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f/k/a Cilley Sealy DNA Project

fka Sealey DNA Project
Cilley Sealy DNA Project Home Page for 2013-2015, Background
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Dee's Colorful YDNA matrix showing how General Cilley's YDNA pattern compares with Nathaniel, and Obadiah, etc.
YDNA Deep SNP shorthands- Get your National Genographic Geno2.0 Test so that your results show up in green, rather than red (estimated only) or Big Y Test
To buy Geno 2.0 kit (separate from ordering your YDNA test at ftdna lab)
Background on Geno 2.0 (ancient haplogroup/terminal SNP determined)

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In Memory of Sealey of County Antrim descendant,

former Sealey DNA Project Administrator, Kenny Hedgpeth (1958/2011):

Kenneth "Kenny" G. Hedgpeth (November 22, 1958 - June 3, 2011) was an American genetic genealogy pioneer and ISOGG co-founder.   Kenny became an ISOGG co-founder when he answered the call to attend the organizational meeting held at the SCGS (Southern California Genealogical Society) Library in Burbank, California, in January 2005.  Kenny designed and won the ISOGG logo competition and facilitated the creation of vinyl banners for use at genealogical conferences. He volunteered to staff the booth at many of these conferences including SCGS Jamboree in Burbank, California; Stones, Tomes and Ancient Bones in Corona, California; and the Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE! conference in London, England.  Additionally, he answered hundreds, if not thousands of questions about genetic genealogy. Most of his correspondence occurred through the two ISOGG and DNA-NEWBIE Yahoo Groups he founded in 2005. He also answered questions for beginners at the quarterly SCGS DNA Interest Group meetings.

Yes, this DNA Project (then called Sealey DNA Project) was founded and run by Kenny Hedgpeth.  Following his sad passing in 2011, WorldFamilies honorably served as interim administrator until August 2013.    Although forewarned that "No one will ever fill Kenny's shoes", Dee Bardes agreed to try to resurrect it-- provided that everyone out there contributes their matches, time, expertise, DNA and Kit sponsorship!  Thanks in advance! It is my understanding that Kenny's beloved project/family surnames included "Aitken, Bixby, Sealy, Stonebraker, Stowe & Thalls" and his Northumberland-England geographic project. His line is posted on YSearch, and shows his early tie to Sealey of County Antrim, Northern Ireland. YDNA from Kenny's roots, say County Antrim, and related lines is still needed.


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