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The ultimate purpose of this page is to discuss our DNA resultsi.

  • An example of what this page will look like over time is the  Hodges DNA Project Discussion Page
  • Feel free to discuss this project on the Runciman Family Forum (link in light gray menu)
  • A project diary is also available, DNA participants and active RUNCIMAN researchers may apply for authorship rights by sending Lorna an email
  • Click here to place an order for a DNA test at Family Tree DNA

 Participating in a Surname DNA Project provides:

  • A report on the participant's genetic DNA, which is very close (and sometimes identical) to the earliest known ancestor
  • A classification of the participant's "deep" ancestry, which gives insight into the prehistoric origins of your surname ancestors
  • A sense of camaraderie with all who participate in the Family Project, which is particularly strong for those who share a genetic ancestry
  • Stimulation to family research and sharing of information
  • A wider sense of identity and relationship, as we begin to realize how much we are a World Family.
  • A chance to compare your genetic ancestry with those of the Surname and the Spelling variations
  • Locates the genetic matches that do not share your common surname

Lineage 1:
The "Wanton Walls" Runciman family of David and Janet (Lockie) Runciman, whose great grandparents are highly like to be George and Jennet (Finlay) Runciman

Tests clearly indicate that the rumoured link between the Michigan Runciman family of William & Mary (Brown) Runciman(R-2) and that of David and Janet (Lockie) Runciman of Wanton Walls (R-1) actually exists, now that descendants have proved an exact match at 37 markers, and 66/67). 
Descendants of these families can be found in: Scotland, South America (Argentina), USA, South Africa, Spain, New Zealand, France (at least).
A representative of the other Michigan family, that of James & Isabella (Carter) is still being sought (a subsidy exists for a suitable participant).

Lineage 2:
The Ayton/Dunbar family of James & Agnes (Heriot) Runciman=

This family moved within Scotland from Ayton to Dunbar, and descendants were also in Selkirk, and emigrated to New Zealand ( R-4 and R-5).
Despite the proximity to Earlston and Lauder, the haunts of the above R-1 family, this family appears quite distinctly different.
Tests show that the family of James and Janet (HOG) RUNCIMAN (
R-3) are a 36/37 marker match to the Ayton/Dunbar family (R-4) which strongly indicates that this is the James supposedly in Ohio, son of James and Agnes. 
The South American (Peru) branch (R-6) has also now been shown to be a match.

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