this surname, it may also be possible (through minor mutations of the markers through the next 7+ generations) to be able to determine to which branch of this Shamberger family a living individual belongs. This is important as a number of the branches of the family are insufficiently documented.




Nicholas Shamberger & Barbara Schmid genealogy website:

2. Determine how other families of the Shamberger surname (and its variations) living in the USA today are related to Nicholas Shamberger and to each other. Some Shambergers are of African ancestry, descended from slaves of the Shamberger families in the south who took the Shamberger surname when they were emancipated after 1863.

3. Establish the relationship of Nicholas Shamberger to other families of the Shamberger surname (and its variants) in Germany and determine from which town Nicholas originated.



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