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The RUSSELL Project does not include mtDNA results because mtDNA traces the matrilineal line and does not follow the surname.  There are several different types of DNA, and mtDNA follows your mother's mother's ... mother's maternal ancestry.  It is difficult to use for genealogy as the surname changes every generation, but there are scattered reports of paper-trail connections being made with mtDNA.  For more information, see the mtDNA page.

We encourage everyone who has been mtDNA-tested to join their mtDNA haplogroup project.  See mtDNA Haplogroup Projects page for more information.

Both men and women can take mtDNA tests because everyone inherits mtDNA from their mother.  If you are seeking information on your deep, ancient ancestry, the standard "mtDNA Plus" test should be sufficient.  (This test is sometimes called HVR1 + HVR2.)  If you wish to use your mtDNA result to confirm a maternal ancestry line (you and another person share a common matrlineal ancestor), then your best choice is the "mtDNA Full Sequence" test.  Both mtDNA tests can be ordered from Family Tree DNA.


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