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1.William H. Reading  b.1757 Charlotte County, VA d.1847 Lawrence Co,TN [janetkredden AT]
Thompson (Thomps) Reading, b.1803, Charlotte Co, VA
Zachariah Taylor Redden, b. 3 May 1849 Lawrence Co, TN, d. Robertson Co, TX
William James Redden, b. Jul 1875, TN d. Houston, TX
                                                                     John Ernest Redden, b. Apr 1899 Robertson Co TX
Lee Wayne Redden, b. Houston TX
George Reading, b. 1790, VA
William Reading b. VA d.AR
John H. Reading b. 1805 VA

2.Governor John Reading of New Jersey []

              Richard Reading, b. Dec 8, 1732, d. 1781Thomas Reading, b. Aug 11, 1773, d. 1802
                       Samuel R. Reading, b. NY or NJ 1799 d. S. Charleston, OH

                               Richard Augustine Reading, b. NY 1826, d. Richmond, TX.

                                                George Augustine Reading, b. Richmond TX, 1855

                                                               John Montan Reading, b. Richmond TX, Aug 11, 1882

1. William Reddin b c1750 Ireland [aggirose AT]
Dennis Reddin b 1793 Ireland d. Prince Edward Island
James Reddin b 1822 Prince Edward Island
Louis John Reddin b 1865 Prince Edward Island
Dennis O'Meara Reddin b 1829 Prince Edward Island
Dennis O'Meara Reddin Jr b 1859 Prince Edward Island
William Reddin b 1833 Prince Edward Island
Charles O'Brien Reddin b 1859, Newfoundland
Daniel Bernard Reddin b 1842 Prince Edward Island
2. John Reddin b. 1738 or 1750, VA or SC - 1796, GA [sreddin AT]
                        Isaac Reddin, b. 1792, Georgia, d. Tennessee
   James M. Reddin, b. c. 1818 Tennessee, d. Tennessee
                                           Thomas Mitchell Reddin, b. 1866 Tennessee, d. Oklahoma
Travis Metron Reddin, b. 1900 Tennessee, d. Oklahoma
3. Joseph Redden/Redding/Reading b.c. 1786 S Carolina/Va []
John Redden, b.c. 1833 Crawford Co., Indiana; Nashville,Tennessee
Isaac Bullington Redden, b. 3 January 1862; d. Crawford Co., Indiana
Edward Monroe "Bob" Redden, b. 14 May 1917, d. Crawford Co., Indiana

1. Joseph James Redding b. c. 1832, Kent Co., Maryland [milesblue AT]
Lewis Alfred Redding, B.C. 1869, Redding's Corner, Kent Co, Maryland
James Saunders Redding, b. 1905, Wilmington, Delaware

2. Francis Redding b. c. 1735, Virginia [sredding AT]
James Redding, ca. 1760, Halifax County, NC

                      Francis Redding, 1798, Wake County, NC

                                John B. Redding, 1826, Morgan County, Illinois

                                               Alfred Fear Redding, 1855, Iowa

                                                         Chancey Francis Redding, 1891, Putnam County, Misssouri

                                                                      Roy Lee Redding, 1920, Jefferson County, Kansas

1. Samuel Wiley Redden b: 1836 Tenn d: 1917 Bell Co, Texas []
Samuel M. Redden b: 1875 in Tennessee
Joseph Thomas Redden b: 1878 Coffee County, Tennessee
Samuel Wiley Redden b: 1905 Bell County, Texas  d: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
James C. Redden b:1879 Tennessee  d: Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee
Roy L. Redden b: 1904 Tennessee
James Henry Redden b: 1905 Tennessee

  • Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife. It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest. It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family. Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him.






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