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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, project members can identify their genetic heritage and related families.   Click here to find out how to use the Patriarchs Page or how to contact a pedigree provider.

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  • Ebeneezer  Savage b. c1780 m Nancy Taylor - koalatyusa [koalatyusa AT]
    • Savage, John Hamblin b 1834 Worchester Co., MD d 1891 m Margaret Ann Hearn
      • Savage, William Edmond b 1874 Worchester Co., MD d 1950 m Mary Ann Bunting
        • Savage, Ollie James b 1895 Worchester Co., MD d 1945 m Maude Lillie McCabe


  • Henry Savage, b. 1746 Layston, Hertfordshire, England m Sarah Game
    • Thomas Savage b 1783 Ardeley, Hertfordshire, England m Mary Warner
      • Thomas Savage b 1816 Walkern, Herfordshire, England m Dinah Hill
        • Samuel Savage b 19 Nov 1837 Walkern, Hertfordshire, England m Eliza Humphrey - S-5


  • James Savage, b. c. 1835, Worcester Co, MD m Mary E Lewis
    • Archie Frank Savage Sr, b 18 Jun 1880 m  Gretchen Virginia Wainwright
      • Archie Frank Savage Jr, b 14 Feb 1928 m Mary Lenora Boyette
        • Patrick
  • John Savage, b1813, Brandeston, Suffolk, England m Hannah Boon - John Savage [savage AT]
    • John Savage, b 20 May 1853, Brandeston, Suffolk, England, m Sarah Ann Gale
      • John Lucena Savage, b 5 May 1886 m Dasy Janetta French
        • Harry Douglas Savage, b 26 Nov 1919
          • John Edward Douglas Savage, b 21 Dec 1950 - S-17



  • John Savage, b. 6 Mar 1684, m. Elizabeth Dubbin - jesavage [jesavage3]
    • John Savage b. 2 Dec 1652 m. Mary Ranney
      • Thomas Savage b. 21 Aug 1684 m. Mary Goodwin
        • Ebenezer Savage b. 26 Feb 1718 m. Rebeca Ranney
          • Giles Savage b. 14 Oct 1761 m. Susan Randall
            • Ebenezer Savage b. 1 June 1789 d. d, 28 June 1870 m. Mary then Polly
              • John Gardner Savage b. 17 Nov 1831 m. Laura Davis
                • Amasa Savage b. 8 Nov 1862 m. Clara Keeler
                  • John Edmond Savage b. 1891 m. Eva Mae Bartlett
    • William, b 26 Apr 1668, Middletown, Middlesex, CT, m Christiane Mould - David Savage [dsavage0109 AT]
      • William, b 18 Sept 1699, Middletown, Middlesex, CT, m Sarah Savage
        • William, b 19 Feb 1727, Middletown, Middlesex, CT,, m Martha Gipson
          • Roger, b 14 May 1764, Middletown, Middlesex, CT, m Phebe Stevens
            • David, b 10 Jul 1810, Leeds, Johnstown, Ontario, Canada, m Mary Ward
              • Parley, b 31 Dec 1868, Hyrum, Cache, UT, m Clarabell McCullough
                • Ward, b 4 Dec 1903, Antimony, Garfield, UT, m Ethelynd Brown - S-2
  • John Savage m Nancy Penn d c1816 Nelson Co.,VA - Neal Savage [npsavage AT]
    • George Penn Savage b. 23 Dec 1776 Amherst Co.,VA m Elizabeth Miller
      • John J. Savage b.7 Apr 1815, Montgomery Co.,VA m Mary Ann Mangin
        • Wilson Lee Savage b.2 Jan 1842,Allen Co.,IN m Amanda Juliet King
          • Harry King Savage b.23 Jul 1879, Alamosa, CO m Florence Mary Grace - S-11


  • John Savage m Catharine (MD? VA?) - Florence [elliottfa AT]
    • Silas Wesley, m. Alice Walters (m. 1885)
      • Effie Mae, m Winfield S. Nicola


  • Ensign Thomas Savage b:1594 England d:1627-1633 VA. M: 1622 Hannah Tyng, Virginia - Travis Savage []
    • John Savage b:1624 d: 1678 M: Mary Robins, Virginia
      • John Savage b:1673 d: 1720 Virginia M: Elizabeth Gascoigne
        • John Savage b:1708 d:1750 Virginia M: Ann James
          • Captain John Savage b:1735 d:1791 M: Lydia Elizabeth Seaver,  Accomac, VA
            • John Savage b:5 Oct 1772 VA, D:1833 Greenup/Carter Co. KY M: 1796 Eleanor Corbin
              • Peter Savage b: 1816 d: 1858 Greenup/Carter Co. KY,  M: Sarah Arnold
                • William Lindsey Savage b:1846 Carter Co. KY M: 1870 to Isabella Wurts d: 1932 Hocking Co. Ohio
                  • Samuel G. Savage b: 1880 d:?,  M:1883 Mary B. McCall,  Ohio
                    • James R. Savage b: 1907 d:1970 Ohio M: Marjorie Lewis, Ohio
                      • William Jay Savage b: 1951  d:2000 Ohio M: 1972 to Cheryl L. Cox, Ohio
                        • Travis N. Savage b:1975 Fort Knox, KY - S-35


  • William Savage, b1720, South Carolina, m Rebecca Singleton b1720 South Carolina
    • Robert Savage, b1742, South Carolina
      • Robert Henderson Savage, b1786 South Carolina
        • Claiborn Savage, b1818, Overton, Tennessee m Elizabeth Reed b14 Jan 1820, Allons, Overton, Tennessee
          • Robert Jesse Savage, b1855 Overton, Tennessee
            • Willard M Savage, b1886, Tennessee m Mary Evelilne Anderson b1888, Tennessee
              • Warner J Savage, b1917, Tennessee - S-39


  •  William Savage, b.29 Aug 1811, Ballynahinch, Co Down, Ireland. ( religion Presbyterian) Parents may have been Felix and Jane, married Agnes Young, c 1830 - Geoff Savage [geoff_savage AT]
    • William, b 1833 went to Sth Africa. All others came to Australia
    • John, b1840
    • Felix, b.1846
    • Robert, b. 1851
    • Charles, b. 1851 - S-9

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