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                            WELCOME TO THE SANDIDGE DNA PROJECT


The Sandidge project is open to men with the name Sandidge, Sandridge, etc. or to any man who believes he descends from a Sandidge male.  Since the Y-chromosome is unique to males and follows the paternal line, Y-DNA testing is an ideal tool for genealogists hoping to trace their paternal ancestry beyond the limits of available documents.  A simple cheek-swab test will quickly determine whether two males with the same surname share a recent common ancestor.

Surname DNA testing is the newest tool available to genealogists!

  • Surname tests allow genealogists to verify their father's father's...father's paternal ancestry.
  • Surname DNA information can be very powerful when combined with traditional paper trails.

The following Surnames are currently included in this project: Sandidge, Sandridge, Sandege, Sandage, etc.

The Sandidge Surname DNA Project is open to all families with this surname, of all spelling variations, and from all locations.  
(If your surname is not included please contact the Project Administrator.)   

Sandidge Surname DNA Project was started to:

  1. Help researchers from common or related families work together to find their shared heritage. 
  2. Identify how the participant's families are connected, both genetically and through paper trails.
  3. Identify and confirm genetic Lineages of ancestral families.
  4. Ultimately catalog pedigrees and genetic connections of all of the known project families.

 Participating in a Surname DNA Project provides:

  • The participant's genetic DNA, which is very close (and sometimes identical) to his earliest known ancestor.
  • The participant's "deep" ancestry (Haplogroup), which identifies the paternal ancestor's prehistoric origins.
  • A sense of camaraderie, which is particularly strong for those who share a genetic ancestry
  • Stimulation to family research and renewed sharing of information
  • A wider sense of identity and relationship, as we begin to realize how much we are a World Family.
  • A chance to compare your genetic ancestry with those of your Surname and the spelling variations
  • Your genetic matches who do not share your common surname
  • The knowledge to understand our ancestors better - particularly where the records have been lost


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