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  • We seek Line Leaders to add Family History information and to bring focus to this project.

Last updated 6-15-08

We have 14 mtDNA results:

Kit Name                     Haplo HVR1 HVR2
78294 Chenault H 066G,519C  
98182 Russell H 220C,519C 263G,315.1C 
31419 Russell H 221T,519C  
102438 Russell H 234T,519C 263G,315.1C 
68927 Curran H CRS  
63340 Russell H* 311C,519C 195C,263G,315.1C 
77621 Russell J* 069T,126C 73G,228A,263G,295T,315.1C,462T,482C,489C,522-,523- 
33286 Russell J1a 069T,126C,145A,231C,261T 73G,150T,152C,195C,215G,263G,295T,310.1T,315.1C,319C,489C,513A 
41270 Russell K 047A,048A,224C,311C,519C 73G,195C,263G,315.1C,316A,497T,524.1C,524.2A,524.3C,524.4A 
106871 Russell K 224C,311C,519C 73G,146C,152C,263G,309.1C,315.1C 
98671 Russell L0a1 129A,148T,168T,172C,187T,188G,189C,223T,230G,311C,320T  
99612 Russell U2 051G,092C,129C,183C,189C,362C,519C  
N39490 Taylor U5 256T,270T,399G,519C   
109479 Russell V 298C,362C 72C,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C 

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