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PURPOSE: to facilitate easy comparison between lines from different Renz or Rentz family groups by listing simplified versions of family trees. When DNA results are also available (see Y-results page), patriarchs are grouped into a lineage when 2 or more males match at a minimum level of 23/25 markers, e.g. Lineage 1, below.


FORMAT:  Only males are listed because the DNA surname project requires and tracks genetic samples from the Y-chromosome. Female offspring are included only when one of her descendents has submitted a branch of the main tree to this DNA surname project.


WHO MAY SUBMIT A PEDIGREE:  We highly encourage submission of any list of males bearing the surname Renz or Rentz. Lists of males bearing surnames with variant spellings are also welcomed. Persons submitting a patriarch lineage might also consider submitting a DNA sample from a male member of the submitted tree, though this is not required for pedigree posting. Similarly, anyone who has submitted DNA test results to this project is strongly encouraged to submit their patriarch lineage. Comparing DNA results with a patriarch lineage provides the most complete picture. All patriarch lines should be submitted to the project administrator according to the directions at the bottom of this page.


Genetically Confirmed Lineages
2 or more males matching at a minimum of 23/25 Y-DNA markers)

Lineage 1- Emmingen (Nagold), Kreis Calw (Karlsruhe), Baden-Württemberg

Haplogroup R-M512 (R1a1a)

(R-3 and R-8 match at 34/37)

Jacob (1) Rentz, m. Ursula Unknown, abt. 1565 - Christopher Renz [cjrenzop AT]

Jacob (2) Rentz, b. c 1567;   m. Agnes Coder in Emmingen

Hanß (Johann) Rentz, b. abt. Aug 15, 1617;  m. Catharina Rentz in Emmingen

Hanß Rentz, b. bet. 1637 -1640, Emmingen;  m. Anna Roller

Johann Renz, b. abt. 8 Mar 1671, Emmingen;  m. Agneß Nästlin

Michael Renz, b. abt. 27 Sep 1698, Emmingen;  m. Magdalena Keller

Christian Renz, b. abt. 26 Dec 1732, Emmingen;  m. Anna Osswald

Christian (2) Renz, b. 1767, Emmingen;  m. Catharina Merk (Moerike)

Christian (3) Renz, b. 1805, Emmingen;  m. Magdalena Braun

Johann Martin Renz, b. 16 Apr 1837, Emmingen; m. Fredereka Haug in Hudson Co., NJ (1864)

Frederick Renz, b. 1865, Hudson Co., NJ

William Renz, b. 1870, Hudson Co., NJ

John Frederick Renz, b. 2 Sep 1873, Hudson Co., NJ

Johann Michael (1) Renz, b. 17 Jul 1832, Emmingen;  m. Katharina Rauschenberger

Johann Michael (2) Renz, b.27 Dec 1867, Emmingen; m. Katharine Saur, immigrated to Hudson Co., NJ (1894)

Charles William Renz, b. 19 Nov 1896, North Bergen, NJ;  m. Gertrude Agnes Merritt

Charles William Renz, Jr., b. 15 Jul 1920, NYC; m. Ida Maria Cerú - R-3


Michael Rentz, b. 1535;  m. Anna - Roderick Lawrence Rentz [doubler AT]

Burkhard Rentz, b. abt. 1558, Emmingen;  m. Magdelena Rehm

Conrad Rentz, b. 20 Dec 1586, Emmingen;  m. Catharina Unknown

Georg Rentz, b. 9 Feb 1617, Emmingen;  m. Christina Unknown

Georg (Jerg) Rentz, b. 19 Feb 1646, Emmingen;  m. Christina Nästlin in Ebhausen (Kreis Calw, Württemberg)

Michael Rentz, b. 5 Sep 1688, Ebhausen;  m. Christina Braun

Johann Georg Rentz, b. 24 Mar 1720;  m. Catharina Maier (Majer) in Emmingen; immigrate to SC (1750) [SEE COMMENT 2]

Simon Rentz, b. 9 Jan 1749, Emmingen; m. Mary Swan in Orangeburg District, SC

Samuel, b. 1796, Barnwell, SC; m. Elizabeth  Rice

Simon Peter, b. 2 Oct 1834, Lowndes, GA; m. Esther Hughes

Artemus, b. 14 Jan 1860, Lowndes, GA; m. Isabella Howell

Viola (Ola), b. 13 Jan 1882, Berrion, GA; m. John Lunsford McCranie - Charles Ethridge McCranie [KIWI4WOLF AT]

Olive Rentz, b. 14 Apr 1795, Barnwell, SC; m. Joseph Peters, LA - Mervin Peters [mdptexas AT] and Brenda Perkins [ ]

Hanß Jerg Rentz (a.k.a. JOHANN GEORG), b. 25 Mar 1745, Emmingen

Jacob George Rentz, b. abt. 1770, Colleton, SC;  m. Margaret Unknown

Jacob Rentz, b. 1787, Colleton, SC;  m. Rebecca Varn

Aaron Jacob Rentz, b. 4 Nov 1824, Surrency, GA;  m. Susanna Georgianna Polk

Berry Rentz, b. 1 Nov 1847, Colleton, SC;  m. Susan Elizabeth Bishop

Obediah Berry Rentz, b. 8 Oct 1876, Barnwell, SC;  m. Marian Rose McKenzie

Roderick Lawrence Rentz, b. 3 May 1900, Hampton, SC;  m. Jessie Binn Minick

Roderick Lawrence Rentz, b. 18 Sep 1921, GA;  m. Ruth Stone - R-8

Jacob Rentz, b. 22 Oct 1828, Colleton, SC;  m. Priscilla Pellum

Aaron E. Rentz, b. Apr 1856, Colleton, SC; m. Gatsey S. Wilson

Charles Henry Rentz, b. 6 Sep 1891, Colleton, SC; m. Minnie Etta Sineath

Nonnie Virginia Rentz, b. 14 Dec 1913 - Charlie Wilson [ ]

Mary Rentz, b. 1830, Colleton, SC; m. Unknown (son took her surname) - Fay Rentz [faycin AT]

William Solomon [Rentz], b. 15 March 1854, Colleton, SC;  m. Clifton Cora Ruth [SEE COMMENT 1]

William Harrell [Rentz], b. 8 Feb 1891, Varnville, SC;  m. Elizabeth Miller - R-7



COMMENT 1:  Because the male offspring of Mary Rentz is not a genetic member of the Rentz family, the surname is listed in [brackets], and the Y-DNA results for this participant (R-7) are not listed on the Y-results page of the Renz - Rentz surname project. The pedigree is listed here as an aide to researchers of this branch of the family.

Lineage 2 – South Carolina/Georgia

Haplogroup I-M253 (I1)

(R-2 and R-9 match at 36/37)

Johann Georg Rentz (a.k.a. HANß JERG), b. 25 Mar 1745, Emmingen;  m. Margaret Brown in Ebenezer GA (see lineage above)

John Route Rentz, b. 1766, Colleton Co., SC;  m. Lucy Polk ?? Link to previous persons unconfirmed ?? [SEE COMMENT 2]

George Rentz, b. 1792, Colleton, GA; m.  Eliza Louise Everett

John Alexander Rentz, b. 1815, GA;  m. Josephine Blackshear Moore on 12 Apr 1842  Bill Beckemeyer [WHBECK AT]

George Scott Rentz, b. 10 Jun 1843, Thomasville, GA;  m. Martha Ward Scott

Mabel Claire Rentz, b. 1876;  m. Robert Wortham Waddell  Terry Barton [terry AT]

George Ward Rentz, b. 1881; m. Barbara Talbert

Albert Ward Rentz, b. 1906; m. Sarah Catherine Boyd - R-9  Cheryl Foster

Thomas Hugh Rentz, b. Mar 1847, Houston Co., GA;  m. Sallie P. Bunn

Clara Louise Rentz, b. Nov 1891, GA;  m. Loy Edmund Rast  John Hubbard [jhubbard AT]

Henry Bunn Rentz, b. 1867, Houston Co., GA;  m. Fannie Weston Kendrick

Arthur B. Rentz, b. 20 Jul 1897, Emanuel, GA;  m. Rosa Emma Bennett - R-2


COMMENT 2:  Researchers have attempted to connect Johann Georg Rentz and his ancestors with other Rentz families from the Colleton, GA area. However, genetic results would not support such a connection. At issue is the fact that members of the confirmed Lineage 1 belong to haplogroup R1a1, while the group with confirmed origins to John Alexander Rentz belong to the haplogroup I1. We encourage researchers from both haplogroups to engage more male participants and to share primary source documentation for their particular family trees. Please see the Discussion page for more details.


U.S. Pedigrees (genetically unconfirmed)

Dußlingen, Kreis Tübingen (Tübingen), Baden-Württemberg

Haplogroup R-U106 (R1b1b2)

Hans Renz, b. abt. 1615;  m. Regina Vollmer - Virginia Renz Higgins [Surnames AT]

Johann Renz, b. 1638, Dußlingen;  m. Anna Guelden

Hans David Renz, b. 6 Feb 1668/9, Dußlingen;  m. Barbara Klett

Johann Jakob Renz, b. 12 Nov 1700, Dußlingen;  m. Barbara Durr

Balthasar Renz, b. 20 Jan 1745/46, Dußlingen;  m. Anna Maria Schlauch

Jakob Renz, b. 7 Aug 1777, Dußlingen;  m. Christina Herrmann

Johann Georg Renz, b. 26 May 1808, Dußlingen;  m. Agnes Mohl

Adam Renz, b. 31 Jul 1845, Dußlingen;  m. Louise Jung in Oßweil, Württemberg; immigrated to NYC, 1869

Adam Georg Renz, b. 2 Oct 1873, NYC;  m. Franziska Forstner - R-4


Budzynek, Lodz, Poland

Haplogroup I-P37 (I-M423)

Gottlieb Renz, b. 13 Jan 1841 in  Budzynek,Lodz,Polenm m. Justine Werner

August Renz, b. 10 Feb. 1864 in  Janow/ Gouv. Warschau, Mittelpolen, m. Anna Susanna Rieder

        Eduard Renz, b. 17 Feb. 1900 in  Neudorf/ Kr. Lutzk, Wolhynien; d. 1993 in Shelby (Richland), Ohio - R-11


Burladigen, Zollernalbkreis (Tübingen), Baden-Württemberg

Haplogroup R-M269

Norbert Renz, m. Monika Deibold on 22 Jul 1795, Hausen Im Killertal (Burladigen), Hohenzollern, Prussia, Christopher Renz [cjrenzop AT]

Leo Renz, b. 1809 in Hausen Im Killertal, Hohenzollern, Prussia;  m. Mary Schmid; immigrated abt. 1853 to Naugatuck, CT. Founder of Renz Shear Shop (1873), which was later incorporated in 1882 as the Renz Hardware Co., then as the Acme Shear Co. (Bridgeport, CT)

Robert Renz, b. 1840, Hausen Im Killertal, Prussia; imm. abt. 1853; m. Clarina (Clara) Huntington in Naugatuck, CT

Robert Renz, b. Jul 1860, NJ; m. Sally in Dawson Co., MT

Charles H. Renz, b. Feb 1894, Dawson, MT; m. Bonnie Edeline

David B. Renz, b. 1902, Dawson, MT; m. Emma Culbertson

Frank Renz, b. 1904, Dawson, MT

married second Sophia Clifford

Robert H. Renz, b. 15 Mar 1917, Dawson, MT

Henry Renz, b. 12 Jul 1876, Naugatuck, CT; m. Mary Noonan

Charles Renz, b. 1904, Bridgeport, CT

Henry Renz, b. 1905, Bridgeport, CT; m. Louise Tierney

Frederick Renz, b. 1906, Bridgeport, CT

Robert Renz, b. 1911, Bridgeport, CT

William Renz, b. 1915, Bridgeport, CT

Harold Renz, b. 1918, Bridgeport, CT

Andrew Renz, b. May 1845, Hausen Im Killertal, Prussia; imm. abt. 1853; m. Harriett A. Woodig in Naugatuck, CT

Mitchell Renz, b. Jun 1849, Hausen Im Killertal, Prussia; imm. abt. 1853; m. Eliza Payne in New Britain, CT

Bertha (Alberta M.) Renz, b. 1874, Fairfield, CT; m. James E. Conger in CT

Edith Renz, b. 1874, Fairfield, CT; m. first Ed Warr, 12 Feb 1901 in Putnam, FL;  m. second, Charles Meloy in FL

married second Belle Wilmot in St. Augustine, FL; simultaneous residences in Fairfield (Putnam), FL and Washington, DC

married third Ella Hardy (widow, nee Richbourg/Richberg) in Mobile, AL

Leo Andrew Renz, b. 1902, Escambia Co., AL, m. Margaret Robards

Leo Andrew Renz, b. 16 Apr 1926, Mecklenburg Co., NC  R-12



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