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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • John Seymour b.1535 Eng. d. 23oct1605 Eng. m. Jone Androw 11nov1560 Eng. m. Dyzory Porter 09May1562 Eng. -swseymour [shanes AT]
    • Robert Seymour b. 30nov1573 Eng. d. 23Aug1637 Eng. m. Elizabeth Waller 14Nov1603 Eng.
      • Richard Seymour b. 27jan1604 Eng. d. 25nov1655 CT m. Mercy Ruscoe 18April1631 Eng.
        • Richard Seymour b. 15july1632 CT d. 29nov1710 CT  m. Hannah Woodruff 1674 CT
          • Ebenezer Seymour b. 10feb1685 CT d. sept1733 CT m. Abigail Hollister 29dec1709 CT
            • Stephen Seymour b. 21july1718 CT d. 13nov1807 CT m. Mehitable Hichox 18march1741 CT
              • Zadoc Seymour b. 30april1757 CT d. 02nov1845 NY m. Naomi Munger 19jan1786 CT
                • Reuben Seymour b. 19march1794 NY d. 18july1872 IA m. Almira Haynes 01jan1817 NY
                  • Charles Levator Seymour b. 19march1818 NY d. 04oct1902 IA m.Clarissa Day 23april1840 NY
                    • Oscar William Seymour b.30july1845 IA d. 10oct1911 IA m. Elisa Nixon 1867 IA
                      • Roy Levator Seymour b. 04oct1889 IA d. 25march1917 IA m. Martha Henrietta Petersen 25oct1909 Iowa
  • John Seymer b. England? d.1605 m Dizory Porter - dseymour [dseymour AT]
    • Robert Seymer b. 1573 Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, England  m. Elizabeth Waller
      • Richard Seymour b. 27 Jan 1604/05 Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, England  m. Mercy Ruscoe
        • John Seymour b. c1639 Hartford, CT? d.1712-13  m. Mary Watson
          • John Seymour b. 12 Jun 1666 Hartford, CT  m. Elizabeth Webster
            • Timothy Seymour b.17 Jun 1696 Hartford, CT  m. Rachel Allyn
              • Allyn Seymour b. 30 Sep 1729 Hartford, CT  m. Elizabeth Smith
                • Allyn Seymour b. 12 Jul 1757 West Hartford, CT  m. Amelia Stanley
                  • Rodney Seymour b. 17 Sep 1794 West Hartford, Hartford Co, CT  m. Sophronia Sherwood
                    • Alphonso Hannibal Seymour b. 26 May 1828 Redfield, Oswego Co, NY  m. Martha Tubbs
                      • Alphonso Sherwood Seymour b. 19 Jan 1878 Oneida Co, NY  m. Velma Smith S-6
  • Richard Seymour b c1604 Hertfordshire England m Mercy Ruscoe - billybo [ssey AT]
    • Richard Seymour b 1645 Hartford CT m Hannah Woodruff
      • Ebenezer Seymour b 1684 Farmington CT m Abigail Hollister
        • Richard Seymour b 1716 Farmington CT m Mary Hikcox
          • Joash Seymour b 1742 Waterbury CT m Phebe Bronson S-4 89053
  • Nathaniel Seymore (also spelled Seamore), b c1810, m Zerilda (Martin or Scott) - jeancook [jeancook AT]
  • John Belden Seymour b: 2/12/1810 Lisle, Broome Co., NY d: 1875 m Elizabeth Thompson - Carol Lee Logan [logancl AT]
    • William Henry Seymour b: 11/1/1834 Whitney's Point, NY d 1920 IL m Charlotte Flora Yates
    • Marion Elizabeth Seymour b: 5/23/1837 Brandon, Oakland Co., MI m: Junius TenEyck
    • Susan Augusta Seymour  b: 10/12/1840 Seymour Lake, MI m: Charles Mason
    • Virginia Ann Manning Seymour b: 3/16/1844 Seymour Lake, MI M. S. Corwin Osborne
    • Elizabeth Manning Seymour b: 3/16/1847 Seymour Lake, MI m: Horace Peck Carver
    • George Thompson Seymour b. 2/17/1849 Pontiac, Oakland Co., MI d: 8/17/1849 Pontiac, MI
  • John Seymour b c1818 Limerick, Ireland m Margaret Anderson - John Seymour [johnseymour39 AT]
    • John Seymour b 1 Jul 1852 Orange, NJ m Selina Anne Brown
      • Arthur Browne Seymour b 7 May 1876 Orange, NJ m Justina Augusta Lepera
        • John Seymour b 4 Jan 1905 Orange, NJ m Muriel Elizabeth Higgins 277621
  • Charles F. Seymour- B: circa 1870 probably Illinois Married? (marriage not verified)- Cyndusky Virginia Zerbydied:December 22, 1937 St. Louis, MO - anya40 [anya40anya40 AT]
    • Edward Harold Seymour -born:September 12, 1904 Greene County, IL died:May 1972 Bartlett, Cook County, IL married Julianna Marie Orlandi died:February 6, 1966 St. Louis, MO

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