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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
Lineage I
1. Charles Rountree b. 1680 England or Ireland m. Lydia McMann - Ginny []
    2. Thomas Rountree b. 1733 Co. Armagh Ireland m. Eva Stugis
        3. Andrew Rountree b. 1722 Orange Co. NC m. Mary Robinson
            4. John J. Rountree b. Aug 1815 Maury Co. TN m. Margaret McKee
                5. John M. Rountree b. 1850 Maury Co. TN m. Melvina Witherspoon
                    6. Paul Hollis Rountree b. 1878 TN m. Sarah Adeline Spivey   82918
        3. Rachel Rountree b. 1765 m. William Jacobs - Dejay []
1. John Rountree b. 1798 Co. Armagh Ire m. Mary Anne Unknown - Fred Rowntree []
    2. Charles Rountree b. 1822 Co. Armagh m. Frances Jones
        3. William John Rountree b. c1858 Co. Armagh m. Mary Connolly
            4. Frederick Rountree b. 1883 Co. Armagh m. Margaret Mallon   98903
1. William Rowntree b. c1700 New Kent Co. VA m. Dorcas Unknown - John []
    2. Richardson Rowntree b. c1735 New Kent Co. VA m. 1st. Unknown 2nd. Mildred Unknown
        3. James Rowntree b. c1761 Goochland VA m. Unkown
            4. Richardson Rowntree b. c1793 SC m. Ann Gaston
                5. Dr. William Gaston Rountree b.1824 SC m. Kesiah Bennett
                    6. William Gaston rountree Jr. b. 1852 Augusta GA m. Callie Donia Johnson
                        7. Otis Johnson Rountree b. 1890 Henry (now Houston) Co. AL m. Janie Juanita Vaughn   162221
            4. Turner Rountree b. c1797 Spartenburg Co. SC m. Clara Smith - Ginny []
                5. John S. Rowntree b. c 1830 Spartenburg m. Emily Frances Lanford
                    6. James Turner Rowtree b. 1856 SC m. Mattie Rowena Bearden
                        7. Carl Bearden Rowntree b. 1884 TN m. Harriett Vivian Fowler   72286
            4. Jesse H. Rountree b. 1805 SC m. Mary Boggs - Robert James Rowntree []
                5. Robert M Rountree b. 1834 SC m. Sara J. ?
                    6. Robert Thomas Rountree b. 1855 TX m. Ann Eliza Taylor
                        7. James Robert Rowntree b. 1882 TX m. Muriel Jarboe   255780
        3. Thomas Hart Rountree b. c1778 Union co. SC - Ed []
            4. James Lewis Rountree b. c1806 SC
                5. Wilson Barton Rountree b. c1856 Oatmeal TX
                    6. Edward C. Rountree b. c1907 Douglas AZ    162139
    2. Turner Rountree b. c1742 New Kent or Hanover Co. VA m. Sarah Woodson -  Ginny [ginnymerritt AT]
            3. Woodson Rountree b. 1769 Goochland Co. VA m. Mary Brandon
                4. Thomas B. Rountree b. c1793 SC m. Aphra Fowler
                    5. Nancy Olivia Rountree b. c1830 AL m. John Peace LaMay Jr.
                        6. Harriet Ann LeMay b. c1849 MS m. Winfield Scott Nichols
                             7. Lillian Vitura Nichols b. c1869 MS
                4. Benjamin Woodson Rountree I b. 1809 SC m. Amanda Mandy Young
                    5. Benjamin Woodson Rountree II b. 1866 AL m. Ella D Unknown   155461
                4. James Woodson Rountree b. 1820 m. Mary Elizabeth Unknown - Ginny [ginnymerritt AT]
                    5. William Andrew Rountree b. 1844 m. Georgia McLendon
                        6. Andrew Lawrence Rountree b. 1891 m. Ila F. Moody
1. Thornton Owens c. c1805 SC m. Rebecca Massey - James B. Owens []
    2. James L. Owens b. 28 Dec 1825 Anderson SC m. Nancy Leard
        3. Harvey William Owens b. 24 Jun 1854 Hart Co. GA m. Estalee Bowers
            4. William Parsons "Will" Owens b. 2 Mar 1886 Clark Co. AR m. Lois Henrietta Burden   192646
1. Charles Rountree b. 1710 Co. Armagh, Ireland m. Mollie Coleman - Mervyn Roundtree []
    2. Charles Rountree b. 1750 Co. Meath, Ireland m. Bettie Ebbet
        3. Moses Rountree b. 1798 Co. Cavan, Ireland m. Mary Parker
            4. Moses Rountree b. 1844 Co. Cavan, Ireland m. Emily Rountree
                5. John Roundtree b. 1892 Co. Cavan, Ireland m. Elizabeth Bell    210006
1. John J. Roundtree b. c1821 NC m. Mary (Polly) Rees - Bill Harman []
    2. John C. Roundtree b. 1862 Whitley Co., KY m. Almeda M. Stephens
        3. Enos Roscoe Roundtree b. 1901 KY m. Sarah Mae West    206574
1. Wright Roundtree b. 1791 NC m. Nancy ?  Ronald Roundtree []
    2. James R. Roundtree b. 1834 AL m. Saffronia Jones
        3. John Robert Roundtree b. 1870 Neshoba Co. MS m. Mary Elizabeth Spence
            4. John Ray Roundtree b. 1915 Neshoba Co. MS m. Mabelle Todd    209676
1. Cader Roundtree b. 1748 NC  m. Penelope Renfrew - Roy Roundtree []
    2. Hiniard Roundtree b. 1817 GA  m. Jane Lawson
        3. Pleasant W. Roundtree b. 1836 GA m. Sarah Hays
            4. Edward L. Roundtree b. 1874 m. Olivia A. West
                5. Clabern L. Roundtree b. 1900 OK m. Lizzie B. McClure   365615
1. James Vandiver Jones b. 1803 Greenville Co. SC m. Elizabeth Austin - RR []
    2. William J. Jones b. 1826 Greenville Co. SC m. Elizabeth Dea
        3. William John Jones b. 1854 Anderson Co. SC m. Laura Etta Hall    37391
1. William Rowntree b. c1700 New Kent Co. VA m. Dorcas Unknown - John C. Rountree []
    2. Richardson Rowntree b. c1735 New Kent Co. VA m. 1st. Unknown
        3. James Rowntree b. c1761 Goochland VA m. Unkown
            4. John H. Rountree b. 1795  m. Ann Brandon
                5. James Jefferson Rountree b. 1824 SC m. Malinda Caroline Kelley
                    6. John Miles Rountree b. c1867 TX m. 1st. Unknown 2nd. Mary Elizabeth Crow
                        7. Drayton Kennebrew Rountree b. 1898 AL . Maggie Mae Christian   392685
Lineage II
1. John Rowntree b. 1680 Yorkshire England m. Ann Marton - Hugh Rowntree []
    2. Robert Rowntree b. 1722 Yorkshire England m. Mary Halliday
        3. Robert Rowntree b. 1754 Yorkshire England m. Ann Wood
            4. William Rowntree b. Yorkshire England m. Elizabeth Bowman
                5. John Rowntree b.1824 Yorkshire England m. Sarah Horn
                    6. William G. Rowntree b. 1850 London England m. Anne J. Kirkby    141650
Lineage III
1. Thomas Rountree b. 1719 Co. Durham m. Mary Taylor - Barbara Rae-Venter []
    2. Thomas Rountree b. c1744 Co. Durham m. Alice Short
        3. Edward Rowntree b. c1768 Co. Durham m. Dorothy Stephenson
            4. Thomas Rowntree b. 1797 Co. Durham m. Mary Averre
                5. Stephenson Rowntree b.1822 Co. Durham m. Maria Orton
                    6. Thomas Stevenson Rowntree b. 1857 Co. Durham m. Jane Kemp
                        7. John George Rowntree b. 1889 Co. Durham m. Florence Maud Broughon    225023
                5. William Rowntre b. 1898 m. Elenor Thomas
                    6. Thomas Rowntree b. 1859 Yorkshire m. Elizabeth Evans
                        7. Percy Rowntree b. 1902 Swansea m. Nellie May O'Neill    232893
        3. Thomas Rowntree b. 1765 Sunderland  m. Mary Smith - Barbara Rae-Venter [b.raeventerATutexas.ed]
            4. Thomas B. Rowntree b. 1809 Sunderland  m. Mary Baxter
                5. William M. Rowntree b. 1841 Sunderland  m. Ann Mills
                    6. Robert M. Rowntree b. 1867 Sunderland  m. Esther Ball
                        7. Joseph B. Rowntree b. 1895 Portsea m. Elizabeth Victoria Hardy  364827
Unassigned Lineage
1. Jesse Rountree b. c1725 VA m. Rachel Spivey - Grice [no address]
    2. Jesse Rountree b. 1765 Pitt Co. NC m. Winnifred Jenkins
        3. Winnifred Rountree b. 1807 Pitt Co. NC m. Benjamin Brown
  • Daniel Roundtree fl. 1790-1820, lived Dunshaughlin & Dunboyne, Co Meath, Ireland. m Brigid Scanlon. -Gail Roantree – [gailroantree AT]
    • James Roundtree/Rountree 1794-1872, b Dunshaughlin, d Leixlip, Co Kildare. M (Dublin 1823) Anne O’Brien c1805-1866.
      • Daniel James Rountree/Roantree 1824-1902, b Leixlip, d Dublin. M 1 (Dublin 1855) Eliza Josephine Malone 1832-1891.  M 2  (Dublin 1899) Annie Murray.
        • Daniel James Roantree 1870-1930, b Drumnakelly, Armagh, d Dublin. M 1 (Wales 1905) Annie Fannon d 1905. M 2 (Dublin 1908) Margaret Cahill 1883-1963. 363104
Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information other than the name of the wife or any death information.   It is tended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.   It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family.   Often something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him.
There is much incomplete information on the family lines.   In order to respect the integrity of our work family lines will not be grouped until there is sufficient information available.   Those that are proven will be grouped.                       

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