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SCALES of Union County, South Carolina (A Working Pedigree)

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John SCALES, b. circa 1773, d. circa May 1866 in Union, SC; m. (1 or 2) m. Susanah FOSTER

William SCALES, b. circa 1802; m. Charlotte PARR

John Griffin SCALES, b. between 1809 and 1810 in Union, SC; m. Sarah (--?--)

           Ira SCALES m. c. 1852 Frances SHARP

                Lemuel H SCALES, d. 1875

                William A SCALES

                Charles Cass SCALES

                Edward R SCALES, d. 1875

                John H. SCALES, b. after 1852 in Union, SC, d. 1875 in Whitfield

Thomas SCALES, b. between 1821 and 1823, d. Dec 1865; m. Martha Matilda (--?--)

Samuel SCALES, b. circa 1825, d. 9 Jul 1886 in Union, SC; m. Julyann WYATT

John Thomas SCALES, b. 22 Sep 1847 SC, d. 24 Apr 1932 Union, SC; m. Madora A 'Dora' SMITH

Thomas SCALES, b. circa 1871 in SC

Lewis SCALES, b. c. 1872, d. 15 Apr 1949 Union, SC; m. c. 1903 Lillie ADAMS

Hoke Smith SCALES, b. 12 Oct 1907 Union, SC, d. 23 Apr 1939 Union, SC; m. Annabel BENTLEY

Hoke Stanley SCALES, b. 7 Sep 1939 Adamsburg, SC, d. 6 Apr 2011 in Purcellville, VA; m. Marsha (--?--)

                Joseph Robert SCALES, b. 4 Apr 1877 in Union, SC, d. 18 Dec 1955 in Pacolet Mills, Spartanburg, SC; m. Mary HORN

                Claude 'Claudie' SCALES, b. 10 May 1879 in SC, d. 18 May 1910 in Union, SC; m. Amanda VAUGHAN

                James Monroe SCALES, b. 30 Jun 1884 in Union, SC, d. Dec 1966 in Union, SC; m. Elizabeth 'Lizzie' PORTER

                      Charlie L. SCALES, b. circa 23 Oct 1915 in SC, d. after 1920

                     James H. W. SCALES, b. 5 Mar 1918 in Adamsburg, Union County, SC, d. 23 Jun 1939 in Pinckney, Union, SC

                      Robert Balie SCALES, b. 3 Mar 1925 in Lockhart, Union, SC, d. 30 Aug 1941 in Lockhart, Union, SC

                John Sewell SCALES, b. 6 Feb 1892, d. 11 May 1939 in Columbia, Richland,

SC; m. Lottie Belle BOULAR

                      Mack M SCALES, b. circa 1916 in SC

                      Francis M SCALES, b. circa 1919 in SC

          Calvin M SCALES, b. May 1850 in SC, d. 23 Jul 1926 in Union, Union, SC; m. Sarah Jane LAWSON

     Jefferson Davis SCALES, b. 27 Apr 1861 in SC, d. 22 Nov 1937 in Pinckney, Union, SC; m. Elizabeth BAILEY

                Aussie SCALES, b. Aug 1883

                Samuel SCALES, b. Feb 1887

                Clyde SCALES, b. 26 Aug 1891, d. Jul 1976 in Union, Union, SC

m. Sarah 'Sallie' VAUGHAN, b. circa 1809 in Union, SC, m. circa 1845 in Union, SC, d. circa 1883 in Union, SC

Carlos Felda SCALES, b. Aug 1846 in Union, SC, d. 28 Aug 1917 in Columbia, Richland, SC; m (1) Elmina BROWN

           John SCALES, b. circa 1866 in Union, SC

           William Foster SCALES, b. 9 Feb 1871 in Adamsburg, Union, SC, d. 17 Mar 1954 in Adamsburg, Union, SC; m. Amanda D HARRIS

                James Arthur SCALES, b. before Dec 1891

                William Henry SCALES, b. 27 Apr 1898 in Adamsburg, Union, SC, d. 19 Mar 1973 in Spartanburg, SC; m. Marie ESTES

                     William Thomas SCALES; m. Betty (--?--)

                           Billy SCALES; m. Michelle (--?--)

      +Sarah J 'Sallie' HARRIS, b. 29 Oct 1866 in SC, d. 30 Apr 1904 in Union, SC

           James Wallace HARRIS (AKA SCALES), b. 9 Jul 1890 in Pinckney, Union, SC, d. 15 Jan 1935 in Pinckney, Union, SC

     m. Margaret GAULT, b. between 1839 and 1840 in SC, m. circa 1876

Joseph Johnson SCALES, b. 9 Feb 1877 in Union, SC, d. 24 Mar 1958 in High Point, Guilford, NC; m. Mahala Elizabeth FAWCETT

                Wilbur H SCALES, b. 24 Jul 1911 in SC, d. Mar 1963 in Palm Beach, FL

           James E GAULT (AKA SCALES), b. 25 Feb 1879 in Union, SC, d. before 1900

   m. Alice LIPSEY, b. 4 Feb 1860 in Union, SC, m. 1894 in Union, SC, d. 16 Sep 1940 in Union, Union, SC

Lonnie Cleve SCALES, b. 21 Jan 1891 in Adamsburg, Union, SC, d. 13 May 1941 in Pinckney, Union, SC; m. Nettie

                Harold SCALES

                James V SCALES, b. circa 1917 in SC; m. Nancy E CROW

                     Jack Marion SCALES 14 Dec 1942, b. in Union, Union, SC; m. Doris G (--?--)

Charles Ray SCALES, b. 17 Jul 1919 in Union, SC, d. 20 Jul 1932 in Union, SC

Guy Wilbur SCALES, b. 4 Sep 1921 in SC, d. 15 Apr 2007 in Jonesville, Union, SC; m. Lena VINSON

                     Mike SCALES; m. Susan LITTLE

                           Matthew SCALES

Otis Kelly SCALES, b. 4 Oct 1928 in SC, d. 19 May 1996 in Gulfport, Harrison, MS

           Robert E SCALES, b. 29 May 1905 in Union, SC, d. 1 May 1973 in Taylors, Greenville, SC

           Benjamin (Ben) F SCALES, b. 4 Oct 1908 in Union, Union, SC, d. 5 Jun 1981 in North Augusta, Aiken, SC



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