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Family Group 1 and 2

This group descends from ancestors found in the southern states of the United States. Many Patriarchs are found in South Carolina (especially Horry and Edgefield Counties) and North Carolina (especially Surry and Wake Counties). After the American Revolution many of these families started moving west across Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama. They kept moving west and entered Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana and eventually Texas and Oklahoma.


Family Group 2 is distantly related to Family Group 1. The time period of separation between these two groups has not been established.


Currently there is only a single person, Kit #32963,  in this group, so they are not listed separately in the Y-Results table. 


Family Group 3

Most members in Family Group 3 descend from William Raburn who was born about 1725. After entering Kentucky from Virginia with Daniel Boone around 1775, he settled around Mount Sterling, Kentucky in what is now Montgomery County. This same DNA signature also appears with the name RATHBONE in Cheshire County in England.


Family Group 4

The members of this group descend from RYBURNs who settled in Washington County, Virginia in the early years. They came to the colonies from Campbeltown, Argyll and Bute, Scotland just before the American Revolution.


Family Group 5

The members of this group descend from ancestors found in the Central Valley of Virginia. The Rayburns of Augusta County, Virginia and environs have a distinct DNA signature. Earliest know ancestor is Edward Rayburn who died about 1754 in Augusta County, Virginia.

There are a few other tests that have not yet been assigned to a Family Group. These may indicate another family group that has not yet been identified or it may indicate an NPE (Non Parental Event) at some time in the past.








Joseph RAYBOURNE b. 1748 & Sarah Ann DYE

   George RABORN b. 1785, Edgefield Co, South Carolina & Rachel GORDON

      Simpson RABORN b. 1 May 1816, Amite Co, Mississippi & Mary McELVEEN

         Moses Eli (Dick) RABORN b. 16 Feb 1853, Amite Co, Mississippi & Martha Elizabeth McDANIEL

            James Winston RABORN  b. Oct 1873, Mississippi & Rhoda HODGE

                        Kit #12744 – Contact: burnraj at


John RAYBOURN b. 1730, Prince George Co, Virginia

   Sylvanus RAIBOURN. 1763, North Carolina & Patience

      Thomas S. RAIBOURN b. 4 Sep 1786, Surry Co, North Carolina Died 25 Jan 1866 in Denton or Tarrant Co. TX & Married Mildred Thompson on 13 Oct 1807 in Patrick Co. VA        

         Thomas Sylvanus RABORN Jr. b. 27 Mar 1816, Overton Co, Tennessee. He married 1st to Mary "Polly" Lee in Fayette Co. IL & Married secondly to Nancy Jane REED about 1863.

            Jasper Dennis RAIBOURN b. 20 Dec 1867, Denton Co, Texas and died 3 Feb 1923 in Covington, Garfield, OK. Married Martha Jane TILLEY on 14 April 1895 in Jack Co. TX.

                        Kit #27904 – Contact:


Thomas B. RAYBURN b. 1750/1765, possibly, North Carolina & Rebecca (Rachel) ADAMS

   John Marion RAYBURN b. 1786, North Carolina & Edith? CASON

      Thomas Payton RAYBURN b. 1808, Tennessee & Jane FERRELL

         John Marion RAYBURN b. Feb 1835, Mississippi or Giles Co, Tennessee & Nancy E. GREEN

            Jasper Washington RABURN b. Nov 1857, Alabama & Mary

               John Wiley RABURN b. 23 Mar 1881, Alabama & Alice Velar SULLINS

                  Benjamin Vester (Vess) RABURN b. 19 Feb 1906, Alabama & Josephine (Jocie) BICKERSTAFF

                        Kit #239333 – patricia.rayburn at


William RABON (abt 1750 - aft 1840)

   William RABON b. 1788, South Carolina & Mary PHILLIPS?

      George H RABON b. Jan 1812, South Carolina & Barbery G JOHNSON

         William H RABON b. 1853 & Havellah Irene JOHNSON

            James Wilson JOHNSON b. Feb 1871, Horry, Horry, South Carolina

                        Kit #35306 & 35307 – Contact: oj228 at

      Isaiah Joseph RABON b. 1827, South Carolina & Prudence JONES

         Isaiah Joseph S. RABON b. Jan 1874, South Carolina & Ellen Demaris Floyd?

            Joy Joe RABON  Sr. b. Mar 1900, South Carolina & Emma Ora Jordan

                        Kit #N22625 – Contact: prabon4366 at


Renson (Wren) RAIBORN b. abt 1785, possibly Wake Co, North Carolina, USA & Elizabeth (Betsy) MARTIN?

   Zachariah RAIBORN b. abt 6 May 1811, possibly Wake Co, North Carolina, USA & Susannah RIVERS

      William G RABUN b. 21 Sep 1842, Warren Co, Georgia, USA & Lizzie

         Zachary Taylor RABUN b. 30 Jan 1872, Emmanuel Co, Georgia, USA

                        Kit #44852 – Contact: juliettecrooks at


John Berry? RABOURN (abt 1788 - 1873) & Elizabeth Susan BOARDDUS

   Wiley RABOURN b. 29 Nov 1818, Tuscaloosa Co, Alabama & Lucinda CORLEY

      Adkin RABOURN b. 5 Feb 1843, Walker Co, Alabama & Fanny

         John Berry RABUN b. 11 Jan 1872, Walker Co, Alabama & Myrtle

            Henry (Hank) Michael RABOURN  Sr. b. 24 Nov 1911, Saginaw, Tarrant, Texas

                        Kit #102642 – Contact: jerabun at


Richard RABORNE b. abt 1790, Edgefield Co, South Carolina & Judith Ann BABCOCK - UNVERIFIED

   David RAYBON b. abt 1815, South Carolina & Ellen BLOOM

      Joseph RABORN b. Mar 1856, Butler Co, Alabama & Mary Alabama RENCHER (WRENCHER)

         Elijah Mack RAYBON b. Feb 1883, Alabama & Maud PHELPS

                        Kit #48244 – Contact: lraybon at


Isaac RABURN b. 1800 & Mary MATHIS

   James RAYBURN b. 1826, North Carolina & Susan E ROSSON

      William Thomas RAYBURN b. 1862, Mississippi & Mary Ellen ROBSON

         William Bradley Quitman RAYBURN b. 28 Aug 1891, Searcy, White, Arkansas & Kate L

                        Kit #123203 – Contact: tstafford at


James Joseph RAYBURN. b. 1803, Edgefield Co, South Carolina & Frances JACK

   Henry Horn RAYBORN b. Aug 1826, Englewood, McMinn, Tennessee & Martha MANRY

      George Washington RAYBORN b. 15 Jun 1861, Wright Co, Missouri & Ollie MANSKER

         Jesse Winett RAYBORN b. 15 Feb 1897, Rayborn, Wright, Missouri & Gertie Lula Alice DAKE

                        Kit #31798 – Contact: bill at


John Hiram RAIBOURN b. 1801, Montgomery Co, Virginia & Phenba

   Ira Washington RAIBORN b. 18 Mar 1820, Edgefield Co, South Carolina & Eliza Ann (Luiza) GARRETT

      Daniel Damascus RABREN b. 25 Nov 1863, Andalusia, Covington, Alabama & Mary Magdalene (Maggie) FUQUA

         Vernon Austin RABREN b. 6 Jan 1904, Evergreen, Conecuh, Alabama & Beatrice POTTS

                        Kit #207422 – Contact: carlosrabren at


Sherrod RABORN b. 1811, Amite Co, Mississippi & Sarah RIPPIE

   Jesse James RABORN b. 31 Mar 1838, Amite Co, Mississippi & Emily Ann VINSON

      Jesse Barton RABORN b. 26 May 1871, Salado, Bell, Texas & Cora Esther STEWART

                        Kit #92364 – Contact: eagle413 at


Richard RABORN Jr. b.1824, Georgia & Lydia (Lidean) BRAZEL

   John T RAYBURN. b May 1850, Alabama & Ophelia Ann JONES

      (Jacob) Richard Greenberry RAYBON b. Nov 1876, Louisiana & Mary Lou (Mollie) MILLER

         William Havis RAYBON b. May 1898, Sabine Par, Louisiana & Orville Nora McDONALD

                        Kit #89991 – Contact: jimah56 at


   George Madison RABON b. 1862, Alabama & Rachael Catherine BURKETT

      George Madison (Bud) RABON II b. 1892, Evergreen, Conecuh, Alabama & Margarete Alwilda BROUGHTON

                        Kit #123425 – Contact: grabon at







Daniel H. RABON b. 15 Apr 1834, Horry Co, South Carolina & Elizabeth JOHNSON

   McMillan (Mack) Moses RABON b. Oct 1860, Horry Co, South Carolina & Martha Addie SQUIRES

      William Thomas RABON b. Apr 1891, Aynor, Horry, South Carolina & Lottie Ola TODD

                        Kit #32963 – Contact: rabonic1 at






William RABON OR RATHBONE Of Clotton By Kelsall, Cheshire, England (1695 - 1740) & Amy WALKER

   Joseph RATHBONE b. 1722, Tarvin, Cheshire, England & Elizabeth (Betty) DENTITH

      Thomas RATHBONE b. 1755, Tarvin, Cheshire, England & Ann ROBINSON

         Thomas RATHBONE b. 1784, Kelsall, Cheshire, England & Ann CROWFOOT

            John RATHBONE b. 1819, Delamere, Cheshire, England & Martha DARLINGTON

               Charles RATHBONE b. 1850, Delamere, Cheshire, England & Eliza DAVENPORT

                  Frederick RATHBONE b. 1883, Delamere, Cheshire, England & Miriam NIELD

                     Frederick Trevor RATHBONE b. 1909, Burton, Cheshire, England

                        Kit #155966 – Contact: p.t.rathbone at


William W RAYBORN b. 1810, Pennsylvania & Miriam

   James Atlas RAYBURN b. 24 Dec 1854/1855, Cedar Twp, Jefferson, Iowa & Zora Mae HAYES

                        Kit #51571 – Contact: deskmorgan at




The following are the six sons of William RABURN, Sr


William RABURN Sr. b. 1725, Ireland, Pennsylvania or Virginia

   Robert RABURN b. 1755, Possibly Virginia & Milly/Molly SAVAGE

      Seldon RABOURN b. 1806, Kentucky & Jane HENSLEY

         William R. REYBOURN b. 1835, Kentucky & Mary JACKSON?

            Sterling Price RAYBURN b. 1865, Kentucky & Dessie Belle WARNER

               Franklin Lee RAYBURN b. 1899, Kentucky & Matilda Frances KING

                        Kit #80580 – Contact: raybornr at


   William RABOURN Jr.  b. 1758, Virginia & Amelia SKAGGS

      William RABOURN III b. 1788, Lancaster, Fairfield, Ohio & Nancy MOSS

         William RABEN b. 1816, Fairfield Co, Ohio & Rachel LOY (TOY)

            Frederick RAYBURN b. 1854, Ross Co, Ohio & Martha KIMBALL

               Claude RAYBURN b. 1897, Illinois & Vena Viola VANBEBBER

                        Kit #80582 – frayburn at


   George RABOURN b. 1759, Virginia & Mary

      John R. RABOURN b. 1787, Kentucky & Sally GODBERRY

         James Silas RAYBURN Sr. b. 1818, Casey, Casey, Kentucky & Frances Elizabeth (Betsy) COWEN

            John Alfred Caldwell RAYBURN b. 1848, Casey Co, Kentucky & Matilda Carolyn (Tillie) LOVELACE

               George William RAYBURN b. 1871, Liberty, Casey, Kentucky & Mary Catherine BERRY

                  Elam Sanky RAYBURN b. 1895, Green Co, Kentucky & Mattie Mote DAVENPORT

                        Kit #163288 – brian.rabern at

                        Kit #97122 – esimons at


   Ralph (Rafe) RABOURN b. 1760, Virginia & Nancy Ann WHITE

      George W(ashington?) RAYBURN b. 1795, Montgomery Co, Kentucky & Susan(Nah) SHAFER

         John Neal RABOURN b. 1824, Versailles, Ripley, Indiana & Sarah J BAUGHMAN

            Charles Isaiah RAYBORN b. 1861, Roseville, Warren, Illinois & Ida Alice RUBART

               Clifton Webster RAYBORN b. 1893, Casey, Guthrie, Iowa & Nancy Arminda (Minnie) PACE

                        Kit $30949 – Contact: raybornr at


   Henry RABOURN b. 1763, Virginia

      William John RABURN b. 1789, Montgomery Co, Kentucky & Esther PHILLIPS

         William Jackson RABURN b. 1825, Jennings Co, Indiana & Drusilia VANDUSEN

            John Charles Fremont RAYBURN b. 1857, St Joseph Co, Indiana & Hattie A

               George Ellsworth RABURN b. 1877, Decatur Co, Indiana & Jessie LINDSAY

                        Kit #55635 – Contact: l.raburn at or esimons at


         Alexander T(hompson?) RAYBURN (LATER THOMPSON) b. 1837, Decatur Co?, Indiana & Martha Ellen RIPPLE

            Sylvester RAYBURN b. 1858, Iowa & Virginia Lee (Genny) RIPLEY

               Forrest Ripley RAYBURN b. 1902, Canada

                        Kit #64587 – Contact: jimrayburn2000 at


         Alexander T(hompson?) RAYBURN (LATER THOMPSON) b. 1837, Decatur Co?, Indiana & Mary Evelyn

            John Rensey THOMPSON b. 1877, Oregon & Emma Hattie KRUTZ

               Lester W THOMPSON b. 1904, Oregon & Ivah

                        Kit #B3444 – Contact: tlcinbow at


   David RABOURN b. 1765, possibly Virginia or Fleming Co, Kentucky & Stacy FITZGERALD

      John W RABOURN b. 1798, Fleming Co, Kentucky & Mary MATTHEWS

         David RABOURN b. 1820, Fleming Co, Kentucky & Nancy Charlotte RUGGLES

            James Wesley RAYBURN b. 1848, Marion Co, Indiana & Effie Catherine HUMRICKHOUSE

               Herbert Edward REYBURN b. 1889, Miami Co, Indiana & Sarah Catherine (Dollie) ROTH

                        Kit #64834 & #64837 – Contact: kevin.robin at







William RYBURN b. 26 Aug 1753, Virginia & Mary BEATTIE

   Patrick RYBURN  b. 19 May 1790, Washington Co, Virginia & Jane STEWART

      John RYBURN b. 24 Aug 1817 – d. 2 Oct 1864 & Jane Matthews McCONKEY

         Dr. John Patrick Sharp RYBURN b. 24 Dec 1844/1845, Abingdon, Washington, Virginia & Caroline Agnes CRUMLEY

            John Daniel Sharp RYBURN b. 5 Sep 1876, Johnson City, Washington, Tennessee & Cora Lee RAY

               John (Jack) James RYBURN b. 23 Mar 1911, Erwin, Unicoi, Tennessee & Mary Elizabeth WEAVER

                        Kit #35196 – Contact: rogerryburn at


Mathew RYBURN b. 1730, Scotland & Mary GALBREATH

   Matthew RYBURN b. bef 26 Aug 1753, Campbeltown, Argyll and Bute, Scotland & Jane BEATTIE

      Beatie RYBURN b. 11 Nov 1790, Washington Co, Virginia & Jane RYBURN (Dau of William (b 1753) and Mary Beattie Ryburn)

         William McNeil RYBURN  b. 1814, Washington Co, Virginia & Jane

            Whitley Fullen RYBURN b. 4 Sep 1850, Virginia & Mary White (Mollie ?) RYAN

               James Edward Green RYBURN b. May 1875, Glade Spring, Washington, Virginia & Mary G

                  Glen Oliver RYBURN b. 1906, Glade Spring, Washington, Virginia

                        Kit #36595 – Contact: gryburn at


James RYBURN b. 9 Jun 1753, York Co, Pennsylvania, US & Eliabeth GORDON

   James R RYBURN b. 9 Jun 1793, Washington, Washington, Pennsylvania & Mary Ann BIGBY

      Edward Gordon RYBURN b. 30 Nov 1839, Flushing, Harrison, Ohio & Amanda R. PASSWATER

         James Dell RYBURN b. 15 Jun 1875, Randolph, McLean, Illinois & Eleanor Rae (Nellie) KOYLE

            Harry Eugene RYBURN b. 12 Mar 1906, Heyworth, McLean, Illinois & Ruth WILLIAMS

                        Kit #157579 - Contact: ericryburn at





Edward REBURN b. 1718/1721, Virginia & Margaret ROBINSON

   Henry REYBURN b. 1747, Augusta Co, Virginia & Margaret (Bird) CHRISTALL

      James Edward RAYBURN b. 11 Oct 1783, Greenbrier Co, VA now WV& Mary (Polly) (Maria) RADER

         James Rader RAYBURN (24 Nov 1819 - 22 Aug 1888) & Mary Ann (Polly Ann) (Margaret) BALL

            John Robert RAYBURN b. May 1845, Mason Co, Virginia now West Virginia & Sarah Jane LOVE

               James Preston RAYBURN b. Jul 1876, Mason Co, West Virginia & Catherine (Cassie) HOWARD

                  Hugh RAYBURN b. 1903, West Virginia & Possibly Lilliam KITCHEN

                        Kit #108277 – Contact: hilrich at


Henry RABOURN (abt 1720, Ireland - Jun 1792) & Jean\jane ROSS? (abt 1720 - )

   John (Henry?) RABOURN b. 1745/1750, Botetourt Co, Virginia & Jenny Or Joan McLAREN

      Henry RABOURN b. 4 Jan 1776, Montgomery Co, Virginia

         Hiram RABOURN b. 1790-1794, Montgomery Co, Virginia & Pheriba (Ferry)

            William Read RAIBORN b. 1826, Mississippi & Francis Ann HENDERSON

               William Dekalb RAYBURN b. 14 May 1861, Fatama, Wilcox, Alabama & Lillie Edna FINKLEA

                  Henry Franklin RAYBURN b. 1 Feb 1895, Star, Mills, Texas & Claudia Mae HELMS

                        Kit #215339 – Contact: edrayburn at





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