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  • William Scarborough b 1631 England d 6 Mar 1676/77 VA m Naomi Davis - Ruhi [Ruhi19 AT]

    • Edward Scarborough b c1666 VA d 1715/16 VA m Ann Tagno?

      • Mary Scarborough b 1695 VA m Daniel Dugger

      • William Scarborough b c1697 VA m Sarah - Larry Scarborough [lscarbo AT]

        • Samuel Scarborough b c1736 VA

          • John Wesley Scarborough b 1764 VA m Sarah Horton

            • John Wesley Scarborough b 1813 NC m Lydia Morgan

              • Washington H. Scarborough b 1836 AL m Mary

                • Robert Lee Scarborough b 1866 AR m Alice Graves

                  • Cecil Scarborough b 1921 LA m Faye Goss

  • John Scarborough d 1646 Roxbury, MA - JWScarborough [Jareds AT]

    • Samuel Scarborough b 1643 d 1712 Roxbury, MA

      • Samuel Scarborough b 1680 Roxbury, MA d 1731 CT

        • Jeremiah Scarborough b 1713 d 1790 CT

          • Joseph Scarborough b 1746 d 1827 CT

            • Joel Scarborough b 1780 d 1827 West Hartford, CT

              • Joel K. Scarborough b 1824 d 1915 Payson, IL

                • Henry Scarborough b 1859 d 1947 Payson, IL

                  • Joseph Scarborough b 1900 d 1940 Payson, IL S-7

  • John Scarborough b 1716 VA d Jan 1815 m Rachel Johnson - Ruhi [Ruhi19 AT]

    • Mary Scarborough b c1743 m John Andrews, Sr.

  • David Scarborough b 1720 VA d 1773 NC m Sarah Ann Dunn - Dianna S. [pobiddy391 AT]

    • Addison Scarborough b 1754 VA d 1831 SC m Josie Howell

      • Noah Scarborough b 1785 SC  d 1850 GA m Margaret "Peggy" Jossey

        • Hardy Franklin Scarborough b 1832 GA d 1864 GA m Malvina C. Bryan

          • George Franklin Scarborough b 1853 AL d 1934 AL m Emma Carter Hightower

            • Harvey Thomas Scarborough b 1890 AL d 1989 AL m Lennie Viola Smith 

  • James Monroe Scarborough m Mary Andrews - t-boulanger [tim AT]

    • John William Scarborough m Sally Bosworth

      • William Harrison Scarborough m Sarah Ann Gaines

        • John Gaines Scarborough m Eliza Jane Inge

          • William Inge Scarborough m Alvina Schymos

  • William (Melba) Scarborough b 20 Sep 1764 NC m Lucretia Andrews - Ruhi [Ruhi19 AT]

    • Lydia Scarborough b 3 Dec 1798 NC m James B. Ballard

  • Thomas R. Scarborough b c1800 SC m Elizabeth - Patricia Campbell [campbell AT]

    • James Balem Scarborough b 1833 Fairfield, SC m Mary Pauline Poland

      • George Washington Scarborough b 15 Jun 1866, TN m Sarah Matilda Taylor

        • Orie Preston Scarborough b 1 May 1909, TN - SX-1

  • Hiram Scarborough b c1804 SC m Abigale Thompson - jhscarborough [joescarb AT]

    • Kelly Scarborough Sr. b Jan 1834 Kershaw Co., SC m Eliza Styron(s)

      • Kelly Scarborough Jr. b 15 Sep 1863 Augusta, Richmond Co., GA m Addie Clatt

        • Joseph Scarborough b 15 Apr 1887 Gracewood, Richmond Co., GA m Maude Byrd S-2

  • Richmond Scarborough b 1815 MS m Moultrie Horton Perry Co., AL - C. Lewis [Clsbo AT]

    • Garett Pheland Scarborough b 8 Jan 1859 d 22 Sept 1936 Brent, AL m Mary Alice Young

      • William Aubrey Scarborough b 4 Nov 1905 Brent, AL d 9 May 1991 m Ada Bernice Shaw

  • George Putnam Scarborough - [lujim AT]

    • Zella Louise Scarborough m A. C. Summers

  • James Allen Scarborough m Sarah - Philip Johnson [pjbaby66 AT]

    • Nancy Jane Scarborough b 22 Mar 1837 Clark Co., AL m Edward Eagles

  • James H. Scarborough b 1884 d 1951 TN - mike scarborough

    • James M. Scarborough b 1910 d 1993 KY


Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife. It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest. It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family. Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him.

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